The author is marked by readability, by is adroit use of oral history, and by his trenchant analysis of the stages of the campaign The narrative leads inevitably to the bombing of Dresden Neillands argues that Harris was implementing a decision at the highest level his evidence is convincing He discusses the morality of key aspects of the campaign and it s culmination I am not wholly convinced, but he claims an overriding ethical justification So be it, but this study is replete with insights, and vividly depicts the human element in the the Offensive.
Bomber Campaign Against Germany Is Now Among The Most Contentious Actions Of The Second World War Did It Help Bring The Nazis To Their Knees Was The RAF Wrong To Bomb Cities Did The USAAF Attack Only Military Targets Was Anything Achieved By Killing German Civilians, Most Of Them Women And Children If Not, Are The Bombers And Especially Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Harris And The Aircrew Of RAF Bomber Command Not War Criminals Or Were All Means Not Justified Against ☆ The Bomber War: Arthur Harris and the Allied Bomber Offensive 1939-1945 Ê Download by · Robin Neillands The Nazis In This Controversial Book, Robin Neillands Examines Every Detail Of The Campaign The Strengths And Fundamental Flaws In Doctrine, The Technical Difficulties And Developments From Night Time Navigation Through Bomb Aiming To Fighter Escort, And Above All The Day By Day, Night By Night Endurance Of The Crews, Flying To The Limit In Discomfort And Danger, Facing Flak And Enemy Fighters Bomber War Is Illuminated By The Personal Experiences Not Only Of British But Of American, Australian, Canadian And Other Allied Fliers As Well, This books Packs An Emotional Punch While Remaining Historically Accurate Perfect For Fans Of Herman Wouk, Joseph Heller And The Best Of Gripping Historic FictionPraise For Robin Neillands One Of Britains Most Readable Historians Birmingham PostImmensely Readable A Blast Of Fresh Air The Spectator Informed And Explicit, This Is Military History At Its Best Western Daily PressNeillands Willingness To Call A Spade A Spade Will Catch The Popular Imagination His Central Argument Is Hard To Fault Literary ReviewA Compelling And Very Moving Account Of How Thousands Of British, Commonwealth And American Aircrew, Most In Their Early Twenties, Sallied Forth Both By Day And By Night To Attack Hitlers Reich The Statistical Odds Of Survival Were Stacked Against Them, But They Went Back Again And Again, Many Paying The Ultimate Price Major General Julian Thompson CB OBERobin Neillands Is The Author Of Several Acclaimed Works On The First World War Including The Great War Generals On The Western Front, Attrition The Great War On The Western Front, And The Old Contemptibles The story of the bomber war against Germany has been told many times, and the description here is not only nothing special, but somewhat repetitive and meandering on several occasions, the same point is made or fact mentioned than once, quite superfluously.
Where the book scores is in the latter chapters, with a readable and cogent discussion of both the effectiveness and morality of this most controversial of campaigns The author presents his case well, and is worth listening to.
Should this be your only book on the subject No But if you are a student of this part of WWII, you should definitely find it of value.
ô The Bomber War: Arthur Harris and the Allied Bomber Offensive 1939-1945 ô Really enjoyed this book on the Bomber war during WW2 The book reads as though it has been very well researched and written by someone with a passion for historical fact Definitely recommend to anyone interested in WW2 bomber operations over Europe involving both the RAF and US 8th Air force.
A difficult subject tackled in great detail For that it is valuable and will always be a good source of reference.
Some of the options expressed were capable of raising eyebrows Germany deserved it, the government had been democratically elected they did it too,us Not always a good defence for anything.
None the less certainly an addition to my knowledge and I think a good soldiers guide.
This is a very detailed book The author went to great depths to research the contents and put forward such discussions A very enjoyable book, thank you.

This is a well researched and sympathetic book using oral history to good effect It makes the point well that total war of necessity encompasses total destruction Including of human life That for a number of years the air war was the only war the Allies in the West could wage.
It is perhaps a bit too long and repetitive Some ruthless editing would have helped It is perhaps at times a near apologia for Harris but does put his role in context It entirely misses the point that by 13 02 1945 the bombing of Dresden was cultural vandalism for little practical gain The US did not bomb Kyoto for heritage reasons It is not the deaths in Dresden that matter, the Germans asked for total war, but the loss of the buildings.
Conversely, the point is well made that the bombing into rubble of Germany was cheered at the time and Very readable and in places very moving first hand accounts from RAF, USAAF and Luftwaffe crew More than anything though, this burrows into the myths that surround and discolour the events of the bomber war It does so in a balanced way, with a good research and analysis of the on going events, thinking and decisions along with the progressive scientific advancements that moved the advantage from one side to the other.
Dresden is the name used by so many to draw their conclusions about the rights and wrongs of that campaign, and yet most people who use Dresden as an example probably know very little about what actually happened they just refer to the story that has gained popularity Especially in this post truth world, we need historians like Neillands to gather information and witness statements and present a balanced account I believe this book d

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