This was a pretty good series Anyadventuresto come Great story all was well written and all the details were well explained I can t wait to readstories by this excellent story teller.
Even though I m older this stories captured my imagination because of all the details thank you for your imagination.
Great read.
5 StarsIs this it, are we done Because it doesn t seem like it is you know, since the ending was so awful The entire three part series culminated in a 20 page ending and left much to be desired It was almost as if the author ran out of ideas and desire to finish the story and was like, well let s just have there be a giant fight ending with view spoiler the abrupt death of Finn by having Tanner shoot him repeatedly, even though he s the DAVs biggest asset hide spoiler Caroline Mathers is no longer a Kinder, robbed of her powers by one she trusted Her people have been taken and are being driven north for a life of slavery With the group of Republicons, she trails them, looking for a way to free them.
Not that easy though.
Author Ernie Lindsey moves us through his future world with a sure hand, throwing twists sneakily into the story.
Another winner Spirit (Warchild, #3) ñ Amazing storyA great story written by a great story teller Reminds me of the societal under tones of JRR Tolkien The ending seemed to short but I m hoping it leads to another book Can t wait to readby Ernie Lindsey Great readsI bought the first book of this trilogy some time ago but didn t get around to it until now I read all three in successive days, I had a hard time putting them down I will certainly be looking for anything else written by Mr Lindsey with great anticipation.
The Citizens Of The People S Republic Of Virginia, Their Last Hope Of Freedom Has Faded With Their Spirits The Eternal Rains Continue To Fall Tired, Hungry, And Soaked To Fragile Bones, There S Nothing Left To Do But March Toward The Only Fate They Have Left A Life In SlaveryBut Not If Caroline Can Help It She S Out Of Options, But Giving Up Was Never One Of ThemFacing Overwhelming Trailer Ý Spirit (Warchild, #3) PDF by ☆ Ernie Lindsey New Challenges And Old Enemies, Caroline Soon Learns That Even When The Bullets Stop Flying, The War Is Never Over Great seriesI decided to finish the series before posting a review I loved the books Great story telling had my attention thru every book Hope there is another book or three.
Creative writerHard to put down I really enjoyed this series Creative writer Characters easy to follow and hated for it to end.
loved all 3 books

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