Beloved Poet Naomi Shihab Nye Places Her Palestinian American Identity Center Stage In Her Latest Full Length Poetry Collection For Adults The Collection Is Inspired By The Story Of Janna Tamimi, The Youngest Journalist In Palestine, Who At Age Began Capturing Videos Of Anti Occupation Protests Using Her Mother S Smartphone Nye Draws Upon Her Own Family S Roots In A West Bank Village Near Tamimi S Hometown To Offer Empathy And Insight To The Û The Tiny Journalist ✓ Download by Ø Naomi Shihab Nye Young Girl S Reporting Long An Advocate For Peaceful Communication Across All Boundaries, Nye S Poems In The Tiny Journalist Put A Human Face On War And The Violence That Divides Us From Each Other Reviewed by Natalia Trevin o for Lone Star Literary Life.
With a wide angle lens taking in the tumultuous landscape that braids the personal and the political, the land and the language, and the kind child she insists is in every one of us, National Book Award Finalist, poet, and Texas treasure, Naomi Shihab Nye writes only children would ever find the key Dedicated to Janna Jihad Ayyad born 2006 , who at seven years old began reporting injustices in her village on the West Bank of Palestine, The Tiny Journalist sings to chronicle Janna s journey in clear, concise, and cutting free verse.
Nye admits joining Facebook just so she could follow Janna, writing that these poems are my words, imagining Janna s circumstances In the first section of the book, we meet the journalist through several persona poems We would like the bab I should add an emotions category to my rating system for poetry Did this make me cry Yes read my full review Delightful beautiful work by Naomi Shihab Nye.
Naomi Shahib Nye s newest book of poetry 2019 brings the reader into the world of humanistic writing Naomi uses her background with memories of her Palestinian father, her time living in Jordan and Palestine as a teen, and her study of the child, Janna, who has made videos of life in Palestine with a cell phone, to create this book of poetry and prose From the moment one begins to read the book, the reader is compelled to become a resident of Palestine, to feel what the residents feel, and to suffer what they have suffered Throughout the book, Naomi asks why we do not talk to each other during conflicts and why bombs and guns seem to be the answer to territory disputes For example, she writes No Explosions To enjoy fireworks you would have to have lived a different kind of life 62 Through reading the shorter and longer selections Naomi Shihab Nye s impressive body of work, whether for adults or children, has always echoed a vision of our collective humanism while also confronting the forces of injustice With the poems in The Tiny Journalist, she returns to her Palestinian heritage and fuses together verses that reflect the real life story of a young Palestinian girl named Janna acting as a journalist and taking pictures of her people s suffering Nye lends her own voice to the girl s story in order to give the Palestinian people their much deserved humanity The Tiny Journalist may not offer the best poetic work of Nye s career, but it absolutely achieves the vital purpose of showing the despair and oppression under which the Palestinians have suffered since the establishment of Israel in 1948 Her focus is not to condemn Israel, but instead to remind the Israelis of the longstanding pain of the P ↠´ The Tiny Journalist ↠´ One hand out against the earth, one hand up against the sky Somehow I walk between them They carry messages through my body, on a cord stretched between far places All I can Do p.
81 For me, the above line describes Naomi Shihab Nye as a poet, acting as bridge between countries, religions, and long held beliefs The Israeli Pakistan U.
S conflict is no easy topic to mediate, yet Nye has the unique ability to do so, with her Palestinian heritage and youth spent in Jerusalem and Ramallah In my opinion, the poems in The Tiny Journalist do their job, giving voice to Palestinians who feel displaced by the state of Israel Though Nye advocates for communication across all boundaries, ultimately that is her stance, even if she claims being pro justice for Nye, as usual, does a wonderful job of showing how much all of us humans have in common with one another despite our religious and cultural differences and an even better job of portraying the tragic consequences of our not being able to do so You may not wish to remember the haunting stories each of the poems in this collection tell of direct effect of the never ending battle for control of their homeland on Palestinians, but the quality of Nye s writing will ensure they will.
I have been reading Naomi Shihab Nye since high school She has been writing of the plight and the humanity of Palestinians in all of her work, while this collection squarely rests with the world s largest open air prison Nye also points out that Palestinians are also Semites, so being pro justice for Palestinians is never an anti Semitic position, no matter what anybody says These poems are simple but expressive of pain, oppression, joy and hope.
From Netanyahu What does it mean when one person thinks others deserve nothing What is that called From My Wisdom When people have a lotthey want When people have nothingthey will happily share it Some people saynever getting your waybuilds characterBy now our character must bedeep and wide as a continentAfrica, Australiagiant cascade of starsspilling over our huge nightFrom Better Vision People Continuing excellence by a supremely talented poet.
Ms Nye delivers a devastatingly poignant portrait of the type of behavior that led Robert Burns to observe that nothing is quite so human as man s inhumanity to his fellow man I look forward with great anticipation to future works.

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