You Ever Look Around You And Think You Re The Only One Making Any Sense Or Tried To Reason With Your Partner With Disastrous Results Do Long, Rambling Answers Drive You Crazy Or Does Your Colleague S Abrasive Manner Get Your Back Up Do You Ever Get The Feeling You Re Surrounded By Idiots You Are Not Alone Swedish Behavioural Scientist And Runaway Bestselling Author Thomas Erikson Is Here To Help, And Will Inform And Entertain You In Equal Measure Available In English For The First Time, ð Omgiven av idioter ✓ Download by ☆ Thomas Erikson Surrounded By Idiots, Presents His Simple Model Based On Four Personality Types Red, Blue, Green And Yellow When You Understand The Psychology Of Each You Can Adapt Your Communication Style To Handle Anyone Easily And Get The Best Out Of The People You Have To Deal With Be It At Work, In Public Or At HomeThomas Erikson Guarantees That After Reading This Book The Number Of Idiots Around You Will Be Drastically Reduced And You Will Have A Better Understanding Of Everyone Around You With A Bit Of Luck You Can Also Be Confident That The Idiot Out There Is Not You Childishly written, as if speaking to toddlers Based on no science but the writer s own opinions.
So in brief Utter garbage.
UPDATE 2018 om ni vill ha ytterligare anledningar till att sky den h r soppan som pesten, l s den h r artikeln https www.
com blogVilken vederv rdig j vla bok, och vilken vidrig, vidrig m nniska Thomas Eriksson verkar vara Han verkar lska sig sj lv mer n n got annat, varje sida skriker av hans sj lvgodhet Hans s tt att skriva f r det att koka i mig, att han tilltalar l saren och r s fucking INFORMELL T.
ex Med risk f r att l ta klyshig det handlar om att samarbeta, om att m tas Det visste du redan, men detta r orsaken till just den slutsatsen, och h r har du nu f tt en lektion i hur det kan g till Adriano var dessutom djupt harmsen ver att jag som specialist p omr det kunde beskriva honom ganska ing ende N r han fick analysverktyget som anv nds f r att beskriva en e

I received this book as a christmas present, otherwise I would never have accepted it into my home At first, I thought that even if it didn t present anything new, at least it could end up being an interesting read It was not.
Judging by the tone of the writing, the author genuinely believes that he has revolutionized workplace psychology by rehashing four temperament ensemble theories of human behavior into an unappetizing slurry of self aggrandizing word casserole Every little paragraph is frustratingly presented as some sort of divine insight into how humans truly work, peppered with various anecdotes very obviously constructed to strengthen the point the author is presenting That point being, there are four types of humans at any given workplace, and this is how you handle them There is no room given for, you know, actu Jostain kumman syyst minulla oli pakottava tarve antaa t lle kirjalle yksi t hti Tajusin, ett arviota olisi painanut alas kuitenkin vain jonkinlainen min tied n paremmin fiilis, joten p tin antaa kaksi Kirjassa kun on my s ihan j rkevi juttuja hattaran seassa Alleviivaan viel kirjassa on siis hyvin paljon v ri tietoja ja outoja v itt mi , mutta my s joitain hyvi kohtia.
Oma motivaationi kirjan lukemiselle kumpusi sen suosiosta Suomessa ja yritysmaailmassa Minusta on hyv olla tietoinen siit , mill tavalla ihmiset hahmottavat psykologian k sitteit Ymm rr n luku urakan tai oikeastaan kuuntelu urakan j lkeen hyvin, miksi kirja on keikkunut myydyimpien kirjojen listoilla kauan Se tarjoaa helppoja vastauksia asioihin, joita kohtaan me kaikki tunnemme jossain m rin ep varmuutta ihmissuhteisiin Ep varmuuden tunteen v hent minen yksinkertaisesti myy kts vakuutukset, konsultit Lis ksi kirja tarjo

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