I really like my stories to have a beginning, a middle and an end The majority of these did not, which is a huge cop out from the authors who dreamt up a good idea, but failed to follow through Very irritating.
Eighth Science Fiction Megapack Presents Another Stellar Lineup Of Classic Science Fiction, New And Old Here AreStories Plus A Bonus Interview With Best Selling Author George RR Martin By Some Of The Field S Greatest Authors Included Are THE TRUE DARKNESS, By Pamela SargentPERMANENT FATAL ERRORS, By Jay LakeADJUSTMENT TEAM, By Philip K DickROBOTS DON T CRY, By Mike ResnickNO GREAT MAGIC, By Fritz LeiberESCAPE HATCH, By Brenda W CloughBACKLASH, By Winston K MarksTHE PICK UP, By Lawrence Watt EvansPOPULATION IMPLOSION, · The Eighth Science Fiction Megapack ì Download by ✓ Pamela Sargent By Andrew J OffuttWAY DOWN EAST, By Tim SullivanTHROUGH TIME AND SPACE WITH FERDINAND FEGHOOT , By Grendel BriartonTO INVADE NEW YORK, By Irwin LewisTHEY WERE THE WIND, By CJ HendersonSTOPOVER, By William GerkenCONSEQUENCES OF STEAM, By Michael HemmingsonOUTSIDE LOOKING IN, By Mark E BurgessDEAD WORLD, By Jack DouglasNEFERTITI S TENTH LIFE, By Mary A TurzilloQUICKSILVER, By Lonni LeesAFTER ALL, By Robert ReginaldTHE BARBARIANS, By Algis BudrysEX MACHINA, By Cynthia WardMONKEY ON HIS BACK, By Charles V De VetTHE SURVIVORS, By Tom GodwinTHROUGH TIME AND SPACE WITH FERDINAND FEGHOOT , By Grendel BriartonSPEAKING WITH GEORGE RR MARTIN Interview Conducted By Darrell SchweitzerAnd Don T Forget To Search This Ebook Store For Wildside Megapack To See Entries In This Series, Covering Classic Authors And Subjects Like Mysteries, Science Fiction, Westerns, Ghost Stories And Much, Much So many good short story s in this book, some of my favorites so far are Adjustment Team by Phillip K Dick which was made into a film and called the The Adjustment Bureau Robots Don t Cry This is a story about a man who is lacking in compassion and a robot who has compassion and cannot express it, this is their journey written by Mike Resnick Backlash is a story which reminds me of the saying Buyer Beware some times when things are easily come by in life, there is a cost to pay and it can be too high written by Winston K Marks The Pick Up is about a vampire hunter who picks up a guy in a bar, lots of twists and turns written by Lawrence Watt Evans The Survivors A brilliant book that had me hooked on the first page about 8000 going to a new planet to settle , but they get attacked on the way by a race of aliens who are stronger and who s only wish is to conquer humans, this is a s ð The Eighth Science Fiction Megapack Ô A diverse collection of nice sci fi stories the key is variety here Very good value for money.
Good read.
High quality writing and imaginative stories great reading I recommend to hard science fiction readers everywhere Have at it, have fun Great pack of short stories Some of them are extremely quick and leave you wantingSome are a little long and drawn out Overall fun reads.

What it s about This is a collection of short sci fi pieces from a variety of authors and ages What I thought There were some great pieces in here, along with some meh stories There weren t any that were terrible, but a few felt like they were just the first part of a story, rather than being a complete short story But I really enjoyed the last, and longest, story in this set, which follows a group of humans who are stranded on a hostile planet by anti human aliens It comes off as subtly sexist in some of its telling, but I found the concept interesting, and the writing mostly very engaging It also focused on the idea of people putting aside any selfishness and working for the good of the group above all, a message that resonated with me in these somewhat divided days Why I rated it like I did See above the really good bits were balanced out by some so so pieces.
This series has become a staple purchase for me The Eighth Science Fiction Megapack is a terrific bargain for just 99 cents Hours and I do mean hours of enjoyable reading I wasn t crazy about the very first one, but following that, these books have presented a very nice, representative mix of the genre Some stories are older, but most are of recent vintage, culled from various sci fi magazines and collections of originals.
Several stories deserve special mention The True Dark, by Pamela Sargent is really a horror story that reminded me of Serling s The Monsters are Due on Maple Street, but it s way scarier.
Robots Don t Cry, by Mike Resnick, is a superb account of a robot that remains loyal to a child long gone It might seem a bit dusty in the room you re reading it inWay Down East, by Tim Sullivan, is the story of honoring an alien s last wish A humorous, though

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