Just finished this book this morning It s refreshing to read a shapeshifting story that doesn t involve the shifter feeling angst or overly sexed and that isn t about a werewolf This book is a really quick read, but well done Sive, the main character shifts into a deer, which is a lovely concept I found it interesting that in deer form she saw in shades of brown I m not sure if deer actually do this, but it sounded really cool I also felt Sive met the mark for a strong, independent role model for young women Since this book is intended for young adults, bravo The tone of the book is somber, so if you re looking for a picker upper, this is NOT it But if you re looking for a story about a woman who triumphs forced marriage, imprisonment, and torture, this is the book for you Really, it s not as dark as I have always loved mythology, legend, and folklore They are always so full of different cultures and colourful characters of epic adventures and hard won victories of loss and heartache and the capricious whim of gods and higher beings of magic and mystery and might Perhaps that is why I was so enchanted by Holly Bennett s Shapeshifter, which tells the tale of a little known character in Irish folklore.
When I first cracked open its pages, I was completely unaware that this was based off of any legend But as soon as I read the introduction to the book and found out that Bennett had added the actual folktale at the back, I was excited and intrigued And once I started, I could not put this book down I read it voraciously, and it only took me a single day to finish And that cover Absolutely gorgeous It s the reason why I first picked up the book how can you not find that abso Woman Trapped In The Body Of A Deer A Dark Sorcerer In Relentless Pursuit A Mysterious Child, Found Alone On The Slopes Of A Great MountainThis Is The Turbulent And Heartbreaking Story Of Sive, A Girl Of The Otherworld Who Must Flee Her World Of Plenty To Live As A Hunted Beast Surviving Hardship, Danger And Crushing Loneliness, She Finally Finds Refuge And Unexpected Joy With A Mortal Champion, Finn Mac Cumhail, The Great Hero Of Irish Legend But Sive S Ordeal Is ñ Shapeshifter ¾ Download by ñ Holly Bennett Far From Over She Has A Gift The Dark Man Craves, And The Smallest Misstep Will Give Him His Chance To Snatch Her Away From All She Holds DearSet In The Wild, Magical Landscape Of Iron Age Ireland, Shapeshifter Is A Tale Of Rapacious Evil, Quiet Courage And The Healing Power Of Love This was an enjoyable adaptation of an Irish fairy tale It is the story of Sive who can shapeshift into a deer Her voice has magical qualities that make the Dark Man, an evil sorcerer, want to use her to conquer the fairy world To escape him she must stay in her deer form in the mortal world return return All too often I have read adaptations that are just dry and slow, but the writing style is light and enjoyable in this story My one complaint is that periodically there are first person narratives where a character remembers an event It didn t really work with the flow of the story The ending was a little anticlimactic because we are told how matters with the Dark Man are resolved, instead of actually seeing what happened return return The writ While I m not most familiar with Irish mythology, I do enjoy it quite a bit After all, I do consider myself Irish I loved seeing an author play around with a short episode in The Fenian Cycle, as opposed to thepopular Ulster Cycle I also liked that the publisher included a translation of the original episode for comparison Do be careful about reading it first, if you aren t familiar with the story, since it will spoil things Readers will also enjoy the glossary, since Irish names often have tricky pronounciations Holly Bennett makes the fortunate decision to use the romanization Sive for the protagonist instead of Sadhbh.
Sive was the first wife of Finn mac Cumhaill whom you may know as Finn McCool , a Sidhe woman trapped in the body of a deer Bennett explores how Sive first came to the attention of the evil druid Far Doirche and turned into a deer In Bennett s telling, Sive was not I got this book through Librarything.
com Early Reviewers Program The premise sounded like something I would be very interested in Overall is was a beautiful book, very lyrical and lush settings.
Sive is a young woman who can transform herself into a deer As great as her shapeshifting powers are they are surpassed by the power of her voice Sive s singing can weave powerful magic over those who listen Sive has caught the eye of a Dark Mage and takes deer shape to flee him Her flight will take her out of fairy into the mortal realms and back again, it will take her to the greatest heights of loves and the deepest depths of despair.
This was a beautifully written book, done in a very lyrical style Not a ton of action, this book is writtenin ï Shapeshifter Î Holly Bennett is a fantasy writer who does her research into iron age medieval periods in which she bases her stories Her magical worlds have the same feel as the old Britannic legends and not just because she has a fascination with Ireland and the British Isles and bases some of her stories there , and her characters are all very in depth and extremely likeable She is the only Author who has ever made me attach to a character who was an Elf and believe me, that is a feat to accomplish.
Shapeshifter is just as good as her Bonemender Trilogy, if not better She plays upon the legends of Finn mac Cumhail or Finn MacCool, as most of know him and Oisin in a very interesting and new way, making the stories feel fresh Her writing style brings things to life in a way most fantasy writers

I have just finished reading Shapeshifter By Holly Bennett I really enjoyed most of this book, because of the history and Irish mythology behind it The main character is Sive, a talented young lady who is able to shape shift into a deer She also lives in Tur na nOg yes, I did spell it right a world merely in the shadow of our world She, like many other people who live there, are born with gifts of magic how they make the magic work depends of the person I feel I really connect with Sive because she loves to turn into a deer and to be one with the animals Ever since I was little I always wanted that sort of power I always pretended that I was a dog, cat, lion, wolf, horse, you name it It s something that still pops up into my dreams today I admire Sive because of how much she appreciates her power even though many people can shape shift as well a I ve got to say, this book surprised me in the end I was having a hard time of really getting into it at first and maybe that s just me but after a while things seemed to finally pick up when men from the human world began to be involved Which is crazy, right Normally you want anything but people from the normal world to get focused on in a story that s supposedly fantastic But I think that s what made this book actually bearable for me at the end.
It s not that the story itself is lacking The story is based off of the actual Irish tale of Sive or at least one of its interpretations and as far as the story goes, it s pretty entertaining, as most things that have stood the test of time usually are I feel that where this book was lacking for me was in the execution department The writing was not bad, and it wasn t hard I enjoyed the read It was short and quick and a stand alone book The melancholy tone captured me early on I liked the way the author moved through long periods of time I cried a couple of times and gasped out loud a couple of times There were a couple of times that I felt a little lost, like maybe there was a back story or a companion book that I had missed I mentioned this to someone else in my reading group and they said they thought those references were probably to Irish lore which I freely admit I know nothing about Once I realized that was probably the case since that explanation fit with both instances I was thinking of I was satisfied.
One thing I d make as a suggestion though There was a character who was not included in the wrap up I don t want to give any spoilers, but I think some mention sho

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