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Other than the gruesome, violent images often presented in magnificent detail hey, it is a war , I really enjoy reading Homer s epic poem Where else are we given such insight into stubborn Agamemnon, noble Hector, intelligent and well spoken Odysseus, lazy and spineless Paris, guilt ridden Helen, the wrath of the warrior Achille s and how vain he can be We can identify with Trojan and Greek alike, agonizing with both sides over the destructiveness of war We get the inside story on all the Greek and Trojan heroes and what makes them tick And best of all, we get a behind the scenes, humorous look at the Greek gods their strengths, weaknesses and all the squabbles and fuss that take place between them The Iliad is really incomplete without The Odyssey, so I will be reading and reviewing that book as well I had read a synopsis of the adventu Listeners And Readers For Than , Years, The Iliad Is The Story Of The Trojan War And The Rage Of Achilles Combining The Skills Of A Poet And Scholar, Robert Fagles Brings The Energy Of Contemporary Language To This Enduring Heroic Epic If The Iliad Is The World S Greatest War Story, Then The Odyssey Is Literature S Greatest Evocation Of Every Man S Journey Through Life Here Again, Fagles [Homer] ¶ Ἰλιάς ; Ὀδύσσεια' [usability PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ Has Performed The Translator S Task Magnificently, Giving Us An Odyssey To read Aloud, To Savor, And To Treasure For Its Sheer Lyrical Mastery Each Volume Contains A Superb Introduction With Textual And Critical Commentary By Renowned Classicist Bernard Knox .
Å Ἰλιάς ; Ὀδύσσεια' ☆ The translation was pretty readable This is part of the Great books of the western world Collection that I have set out to read.
Ulysses is my favorite Greek hero.
Always was always will be I read parts of some butchered version in high school but this one seems to have satisfied my goddess needs.
I think we perhaps need some revitalization of the sentiments present in these books to save America from going down the cultural tubes When the Odyssey is replaced with the jersey Shore cannot possibley turn out well.
How could i rate such a classic any less than 5 stars It didn t take me long to figure out that I m not a Homer girl I think the problem was partly that after years of taking in entertaining, probably dumbed down versions of the stories, the reality ended up a bit of a let down Another problem was I had trouble liking any of the characters Achilles Hector Even Odysseus Ugh Whiney, deceitful, and not very likeable The Iliad was pretty painful to get through I forced myself to finish and didn t even get a payoff in the end What happened to Troy Andromache Priam The Iliad won t tell you The sacking of Troy is alluded to in the Odyssey with a brief overview of the Trojan Horse and the men hiding in it That s it The Odyssey was better than the Iliad, maybe 2 stars I have a bit of a complex now that I ve read the books and not liked them I conside .
The Iliad and the Odyssey keeps you on the edge of your seat from the beginning of the story to the end I m not into books like this one but I LOVED this book The adventure, mystery, and the understanding of pre history are great for anyone who wants to read this book All these things made me want to read the book over again and even write a book review on it First the adventure is wild from the start Fighting the Cyclopes and winning made me think that no matter what the size of the person or object I can win if I put my mind to it and want it bad enough Adventure keeps me reading the book If the book doesn t have adventure I will close the book and go do something else with my time but I didn t have to do that once with this book Next the mystery keeps you guessing you think you know hats going to happen but you don t The author Homer

The best story ever it has everything love, romance, war, brave, handsome men, exotic places, monsters, beautiful women its all in these two stories Odysseus is my all time favorite hero, and although he is a brave hero, he has his faults and it s this combination that makes him so lovable and what makes this story one of the greatest of all time The text can be difficult to read, and following the who s who of the gods and goddesses can be quite a feat I ve read it several times, I never get tired of it.

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