Whimsical, lyrical, a pure delight, and I fell into this magical story just like Alice falling into the rabbit hole It is 1917 and Nine year old Frances and her mother leave South Africa for Cottingley, England to stay with family while her father fights in the war There she find a cousin, Elsie, 16 who introduces Frances to the Beck Despite their age difference the girls become fast friends, it is here there are said to be fairies Here they will take pictures that seem to prove it, pictures that will haunt the girls for many years, even bringing Arthur Conan Doyle into their sphere This is of course all true, historical happenings and the two girls were very real people.
The made up portion of the story, 2017, O ivias beloved grandfather has died, leaving her a dusty old bookstore in Ireland I wish some I read The Girl Who Came Home by Hazel Gaynor and deeply enjoyed it Gaynor s writing was beautiful and uplifting, even in the midst of the Titanic tragedy The Cottingley Secret, her fourth novel, is one I want to hug, and it s going to my favorites shelf Told in dual storylines one story is of Olivia in present day Ireland who s inherited the most charming bookshop, and the other is of Frances, a young girl arriving in Yorkshire during the first World War The book was inspired by the real Frances who was in a famous group of pictures with fairies and written about by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle These pictures created quite the frenzy during war time England and around the world, at a time when believing in magic may have had an important purpos Click here to watch a video review of this book on my channel, From Beginning to Bookend Equal parts enchanting tale of childhood magic and bearable story of a woman wrestling with engagement to the wrong man Though Gaynor s prose sways from maladroit to radiant and the plot is wholly predictable, The Cottingley Secret proves a pleasant read.
The Cottingley Secret by Hazel Gaynor is a 2017 William Morrow Paperbacks publication Charming and magical This novel is based on the real events surrounding a group of photographs taken by sixteen year old Elsie Wright and her nine year old cousin, Frances Griffiths, in Cottingley, England in 1917 The photographs allegedly captured images of fairies at the Cottingley Beck, a stream where the two girls often played The photos garnered the attention of Sherlock Holmes author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who featured the story in The Strand Magazine , in 1920 For years the public debated whether or not the photos were genuine, or if it was all a big hoax This novel tells a fictional account of Elsie and Frances, and their adventures, alongside the current day story of Olivia Kavanagh, a woman who has come to set her grandparents affairs in order after the death of her grandfather Olivia is en Rating 4.
5 What a fun, whimsical, magical story Initially, the name drew me in, then the cover, and when I saw in the blurb it said fairies I was hopelessly hooked I bugged my library to get a copy and they got both print and audio.
I naturally selected the audio and loved every minute of it I didn t want this one end One line in the book that I kept coming back to Those who don t believe in magic will never find it And that is key to this wonderful book And I for one, believe and love to read about magic.
The Cottingley Secret is a story that rotates between two timelines, the early 1900 s and present day In present day, Olivia is lost, getting ready to marry a man she really doesn t love Her grandfather has just died a 4.
5 StarsI know that the best time to see them is in that perfect hour before sunset when the sun sinks low on the horizon like a ripe peach and sends shafts of gold bursting through the trees The in between I call it No longer day, not yet night some other place and time when magic hangs in the air and the light plays tricks on the eye You might easily miss the flash of violet and emerald, but I according to my teacher, Mrs Hogan am a curiously observant child I see their misty forms among the flowers and leaves I know my patience will be rewarded if I watch and listen If I believe And then The lightest ringing at my ears The slightest movement of fern and leaf.
My heart flutters My eyes widen with excitement.
A flash of vibrant emerald Another of softest lavender blue.
I lean forward Draw in my breath Don t make a sound.
They are here These stories of Olivia, in the present in Irelan Author Of The Girl Who Came Home Turns The Clock Back One Hundred Years To A Time When Two Young Girls From Cottingley, Yorkshire, Convinced The World That They Had Done The Impossible And Photographed Fairies In Their Garden Now, In Her Newest Novel, International Bestseller Hazel Gaynor Reimagines Their Story It Was Inexplicable, Impossible, But It Had To Be True Didn T It When Two Young Cousins, Frances Griffiths And Elsie Wright [ Pdf The Cottingley Secret Ø couture PDF ] by Hazel Gaynor Ñ From Cottingley, England, Claim To Have Photographed Fairies At The Bottom Of The Garden, Their Parents Are Astonished But When One Of The Great Novelists Of The Time, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Becomes Convinced Of The Photographs Authenticity, The Girls Become A National Sensation, Their Discovery Offering Hope To Those Longing For Something To Believe In Amid A World Ravaged By War Frances And Elsie Will Hide Their Secret For Many Decades But Frances Longs For The Truth To Be ToldOne Hundred Years Later When Olivia Kavanagh Finds An Old Manuscript In Her Late Grandfather S bookshop She Becomes Fascinated By The Story It Tells Of Two Young Girls Who Mystified The World But It Is The Discovery Of An Old Photograph That Leads Her To Realize How The Fairy Girls Lives Intertwine With Hers, Connecting Past To Present, And Blurring Her Understanding Of What Is Real And What Is Imagined As She Begins To Understand Why A Nation Once Believed In Fairies, Can Olivia Find A Way To Believe In Herself ✓ The Cottingley Secret ✓ I chose this book purely based on its cover The Cottingley Secret by Hazel Gaynor looked gorgeous, and after seeing it all over Goodreads and thinking about the Cotswolds, I fell in love Then I learned it doesn t take place in England, but in Ireland, as well as that it s based on a true story Wow Knock me over with a feather all that said, it was a good book and I enjoyed it very much I d give it somewhere between a 3.
5 and 4 stars rounded up.
Two young girls take pictures of faeries in Ireland during World War 1 One of them is a transplant from South Africa returning because her father must fight in the war She bonds with her cousin, they become somewhat famous for their pictures as everyone thinks it s real Was it In current day, a somewhat distant This is a rather clever fictional approach to the true story of the Cottingley fairies Back in 1917 when photography was still fairly basic and people were less cynical than today, two young girls fooled the world with photos of paper fairies posed at the bottom of their garden This is the true part of the story to which Hazel Gaynor has added some fictional family members to link events to Olivia who lives in the current day.
Both stories, that of the young girls and their fairies and of Olivia and her bookshop, are charming and equally interesting The settings are beautifully described and of course I loved the bit about Leeds Library since I used to work there many years ago I appreciated the way the author handled the story of the fairies It is generally agreed toda Can Olivia have some connection to Elsie and Frances who lived 100 years ago Can Olivia find it Is the connection somewhere in the pages of the rare books in the bookshop, SOMETHING OLD, that Olivia s grandfather left her Is it in the story she finds that leads her to believe in herself like Elsie and Frances believed in fairies Olivia lives in present day and finds a manuscript in her grandfather s things that refers to fairies As she reads the manuscript and deals with her unhappy life at this time, she believes her grandmother knew Frances.
Olivia is excited that she inherited the bookshop, but doesn t know what to do with it What decision will she make about the bookshop and her life Will she decide to move to Ireland and run the bookshop and most importantly follow what will make her happy or marry the man that she realizes isn t the man she shoul

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