Lovely short story showing the omegas enjoying the new year with delicious chocolate number 2.
2 i loved book 1 and 2 i would suggest reading them before reading a between series short it lets you catch up with the characters who tugged at your heart and wonder what happened i can tell you i laughed and will not ruin it for you and only tell you give it a shot she is a good author and knows how to make you keep coming back for read this review on my blog Book TravelsAlmost the same story from the first novella, the only different part was the characters, since this was centered in Tad and Missie, the Omegas in the Granite Lake Pact.
They also have a new baby and are enjoying the night alone since Tad hired the teenagers from the pact to babysit for them Sweet as the other novella, but a different side of this couple.
Rated at 2.
5Main CharactersMissy Mate to Tad and one of the Granite Lake OmegasTad Mate to Missy and one of the Granite Lake OmegasSynopsis The Granite Lake pack s First Night celebrations are loud, boisterous and full of fun Missy and Tad, the pack Omegas, have other ideas about a good way to ring in the New Year My Thoughts Okay story but not much to it.
á Second Howl (Granite Lake Wolves, #2.
º Nice short story

Another great free 10pg book from VA this one is about the same night as first howl but in Missy and Tad s night together U do get the impression that the twin probably came from this short story as in wolf games she s heavily pregnant with them.
It is found free on her website read after Wolf Flight NYE, Tad and Missy 1.
5 Stars Although I gave them almost two stars, First Howl and Second Howl are not worth your time to read Each free story is a single, stand alone sex scene involving two characters from books 1 and 2, respectively, of the Granite Lake Wolves series The 10 page vignettes can definitely be skipped If you must, the free PDF file can be read online at by clicking on the respective book covers.
The only information that may be relevant to subsequent novellas likely stated in subsequent books, anyway are view spoiler the names of the baby girl born to Robyn and Keil and the baby boy born to Missy and Tad hide spoiler Granite Lake Pack S First Night Celebrations Are Loud, Boisterous And Full Of Fun Missy And Tad, The Pack Omegas, Have Other Ideas About A Good Way To Ring In The New Year Cover Art By Tibbs DesignThis Free Short Story Is SetMonths After The Completion Of Wolf Signs And Wolf Flight, And Is Best read After Both books ↠´ Second Howl (Granite Lake Wolves, #2.
2) ↠´ Download by  Vivian Arend Adult

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