The Cult of Venus (Templars in America Book 7) ✓ As usual, it was entertaining, educational and thought provoking.
Cameron Thorne And Amanda Spencer Gunn Discover A Th Century Journal Which Confirms A Long Rud Historical Heresy The Medieval Church Outlawed The Knights Templar Because The Warrior Monks Were Secretly Worshiping The Ancient Goddess The Journal Also Sucks Cam And Amanda Into The Orbit Of A Ruthless Cabal Of Modern Day Pagans Intent On Pushing America Into The Loving Arms Of The Goddess Whether America Wants Succor There Or Not Based On Actual Historical Artifacts, And Illustrated This Stand Alone Novel Is Book In The [David S.
Brody] Ó The Cult of Venus (Templars in America Book 7) [yuri PDF] read Online ↠´ Templars In America Series Says Midwest Book Review A Gripping Story Of Goddess Worship From Ancient To Modern Times Me tooNot quite the revolution but the author again challenges the paradigm Up to date, I am not sure that the Masons, or any Masonic body would endorse anything attributed to them in this book It is however a great story that has not reached its climax.
Wonderful couldn t put this novel downPlease tell there is to this series coming I was so interested I plan on visiting some of the sites mentioned

Excellent discourse on possible Templar treasures in UDEnjoyed reading this about the possibility that the Template may have been to North America centuries before Columbus Also great story about values of earlier Christians, their beliefs and practices laid out in a novel Just how much is really true, and how much is make believe Excellent series that encourages thinking.
Another great tale It is truly amazing to me that I have not come across these books before, as I have been reading books all my life What is also amazing is the historical facts not taught in American history Mr Brody gives is a clue as to Why

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