This book is great The story is very cute And the illustrations are a great tool for helping young children learn comprehension skills as the pictures in the margins allow young children to guess what happens next This is great for interactive reading My preschooler and I really enjoyed reading this together THOSE FOOLS WILL TASTE MY REVENGE FOR THEIR INSOLENCE, thought the Hedgehog, probably.
Lisa S Woolen Stocking Flies Off The Clothesline, Hedgie Finds It And Pokes His Nose In He Tries To Pull It Out, But The Stocking Gets Stuck On His Prickles And The Fun BeginsA Mother Hen Comes By, Then A Noisy Goose, A Talkative Barn Cat, A Playful Farm Dog, A Mama Pig And Her Piglets, And A Pony They All Laugh At Hedgie, Especially When He Pretends He S Wearing A Download Epub Format ½ The Hat PDF by ✓ Jan Brett New Hat But In The End, It Is Clever Hedgie Who Has The Last LaughAnd Where Is Lisa When All Of This Is Going On She S In The Borders, Getting Ready For Winter, Until She Realizes Her Stocking Is Missing And She Enters The Story To Look For ItJan Brett S Luminous Paintings Of A Scandinavian Farm And The Forest Around It Are Bathed In Northern Light, As The Snow Begins To Fall And The Story Begins, In This Delightfully original Companion Book To The Mitten Little girl takes her woolen clothes out of storage and puts them on a clothesline to air out for the winter One of the pieces gets blown away and discovered by a curious hedgehog He accidentally winds up wearing it The other animals tease him, but he wears it so proudly that once the little girl catches up to him and takes it back that she now has to chase down the rest of her wardrobe on other farm animals The drawings are beautiful The borders add to the story It is just a playful romp that children will enjoy again and again as they discover new things in each drawing.
When Lisa leaves her woolen garments on the clothes line to air out, her fallen stocking is picked up by Hedgie the hedgehog, who becomes entangled in it and can t get it off his head The other animals are inclined to laugh at our erinaceous hero, but Hedgie insists his inadvertent headgear only makes sense, given the cold weather Hurt nevertheless by the other animals ridicule, Hedgie retreats toward his den, eventually running into Lisa, who takes her stocking back and explains to him that animals don t wear clothes Hedgie has the last laugh, as he watches Lisa run after all the other animals, who, convinced by his arguments, have likewise commandeered the young girls woolen garmentsWritten to be a companion to Jan Brett s The Mitten , a picture book retelling of a popular Ukrainian folktale involving a mitten that serves as temporary home to a parade of animals, The Hat is an orig read this as a little kidI think in 4th grade Cute.
è The Hat è The Hat is a cute story about embarrassment, friendship and popularity As with Bringing Down the Moon, the main characters are animals In this one the protagonist is a hedgehog who wants nothingthan to get a stocking off his back before all his friends think he s stupid for wearing such a ridiculous hat Meanwhile, all his friends, having seen his hat on such a cold winter s day see the wisdom of keeping warm and decide to pinch clothing from the woman s laundry line where she had hung her winter woolens to air out One by one the woman loses her clothing set out to dry the other stocking, a pair of gloves, a cap, a waistcoat, a sweater and a scarf.
I liked this book because it reminded me of Sean and his friends Sea

Our two performers enjoyed sharing this book to pre schoolers at library story time One was the hedgehog and the other was all the other animals.
Here s a link if you d like a hedgehog paperdoll s a link if you d like to make a hedgehog hat s a link if you d like to print some hedgehog stickers s a link to make a paper plate craft hedgehog My two year old has renamed this book, The Sock This makes a fun read aloud for young children You are given plenty of opportunities to read using various voices and also make familiar animal sounds found on a farm.
Adorable Hedgie uses a stocking as a hat.

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