Started As A Deception To Catch A Killer It Turned Into A Game Of Seduction Will It End When A Shocking Secret Threatens To Tear Them Apart Sheltered Good Girl Victoria Raine Has Always Wanted To Be A Little Bad Tired Of Living Life Safely On The Sidelines, She Summons The Courage To Forge A New Path For Herself And Applies To The FBI, Looking For Adventure And Something To Fulfill Her Vague Longing Trailer é Shameless (Black Brothers Trilogy, #3) PDF by ↠´ Brynley Bush For Something She Gets Than She Bargained For With Her First Undercover Assignment Posing As The Girlfriend Of Country Music S Bad Boy, Drake Maddox, A Lone Wolf With A Reputation For Having Singularly Erotic Tastes Hoping To Catch A Serial Killer That S Targeting Women Close To Drake, Tori S Job Is To Convince The Public, And The Killer, That She And The Wickedly Handsome Superstar Are An ItemAlthough Their Relationship Is A Sham, There S Nothing Fake About The Hidden Desires The Sexy As Sin Cowboy Awakens In Tori As The Killer Draws Closer, Tori Finds Herself Falling For The One Man She Can T Have Review of Shameless Black Brothers Trilogy 3 by Brynley BushReview done for Hooked on books4 out of 5 starsVictoria Raine has always tried to make her father happy She did well in school and even dated the right men.
Now she has decided that she is going to live her life how she wants She becomes an FBI agent.
Her first undercover assignment is to pretend to be the girlfriend of a famous country singer, Drake Maddox Tori is sure this is her chance to prove herself to everyone and she won t let anything stand in her way.
Unfortunately, this is easier said than done because her biggest obstacle is Drake, the super hot, gorgeous sex god Drake doesn t do relationships, but when the gorgeous and feisty FBI agent assigned to his case shows up, his plans are going to chang Holy moly I totally loved this book As a blogger I sometimes get caught up in the same kinda books Not with this story I thought the author brought a uniqueness to the storyline that I totally loved Drake is a famous singer Girls he sees at concerts are disappearing Toris first FBI assignment is to pretend she is close to Drake so she can catch the killer Although their relationship is fake the chemistry between these two is off the charts hot.
This book has some really hot panty melting scenes The suspense had me sitting on the edge of my seat Although this is part of a series it can be read as a standalone But seriously you don t want to miss out on the other brothers in this series Fabulous read.

Hotness Rating 5 out of 5 My first 5 star read of 2015 This book is amazing Shameless is the 3rd and final book of the Black Brothers Trilogy by Brynley Bush Cue the crying and feelings of loss I really thought I was a fan after the first two books I really, really liked them Shameless blew them away Imagine my surprise I seriously didn t think the singing cowboy brother would be my favorite After all he couldn t stack up to the uber dominant physician brother or the hot as hell Navy SEAL brother, right Wrong Drake Maddox is every bit as sexy and alpha as his brothers, but he s so much.
Drake Maddox is the country music singer that causes women s panties to melt just by flashing that sexy bad boy smile their way However, being a fan of Drake s is becoming dangerous lately Several women have disappeared or have been This one is my favorite out of the series Drake he s a naughty boy that doesn t care what others think about him, last night you kissed me like you wanted me to eff you senseless, and today you brush me off like you can barely stand for me to touch you He likes to shop for his woman s underthings, nothing weird in that, except the boy won t be surprised with what s on underneath his woman s clothes, he runs his hand possessively over my butt and gives it a squeeze Something that showcases her hot little a but still leaves a little to the imagination He likes to have his girl close, he pats the seat next to him and I slide across the bench until my hip is pressed next to his He smiles at me, deliberately placing his hand on my bare thigh That s better, he drawls with satisfaction He s a possessive S.
B he doesn t want others to have what s his, I wouldn t

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