Considering that this book was written in 1967, it still one of the better books about the fall of Singapore What I particularly liked was view of the campaign from the perspective of civilans To International Acclaim In , Noel Barber S Account Of The Fall Of Singapore Remains The Best Account Of This, Britain S Greatest Military Defeat In Just Ten Weeks, Malaya Was Overrun And The Fortress Of Singapore Surrendered To A Japanese Army That Found Itself Outnumbered By The , British And Commonwealth Prisoners Written At A Time When He Could Still Interview Many Of The Senior Officers As Well As Ordinary Soldiers Caught Up In This Disaster, Noel Barber S Account Reveals How Peacetime Complacency Prevailed In Trailer ☆ Sinister Twilight: The Fall of Singapore PDF by º Noel Barber Singapore Up To The Very Moment The Japanese Onslaught Began Thanks looking forward to reading this book as love anything re Singapore Ç Sinister Twilight: The Fall of Singapore Æ Be warned this book is deeply depressing The author has a strong grip on his mass of material and he uses it to show just how badly Singapore s defences were prepared He outlines what was happening amongst the military brass, and to lend a human angle he follows the stories of a number of couples and individuals He barely touches on the mess that was the Malaya campaign he concentrates on what could and should have been done to make Singapore defensible He writes clearly and well he illustrates again and again that Singapore need not have fallen so precipitately, if at all he has us seeing events in the crowded, burning city through the eyes of those who were there However, despite the inclusion of some Eurasians amongst his eyewitnesses, he doesn t touch on the racially stratified nature of Singaporean and colonial Malayan society in 1942 I f Still waiting to be able to read this book, but am assured it will be thrilling as all the author s other books he is an excellent author, very popular and am really pleased that I could obtain such a good copy as this.
Excellent service.
Other reviewers have commented on the concentration on British officers and politicians, this is fairly typical of Noel Barbers books, as he seems to have been an unreformed British old school colonialist, with some strict ideas of race and class.
This book varies from his other books in style, with a significant number of adjectival modifiers to verbs and nouns, sometimes as many as three for a noun There is also an odd recurring theme of sweat and heat, which in the end caused me to give up at Chapter 4.
Never one to give up I did return to the book and learned to disregard all those references to heat, and theunlikely emotional attributions The recorded facts are well established, it is the human face which is suspect.
For British people living in Singapore in the Forties before air conditioning heat and sweat were not f

THE TRUTH ABOUT THE FALL OF SINGAPORE, EXCELENTLY WRITTEN I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN, REALLY INTERESTING Always wanted to knowdetail around what the decision making process was at this time Enough to make you weep as to the ineptitude of those people who should have been safeguarding this wonderful island and the people living on it Unforgivable really.

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