I came to see not the past, like some ancient karma, inscribes itself on the body as much as the mind, so that what we do to others returns to haunt us in the subtlest manner For the second year in a row, I am trying to read some of the long list for the Tournament of books ToB This is an absurd task to attempt last year there were 76 books on the long list and I read four and none of them made the short list However all four were good novels and I don t regret reading them, especially Waiting for Eden This book is the first of the 2020 long list that I have finished To be honest, it got to be first because it is the shortest novel on the list I can t imagine any way I would have found this on my own It is the story of a Goan family living in Angola during the fight for independence This family is caught i Saudade is a feeling of melancholy and nostalgia in Portuguese culture In this novella, it is expressed in the story of a Goan family who have emigrated to Angola The father is a labour lawyer who works for the Portuguese bosses while his Indian wife raises their daughter The daughter is an eccentric who largely refuses to speak, and experiences racism at her convent school The mother misses Goa while her daughter puzzles her way through her teens trying to find her own way in the world As the Angolan independence movement grows, their lives come under increasing threat This is a good story, but I would really have liked to see it turned into novel length I though the characters were worthy of detail and the plot felt a bit cursory and rushed Perhaps da Costa may revisit these people in a future work.
BTW, try not to read the blurb on the back of this Coming Of Age Story Set In Angola In The Period Leading Up To The Colony S Independence, Saudade Focuses On A Goan Immigrant Family Caught Between Complicity In Portuguese Rule, And Their Dependence On The Angolans Who Are Their Servants The Title Saudade Means Melancholy In Portuguese Speaks To The Longing For Homeland That Haunts Its Characters, And Especially The Young Girl Who Is The Book S Protagonist And Narrator Suneeta Peres Da Costa S Novella Captures With Intense Lyricism The Difficult Relationship Between [Suneeta Peres Da Costa] è Saudade [curation PDF] read Online ↠´ The Daughter And Her Mother, And The Ways In Which Their Intimate World Opens Up Questions About Domestic Violence, The Legacies Of Portuguese Slavery, And The End Of Empire The Young Woman S Intellectual Awakening Unfolds Into A Growing Awareness Of The Lies Of Colonialism, And The Violent Political Ruptures That Ultimately Lead To Her Father S Death, And Their Exile Saudade, I must confess, had a bit of novelty value for me because I d never read anything from Angola before, and knew almost nothing about the country except that it was a former Portuguese colony somewhere in Southern Africa Wikipedia came to the rescue so now I know that it is bordered by Namibia to the south, the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the north, Zambia to the east, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west Its people endured the common African route to independence civil war between pro and anti communist groups after the declaration of independence in 1975 with interference from foreign powers the USSR and the US , aided and abetted by their allies Cuba and South Africa Since 2002, it has become a relatively st I was gifted this book and I am so grateful I was given this present Da Costa s latest work is a tumultuous story of a young Goan immigrant girl s coming of age The story is woven with such deft and careful hands that it is very easy to gobble up this book in one sitting I had to pace myself The main protagonist and narrator, is a keenly perceptive, inquisitive creature, who moves in a vicarious world haunted by the past and moving towards the future Da Costa has a masterful hold of language, description and creating beautiful tension between characters, and I was entranced and heavily invested in these lives I highly recommend this book, which reads like poetry.
There are few stories available in English about the Indian experience in Africa Perhaps even fewer about the Indian experience in Portuguese Africa Perez da Costa s slender novel, Saudad , offers a fleeting glimpse into that world.
The story covers perhaps a decade in the life of a girl and her Goan parents, who ve made their home in Portuguese Angola, after Goa was absorbed by India in 1961 Like the child growing into adolescence, like Angola moving toward independence, Perez da Costa s language moves fluidly, without pause The story, like the language, remains light, dreamlike, impressionistic It s a translucent tale of everyday moments as experienced by a child, though the reader might see through to the colonial conflict and dislocation churning beneath A lovely, moving story about postcolonial identity, and a quick read.
Saudade ✓ This work of historical fiction is a bildungsroman about a young girl growing up in the late 60s and early 70s of Pre Independence Angola It s also a story about the Goan Diaspora Lovely language and world building integrated with radio stories of escalating violence of Angola s struggle against the Salazar regime I loved the development of the mother daughter relationship through the daughter s constant watchfulness and gaze upon her mother Fiction from the Goan diaspora, at its best, and a short read as its in novella form Recommend for a light read too.
A stunning novella It speaks to the soul of anyone who isn t quite sure where they belong Peres da Costa is a true artist.

This novella explores the sense of loss of homeland through a very specific, stream of consciousness story The book provokes explorations than it resolves which is a compliment engaging with the idea of homesickness melancholy home in a fractured colonial world The lens around the narrator was a little closer than perhaps I wanted knowing little about the Goan diaspora going in, but it creates an effective coming of age tale.
A beautifully written coming of age story set in 1960 s Angola.

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