Plan Te Longtemps Oubli E Par Les Explorations Humaines, Tourne Autour De Deux Soleils, Et Ne Semble Pas Abriter De Vie Un Jour Pourtant, Un Groupe De Scientifiques Y D Couvre Une Tonnante Entit Sous La Forme D Un Vaste Oc An Protoplasmique Mais Apr S De Nombreuses Tudes, Elle Est D Clar E Non Pensante Et Sans Int R T, L Ensemble Des Stimuli Humains N Ayant Jamais Engendr De R PonseJusqu Au Jour O Le Docteur Kelvin D Barque Sur La Plan Te Et [ Pdf Solaris ê komik PDF ] by Stanisław Lem ↠´ Rencontre La Femme Qu Il Avait Aim E Et Qui S Tait Depuis Suicid E Tonnement, Effroi Puis Incompr Hension Vont Alors Se Succ Der Et Pousser Kelvin Chercher D O Vient Ce Si R Aliste Et D Sirable MirageD Origine Polonaise, Lem Est L Un Des Auteurs Des Pays De L Est Les Plus Connus Souvent Pamphl Taire, Mais Toujours Optimiste Et Humoristique, Il Nous Livre Une Tr S Belle Fable Sur La Communication Et Les Incompr Hensions Qu Elle Engendre, Avec Cette Rencontre D Une Forme Extraterrestre Et D Un Tre Humain, Et Leur Impossibilit Naturelle Se Comprendre Traduction original Fran Aise En Pour Les Editions Deno L I ve been meaning to read this for a while, and bought the book years ago because I know Lem is one of the greats of SF Plus, I figured if they made a movie out of it, the story had to have some good staying power But I had a hard time getting into it True, I haven t read much Sci fi lately But I m certainly not a genre snob I like me some Sci fi, vintage or otherwise But the story just felt cumbersome to me Half of it was an engaging psychological teaser thriller mystery, the other half read like the research bibliography covering 100 years of fictional science surrounding a fictional planet The first half was pretty good The second half was numbing It s possible that I was missing some cunning interplay between these two parts of a book, but if that s the case, then that level of the book was utterly lost on me.
Many sci fi authors think that they write about aliens The truth is, they really don tInstead, they essentially write about humans Most sci fi aliens are little than an allegory for humanity, a mirror through which we can see ourselves maybe slightly different looking, with or fewer appendages, different senses, funny names, different social structures but still unmistakably human And so, when we think of aliens as shown in popular literature cinematography, 99% of us will imagine these rather than this Whichever way the sci fi aliens are described, there is always something about them that we can relate to Basically, it serves the age old purpose of self insertion of a reader into a book This is the same excuse that Hollywood gives any time it wants to show us a society different from ours and inevitably sticks a relatable protagonist

I rate books base on my enjoyment and while this was an very interesting take on the whole alien first contact I can t say I had a lot of fun reading it.
I do recommend it if you love that premise and are intrigue about a sentient ocean but it won t be for everyone We have no need of other worlds We need mirrors We don t know what to do with other worlds A single world, our own, suffices us but we can t accept it for what it is Bizarrely, being on a strange, different planet sometimes is what it takes to discover our inner cosmos The way Lem describes it in Solaris, our memories rule our perception of what is real, regardless of external circumstances On the other hand, the external circumstances of any given time are actively impacting on what kind of memories we develop, so it turns into a kind of circle or wave movement.
To me, this book was scary And I don t mean the science fiction ideas in it I mean the idea that my unresolved feelings of earlier times could come back and haunt me literally On a deeper level, they do haunt me in any case, but the idea of them coming alive is terrifying Th

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