Was No Secret That Valyn Was Adopted She Had Always Known And It Didn T Bother Her She Was Happy And Had Two Loving Parents Where She Came From Didn T Matter When A Mysterious Man Saves Her From A Vicious Attack And Claims To Be A Friend Of Her Parents, Everything Changes Her Parents Tell Her That She Is Not Only A Werewolf But A Werewolf With Royal Blood To Top It Off, Her Uncle Wants Her Dead The Mystery Man, Barett, Download Epub Format ↠´ Primitive Instincts PDF by Ï Lauree Waldrop Offers His Help And Soon She Is On The Run With The Gorgeous Werewolf She Can Come To Grips With Her True Nature But She S Got Other Problems Everyone Tells Her That Her Uncle Needs To Die And She Is The Only One With The Power To Kill Him She Struggles With The Idea Of Murder As Her Feelings For Barett Come To The Surface They Are Up Against The Most Powerful Man Of Their Kind Can Valyn Find It In Herself To Be A Killer This YA Paranormal Romance Is Intended For A Mature Teen Audience Due To Mild Cursing, Sensuality And Nudity The story line was good and it picked up momentum early on My only complaints are the number of typos, at one point valyn s name wasn t even valyn, it was sophie and I had to stop and think for a second to realize it was just the wrong name typed in, not some random character There were several sentences through out that I would have to re read because they didn t make sense due to typos such as He instead of heard and so on A good proof reading would really help Also, the ending.
VERY rushed I kept thinking no way can she wrap this up in the next 2 pages but yep spoiler want to live here, sure, ok,.
the end It just was a disappointing ending, I realize there might be a 2nd one.
but it doesn t change the fact of how this one was rushed.

Decent readThe story line and back drop where excellent, but that s where the good stops The two main characters fall in love in literally two or three days I know running for your life forces intimacy but it was just too fast Also it was way to easy to kill her uncle He has an entire group of people afraid of him, but a young adult with two days of combat training kills him I won t say it was a bad story, but it was definitely fantasy in every sense of the word.
It was a really laid back story and I did enjoy it It was so PG though, it wasn t even funny I liked the characters, they were easy to get to know, perhaps too easy It seemed as if we never went back far enough into the past, we as readers were just suppose to be happy with what we got The ending made the story seem incomplete.

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