Letteralmente divorato.
Non capisco come questi libercoli adolescenziali, scontati su alcune cose e assurdi la wicca non cos evidente nella realt , si sa che c ma non si sa chi la pratica se sei fuori dal giro mi piacciano.
Eppure sono qui che me li sto leggendo uno di fila all altro Perch perch ti catturano, ti rapiscono, e c sempre un mistero nuovo che si aggiunge agli altri, perch Hunter e Morgan sono fantastici insieme, perch Morgan prende sempre pi consapevolezza di se stessa e dei suoi poteri perch Sky la adoro e perch Alisa diventa sempre pi interessante anche perch l ultimo della serie dedicato a lei Si poteva per evitare di fare i libri cos piccoli anche perch il racconto goni volta spezzato a met.
io li avrei accoppiati, ma cos divertente sono come le ciliege.
uno tira l altro I love this series I can t get enough of it I love Morgan and Hunters love story and I don t even like lovey dovey stuff.
Weird things are happening and no one can really figure out why Cal and Selene are dead Ciaran is on the run and he couldn t possibly be making them happen from how far away he is so naturally, everyone starts blaming Morgan She s powerful, she uninitiated maybe she s causing these things to happen without knowing it.
Hunter brings someone to help Morgan learnabout her powers and how to control them She starts tutoring Morgan as soon as she gets there.
The story shifts, suddenly we re aware of what Alisa is thinking, of her plans to write an article to warn people of this strange magick being practiced Honestly, this whole part annoyed me Alisa hasn t been in the coven long enough and she was the youngest of all the members I was convinced that Alisa had something to do with all of the accidents since every time they happened, Alisa was around.
As much as I love Sweep, The writing of the book is really good You can feel the frustration of Morgan She s falsely accused of uncontrolled magic, and it makes her so frustrated and sad, you automatically feel the same emotions The story of this book is a little different from the previous, mainly because of the focus on newer characters I like Morgan and Hunter so much, even when one of them is acting stupid But I really don t like Alisa She interferes in things she doesn t know anything about Therefore I give this book only 3 out of 5 stars.
Ý Strife ↠´ PlotThe plotline with Amyranth has been put on the back burner for now, with only bare mentions of the murderous coven that literally wipes out groups of people Instead, the reader gets to deal with Morgan s drama with her parents and her terrible grades It s very boring, for the most part Morgan is dealing with the repercussions of not focusing on the non magickal world while still being in it Most of the book was very blah WritingThe writing was the same as usual mediocre, but not terrible The problem I have with it in Strife is that there s probably going to be this big twist in a book or two, but I already know what it is Tiernan gives the reader too many hints The thing is, you don t really want your

So intense Similar to fifth Harry Potter in tone.
I ll warn people straight off the bat This is the book where the series is supposed to start shifting the focus from Morgan to Alisa The next book will focus on Hunter, but from there out the books supposedly focus on Alisa .
In this book Morgan finds that strange things are beginning to happen around her evenso than usual Her father still roams free, despite the attempts of the good witches who are trying to track him down Morgan can t help but wonder if these events strange telekinetic events are done because of him or if they are a new facet of her overwhelmingly strong magic that is threatening everyone.
I liked this book for the most part, but at times I have to admit Morgan kind of wore on me I understand that she s a teenage girl that she s going through a lot, but at times she just didn t really seem to be able to see beyond her own problems Plus the I downgraded this from a 4 from when I was setting up goodreads, long after the fact of reading this to a 2, maybe 2.
5 Unfortunately, Alisa is one of the most annoying characters in this series The way she suddenly appears in one of the previous books and then getsmentions than any other supporting character is a dead giveaway for the reveal in a later book The reveal should have been done at the end of this one, in my opinion It doesn t help that this is the last book in a while where we fully focus on Morgan, and the next three deviate from the main plotline I would have hoped for asolid installment where we could move the action along, but this is quite meandering There s not enough Morgan Hunter action either.
The things I did like were along the lines of the struggle with Morgan s catholic parents and school It would have been unrealistic for Morgan to be an A student while only st Actual rating 2.
5This one dragged rather badly for me unfortunately.
Has Been So Involved In The World Of Magick That Her Parents Are Furious With Her For Neglecting School And Now The Members Of Her Coven Are Being Persecuted Morgan Is Falling To Pieces How Can She Find The Strength She So Desperately [Cate Tiernan] Ø Strife [asmara PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ Needs

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