This is a great overview of the history of the Lacedaemons, a people who viewed themselves as the sons of Hercules Scott Rusch does a terrific job of piecing together Spartan history by referencing primary 300 HD and300 Rise of an Empire HD movies While entertaining, both of these films have some serious historical fudging For those who had their interest piqued by these films but are the same time unwilling to read a hardcore history book such as this one, I would recommendGates of Fire An Epic Novel of the Battle of Thermopylae.
For people who enjoy the present book, I would also recommendSparta,Sparta and Lakonia A Regional History 1300 362 BC,Spartan Women,On Sparta Penguin Classics andThe Spartans The World of the Warrior Heroes of Ancient Greece by Cartledge, Paul unknown Edition Paperback 2004 Whatever books you choose to read or not read, just rememb ò Sparta at War: Strategy, Tactics, and Campaigns, 550-362 Bc ☆ I liked the beginning However in the second half it was just a list of events with no real analysis of changing tactics or changes in the Spartan system.

Few ancient cultures have captured the imagination like Sparta, especially with their prominence these past several years in popular culture This book was an enjoyable and informative read that talked about the important years of Spartan history, from its beginning to decline The author was thorough regarding the various battles and political conflicts that were involved, and made good use of various ancient resources.
This is a slow, tough read at times especially the beginning, but it does pick up however, the scholarship and information are excellent Again, if you are interested in the subject great information I almost gave it 3 stars as I ve mentioned the writing is dry and matter of fact Then again, without embellishment or adding fictional elements, any author would have a difficult task In the end, the author did a great job of combining many historical sources into as detailed and informative a chronology as possible.
Good historical writing So many cities, leagues and little known personalities tend to make the narrative confusing A good dictionary of Greekculture definitely a good help.
The Eighth Century BC Sparta Became One Of The Leading Cities Of Ancient Greece, Conquering The Southern Peloponnese, And From The Mid Sixth Century Bc Until The Mid Fourth, Sparta Became A Military Power Of Recognized Importance For Almost Two Centuries The Massed Spartan Army Remained Unbeaten In The Field Spartan Officers Also Commanded With Great Success Armies Of Mercenaries Or Coalition Allies, As Well As Fleets Of War Galleys Although It Is The Stand Of The Three Hundred At Thermopylae That Has Earned Sparta Undying Fame, [ read Online Sparta at War: Strategy, Tactics, and Campaigns, 550-362 Bc ✓ yaoi PDF ] by Dr Scott M.
Rusch å It Was Her Victories Over Both Persian Invaders And The Armies And Navies Of Greek Rivals That Upheld Her Position Of Leadership In Greece Even A Steady Decline In Spartiate Numbers, Aggravated By A Terrible Earthquake InBc, Failed To End Spartan Dominance Only When The Thebans Learned How To Defeat The Massed Spartan Army In Pitched Battle Was Sparta Toppled From Her Position Of Primacy Scott Rusch Examines What Is Known Of The History Of Sparta, From The Settlement Of The City To Her Defeat At Theban Hands, Focusing Upon Military Campaigns And The Strategic Circumstances That Drove Them Rusch Offers Fresh Perspectives On Important Questions Of Spartan History, And Illuminate Some Of Antiquity S Most Notable Campaigns

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