Very Disappointing.
This book started out with some promise, but quickly fell down At the start, the main character was interesting, likable, and believable But as the book progressed, he became less interesting, less likable, and far less believable His challenges start at a normal level fighting a band of goblins , and quickly escalate to fighting an entire army of goblins with super powerful magic to boot His solutions to these problems become increasingly far fetched, and inconsistent with what the author has previously written For example, in one chapter we re told that a castle is besieged by an overwhelming force In another, the main character is easily able to sortie from the castle with a force of men to outflank the enemy Further, magical power levels seem to fluctuate as needed by the plot, with the enemy s power level always I know that when an author creates a world, they sometimes get a certain idea or ideal stuck in their head This might manifest as the author spending too much time telling the reader about their world that isn t relevant Or perhaps going into the intricacies of their made up calendar system when it never actually effects the story SOMETIMES, it leads to the author talking about how much sex the main character is having with all the women he ever meets, and just how damn important SEX MAGIC is It wasn t to my taste, I thought it got weird.
With that said, there s no slut shaming, everyone is very lol, whatever bro it s just banging so it s fine I guess If you re into that.
With that major gripe out of the way, this was a fun, generic fantasy It crammed a bunch of tropes in, and i

Absolutely LOVED this book So nice to have an epic fantasy that isn t all fluffy sweetness and light Fantastic characters that developed beautifully I am hooked, time for book 2 read it if.
You love a rollicking good adventureYou are not a prude and can handle sex and nuditySwearing is not a big dealYou like strong female characters, reluctant heroes and general smart assery Do not read if these things are not for you.
This book was surprisingly awesome It definitely wasn t the best written book I ve ever read but it was action packed and entertaining the whole way through I really enjoyed reading this book for the most part There were some things that bugged me and some things that just pissed me off There are several info dumps throughout this book and I think we can all agree that those suck And if that wasn t bad enough there was a lot of repetitive explanations, sometimes on the same page even Like, am I really as stupid as this book thinks I am But the worst thing of all was the flagrant overuse of parenthesis and this is really an understatement Sometimes there would be four out five asides in parenthesis per page an alarming number in my estimation as if the narrator was constantly putting his flat hand beside his lips to tell me a secret with every other thought ugh I I have to admit, at the beginning of this book, I was a bit disappointed Why I expected a younger protagonist, and got a battle wearied warmage But, as I warmed to this first person, I revised my opinion of him The first few pages had given me the impression of someone over 35 years, with at least a dozen of those spent at war How wrong I was The Spellmonger, a mage in his twenties, named Minalan, had two years of war experience, and some extra mercenary work, until he decided he didn t want to kill any and thus retired to The Valley Of Cheese Boval valley I liked the background story of his growing up, enlightening me of many things about humble Min A warning for the prude while no erotica, there is quite a lot of sex mentioned, with it even being the only way to escape this made me laugh and having se originally reviewed on Otherwhere Gazette Some people like their heroes to be the proud hero type, fearlessly dashing into danger without a second thought While those can be enjoyable stories, sometimes a reluctant hero can also make for a good story.
In Spellmonger by Terry Mancour, we have a pretty much textbook case of Minalan the mage, who just wants to be a simple village spellmonger, but the local goblins have other ideas They decide to attack his village, along with several others Of course, being an Academy trained veteran Warmage, he steps in to combat the gurvani, as they call themselves.
The story that unfolds is one that carries you along from one step to the next, right along with our hero Since it s told in first pers Spellmonger (The Spellmonger, #1) ☆ This is a great series starter from a promising author It has heft without a lot of stuffing, an engaging protagonist, and a lively story with a decent balance of various conflicts Fairly typical fantasy, with a little of everything, but no really dominant characteristic traits i.
e humor, romance, fight scenes, grit, etc , except perhaps a heavy dose of satire It did suffer a little from some small things, most of which could probably be rectified with a little judicious editing Some of it was just typographical, as is often the case with these indie Kindle reads, but some revision could have also been called for in other cases, particularly in the repeated use of the same phrases, sometimes in the same sentence Other than that, and this is purely a subjective thing, but from the viewpoint of a woman, this book is obviousl instead of Black company caliber grit ,and the grey of right and wrong.
i mean he got the meathe wrote about sex fueled magic at one scene,which was the conclusion in a way.
he was banging this chick doggy style ,with each bang emphasized as energy flowing through something ,something with his girlfriend coming over real quick giving him a kiss and leaving yeah.
he could have wrote something good ,but he wrote something for horny teens alas,he was a dickhead Gave Up A Promising Career As A Professional Warmage To Live The Quiet Life Of A Village Spellmonger In The Remote Mountain Valley Of Boval It Was A Peaceful, Beautiful Little Fief, Far From The Dangerous Feudal Petty Squabbles Of The Five Duchies, On The World Of Callidore There Were Cows Lots Of Cows And Cheese For Six Months Things Went Well He Found A Quaint Little Shop, Befriended The Local Lord, The Village Folk Loved Him, He Found A Sharp Young Apprentice To Help Out, ì Spellmonger (The Spellmonger, #1) À Download by ✓ Terry Mancour And Best Yet, He Met A Pretty Young Widow With The Prettiest Eyes Then One Night Minalan Is Forced To Pick Up His Mageblade Again To Defend His Adopted Home From The Vanguard Of An Army Of Goblins Gurvani, They Call Themselves Bent On A Genocidal Crusade Against All Mankind And That Was The Good News The Bad News Was That Their Shamans Were Armed With Magical Power Than Has Been Seen Since The Days Of The Ancient Imperial Magocracy And Their Leader, A Mysterious, Vengeful Force Of Hate And Dark Magic, Is Headed Directly To Boval Valley The Good People Of Boval And Their Spellmonger Have Only One Choice, To Hole Up In The Over Sized Boval Castle And Hope They Can Endure A Siege Against Hundreds Of ThousandsWhen The People Look To Him For Hope, Minalan Does His Best, But There Are Multitudes Of Goblins, And They Want Boval Vale As A Staging Ground For An Invasion Of The Whole Five Duchies, And Only Minalan Is Standing In Their Way Add A Jealous Rival Mage, A Motley Band Of Mercenaries, A Delusional Liege Lord Who Insists Victory Is At Hand Despite The Hordes At His Door, A Moody, Pregnant Girlfriend And A Catty Ex Girlfriend Who Specializes In Sex Magic All Trapped In A Stinking, Besieged Castle With No Hope Of Rescue, And You Ll Understand Why Minalan Is Willing To Take His Chances With The Goblins All That Stands Between The Gurvani Horde And The People Of The Five Duchies Is One Tired, Overwhelmed Baker S Son Who Wanted Nothing Than To Be A Simple Spellmonger A charming little modern take on a fairly classic fantasy tale All the characters assuming any other than the Hero actually count, which is somewhat debatable are instantly recognizable, but the author manages to make things entertaining in even so with his particular blend of established tropes and stereotypes While clearly set up to be a series lasting as long as possible, the first book was certainly a fun read Either my analytic skills are quite sharp or else it s often a little too easy to spot twists coming, but the hero remains fairly fresh if somewhat dense for the entire story, and I m looking forward to the next Certainly an interesting world has been sketched out, though it ll be the responsibility of the next books to flesh it all out and determine if this ever moves from my bad fantasy to my good fantasy shelf The repeated use of deus e

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