To keep this short, it appears to be another book promoting controlled crying and on asking the authors to reassure me the baby wouldn t be traumatised, I still have not heard back It has some other good tips in it but the crux in my opinion is that it s a new name for controlled crying and no one can really guarantee the baby is just annoyed rather than beside themselves having feelings of abandonment I had high hopes but don t have the confidence in their assertions.
This taught me some helpful tricksbut my baby still doesn t sleep through the night Oh well We press on.
This is working really well for us I appreciate that this book takes the middle ground approach and functions under the belief that healthy attachment includes letting a kid learn how to sleep and struggle appropriately for their age, and that letting a child cry a little does not make you a meanie It s sort of cry it out, but instead of lengthening the amount of time to eventually zero, it works on a 5 minute interval schedule that doesn t shift and is therefore reliable It s about how to create healthy sleep habits long term, which I also appreciate.
Anyway There are lots of ways to get a baby to sleep I like this one and it s working, and anything that gets us all to sleep without too many tears on my part, and hers gets 5 stars.
While less traumatic than rigid cry it out methods, it still requires the baby to cry and cry and cry until they put themselves to sleep Shouldn t babies cry out to their parents when they need them It seems unnatural to desensitize that instinct, especially during the cold of night when all alone in a bare crib I appreciate the 5 minute checks, but not being allowed to pick up or comfort a wailing baby is just too extreme for me What I am using from the book are the bedtime routines and nap time suggestions Until I find a method that works, I ll rock our little guy to bed at 1am and 3 and 5 because snuggles beat tears any time of day.
Parents Feel Pressured To Train Babies And Young Children To Sleep But Kids Don T Need To Betrained To Sleep They Re Built To Sleep Sleep Issues Arise When Parents With The Best Of Intentions Overhelp Or Helicopter Parent At Night Overshadowing Their Baby S Innate Biological Ability To Sleep Well In The Happy Sleeper, Child Sleep Experts Heather Turgeon And Julie Wright Show Parents How To Be Sensitive And Nurturing, But Also Clear And Structured So That Download Epub Format Ë The Happy Sleeper: The Science-Backed Guide to Helping Your Baby Get a Good Night's Sleep—Newborn to School Age PDF by ã Heather Turgeon Babies And Young Children Develop The Self Soothing Skills They Need In Order To Fall Asleep Independently Sleep Through The Night Take Healthy Naps Grow Into Natural, Optimal Sleep Patterns For Day And Night The Happy Sleeper Is A Research Based Guide To Helping Children Do What Comes Naturally Sleep Through The Night

This is the sort of thing I read now My baby is only 6 months old so I have only read the chapters that apply to his age But my husband and I have followed all of the advice in this book thus far soothing ladder, bedtime routine, early, consistent bedtime, sleep wave, etc and our son is THE happy sleeper He has been sleeping through the night since he was about 4 months, and we are able to put him down awake at bedtime and naps and he can soothe himself to sleep I love this book and would recommend it to any and every new parent It s an easy, approachable read, not TOO sciencey or text bookish, with a lot of information that just makes sense.
Ì The Happy Sleeper: The Science-Backed Guide to Helping Your Baby Get a Good Night's Sleep—Newborn to School Age Ì Oh man, we re in the early stages of trying the Sleep Wave method, but it s already showing a vast improvement in how our 5 month old sleeps My hubs and I would spend plenty of time rocking Natalie, walking with her, and then giving up and having her co sleep with us instead of in her crib She s sleeping upwards of 10 11 hours per night so far versus 8 9, or 7 8 depending on the night I had an evening recently where both kids were asleep, and I had NO idea what to do It was AWESOME.
This book also has plenty of fun awake time ideas to make bedtime muchtolerable For example, I m really excited to try making a book for my kids showing them performing various bedtime routine activities I d highly recommend this book to any parent, any babysitter, anybody that has to convince a kid why sleep is awesome You d think it would be self explanatory.
Some good info about the importance of sleep for babies, children and adults, though I m not sure their suggested methods are really much different than cry it out or other sleep training I was looking for suggestions for families who co sleep and need weaning advice There is some here but it s a bit confusing Getting to sleep independently however it happens is a process, requires work and an ongoing commitment Perhaps we seek out books like these in the hopes that their methods will be easier or less traumatic for babies there is little evidence cio methods cause long term health implications for babies , and easier for parents to get back to better sleep Every baby s different hoping ours will cope with some hybrid of methods.
Since we started using the principles in this book, our daughter went from waking up multiple times a night to generally sleeping 10 13 hours at a stretch The first few nights were really hard, listening to my baby wail when I knew that if I went in and nursed her, we would all be back to sleep sooner But as my sister told me, You can pay now, or you can pay later but you ll pay We re choosing to pay now so we reap the benefits later There are still occasionally nights when Maggie cries out, but she s really learned to self soothe a skill we believe will serve her well for years to come And the whole family is sleeping better as a result Will be recommending this book to any friends who wonder where to turn for sleep advice.

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