HAUNTED HOUSE, A SPOOKY WOOD, A DEADLY CURSE, AND THE BOY NEXT DOORWhen Daisy S Crotchety Old Neighbour, Mr Braithwaite, Dies And A New Family Move In, She Finds It Hard To Stay Away From Her Window, Intrigued By What Is Happening In The House Next Door Why Is The New Boy Acting So Strangely When He Is In His Room Why Is He Trying To Avoid Being At Home And What Does All This Have To Do With The È read â The Curtain-Twitchers Handbook by Jo Danilo ↠´ Ill Fated Gypsy Encampment In The Woods, And The Strange Disappearance Of Mrs Braithwaite Decades Earlier Within A Week Daisy S Life Is Turned Upside Down By The Boy Next Door, Who Has Come To The Sinister Conclusion That The House Is Trying To Kill Him The Thing Is, HE S RIGHTAvailable OnAvailable OnWith A Funny, Feisty Heroine And A Handsome Hero, This Contemporary Young Adult Story Has Action, Humour And Interesting Characters, Creating A Spooky Adventure Mixed Up With High School Drama In A Small Yorkshire Town An Easy, Chatty read With A Chilling Twist Recommended For AgesDue To Coming Of Age Issues Funny, cute and spooky in equal measures I couldn t put this book down The characters were well developed and the suspense was great I can t wait to readfrom Jo Danilo A good read right til the end, couldn t put it down.
Awesome story Couldn t put it down The Curtain Twitchers Handbook is brilliantly written, funny and witty I loved it from start to finish The characters are all totally believable and likeable and I love the way that Jo Danilo writes Couldn t wait to get to the end to see what happened and then was sorry I d finished it because I enjoyed it so much É The Curtain-Twitchers Handbook ☆ This book is for most parts an excellent read Loved the way it was written and great story line Definitely compelled to keep reading But to me it wasteenage fiction and therefore felt did not need the tragic bit of the book to complete the mystery of the story Could have easily been rewritten possibly in a cleverer and less aggressive way It would be thatand not the sex bit that would stop me giving it to young teens to read.
EnjoyableA lovely, easy read Capturing teenage angst well Deeper than I expected, with some interesting twists I ll definitely look out for her next book.
Review posted on behalf of Georgina I read this book in three chunks, over a period of two days I was hooked to the story and literally could not put it down It s the perfect read for many teenage girls like myself what with it covering dilemmas we can relate to and also including the interesting element of the ghost story that leaves you desperate to read on to find out what happens next I fell in love with Daisy the main character almost instantly and could relate to her throughout the book, I didn t see the ending coming at all it took me by surprise and completely blew me away I felt so emotionally attached to both Will and Daisy throughout the book and found myself almost in tears on a fewoccasions in

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