just couldn t get into it I couldn t relate to the chatacters Just not the book for me Have read other books by this author and loved them, just not this one.
In Kane s romantic suspense novel, Dani Canto is the star witness against her grandfather s murderer, and to top it off, she s now a prime target herself Prosecutor Harte Delancey has no choice but to become her bodyguard to ensure her safety until she can testify But first he must break down Dani s walls and erect some trust between them Fighting a pending storm and gun men hot on their trail, Harte must also fight the unexpected passion that flares between them.
Fast paced installment to the Delancey Dynasty series.
It was hard to enjoy the book because the narrator really got on my nerves Her voice was just to high pitched for me and it was rather confusing when some male characters where evenhigh pitched than the h Miniseries The Delancey DynastyCategory Suspense

Ç Star Witness (The Delancey Dynasty, #6) Ç boring Actually a 3.
5 rating Fast paced action adventure The characters were well thought out and I love New Orleans.
Dani Canto is a public defender who is the star witness in her grandfather s murder trial She is in danger from the man who instigated Senator Canto s death Her savior and protector is her least favorite prosecuting attorney Harte Delancey.
They survive attacks on their safe house They survive a severe thunderstorm and a devastating tornado They survive gun battles and Harte survives life threatening surgery to remove a bullet that collapsed his lung and lodged close to his heart.
Storm On The HorizonDani Canto Has Precious Few People She Can TrustAs Prosecutor Harte Delancey S Star Witness Against Her Grandfather S Murderer, She S Become A Prime Target And A Courtroom Pawn Protective Custody Seems To Be The Only Solution, But She S Not Expecting Harte Delancey To Be Her Personal Bodyguard Passion On The RiseHarte Vows To Protect Dani Himself To Ensure Her Safety And Testimony After All, Winning The Case Will Trailer õ Star Witness (The Delancey Dynasty, #6) PDF by ↠´ Mallory Kane Also Settle An Old Family Obligation But Earning Her Trust Is Key Now With A Raging Storm Threatening New Orleans And Gunmen On Their Heels, Harte Must Break Down The Walls Dani Has Erected Around Herself Once He Does, Not Only Does He Find Unexpected Passion, But The Certainty That The Only Safe Haven Is Within Each Other S Arms

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