This book has so much drama going on that an incident which would form the entire conflict in another romance novel becomes nothing but a forgotten speed bump at the end Fourteen years ago, rich boy Tanner 21 and poor girl Maggie 17 had a semi secret romance in the town where Tanner s family spends summers at the lake The night they finally have sex, his father discovers them and pitches a fit The next day, Tanner informs Maggie he s marrying rich girl Tricia He does, they move away, have a daughter, and fairly recently have a car accident in which Tanner s hand is injured destroying his career as a surgeon and Tricia s head is injured leading to her eventual death before the current timeline Tanner moves himself and his diabetic daughter back to the lake town, where she schedules an appointment with registered dietician Maggie view spoiler Tanner doesn t want his daughter interacting w I registered a book at BookCrossing.

For me this book was comparable to a harlequin It was easy to read and relate to I was frustrated at times with the book because there is tons of secrets kept and only a little bit at a time came out I was also connecting to Maggie a lot, she was easy to do so I could feel her sorrow, joy and pain With Tanner, I kind of wanted to smack him at times and then smile at others The author has so much talent to make me and all it other readers join the characters on an emotional rollercoaster I can t get enough of Nancy Bush novels Ç Summertime Blues Ç I d agree with the other reviewer, this is on par with Harlequin series romances A good one There was a point in this book where I thought that this was going the same way as many series romances in not addressing all the issues in the quest for a HEA, thus leaving a sense of incompleteness Not so, it pulled back and balanced out the blame, because the actions of the H were the actions of the H Not often that I get caught out on what is a fairly predictable, if somewhat convoluted, plot.
Enjoyable read and the h, while wearing her heart on her sleeve, was very likeable The H not so much.
Holt Had Never Stopped Loving Tanner Baines, No Matter How Hard She Tried She Was A Girl From The Wrong Side Of The Tracks And He Was A Wealthy Lake Kid Who D Won Her Heart During Several Long, Sultry Summers When They Were Both Young But Tanner Had Thrown Their Love Away At The End Of That Last Summer And Married Someone Else, A Girl With All The Right Connections, A Girl Who Was Maggie S Nemesis Now, Fourteen Years After Leaving Lake [ read Online Summertime Blues Ð vicksburg-campaign PDF ] by Natalie Bishop Û Chinook, Tanner Was Suddenly Back Though Maggie Wanted To Hate Him, She Just Couldn T, Even Though Tanner Still Held Secrets From The Past The Same Secrets That Had Ripped Them Apart So Long Ago And Still Had The Power To Destroy Their Happiness Though Maggie Tells Herself To Forget Him She S Had Enough Summertime Blues For A Lifetime She Forces Tanner To Reveal The Soul Destroying Barrier That Has Kept Them From Being Together All This Time And Finds A Way To Love Him Again

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