If you do not know the story of Hans Rey, the creator of Curious George, this fairly quick but wonderfully treated young adult read is worth your time Illustrated with Rey s actual diary entries, lists, photographs, and simple watercolors that evoke the palette of the original Curious George books, this is an adventure tale, depicting the chaos of pre war France for a young aspiring cartoonist and his wife, Margret Rey Somehow, this gentle soul manages to escape war and persecution to become the preeminent children s author of his time Margret, a brilliant woman in her own right, helps in the escape, which is a logistical and bureaucratic nightmare Margret eventually served as her husband s tireless promoter and manager, even long past his death There s a wonderful documentary from 2017 called Monkey Business on the whole fascinating subject of their lives together.
I didn t realize this was written in a kid s style of book only 70 pages full of historical pictures and memorabilia But this is a fascinating story that I m excited to read aloud to my kids These writers were Jews and it took them 4 months to escape from Paris to New York Love love stories like these So cute and fun I loved learning about H.
A Rey s and his wife s bicycle escape from Paris and his coming to the U.
S as a refugee Refugees are important.
This is the first time that I am participating in Non Fiction Monday and I am very excited I have chosen to write about The Journey that Saved Curious George by Louise Borden, though I have to be honest and say that I have never been a big fan of Curious George, but I have a foster child who was she is now 22 and a recent college grad hurray We recently went to the Jewish Museum in New York City to see the exhibition they have about the Reys escape from Nazi occupied Europe It was an excellent exhibit, but unfortunately, it ends on August 1st If you have time this week and happen to be in NYC, it is definitely worth seeing If you can t make it to the museum, be sure to look at their website at after seeing this exhibit, I went to the library and borrowed the companion book The Journey that Saved Curious George begins with a short biography of Hans Augusto Reyer Very well written and meticulously researched Without having a story directly from the authors, Louise Borden managed to piece together their escape from Paris on bicycles during the Nazi invasion across the sea to Brazil and eventually the US Tells how Hans carefully protected his manuscript of a mischievous monkey named Fifi who eventually became George throughout the journey The illustrations by Allan Drummond are fabulous At first, I thought it was H.
A Rey who drew them because they are so faithful to his style They used pictures, photographs of Hans diary entries and their passports, as well as other memorabilia to make the book come alive Bravo Children and the adults who grew up loving Curious George will be interested in the adventures of the authors of those beloved books.

Book 76 read in 2018The Journey That Saved Curious GeorgeThis tells the true story of how the creators of Curious George had to escape from the Nazis and how they ended up living in America It also shows the evolution of Curious George A quick read, this would make a nice read out loud in elementary classes I borrowed this book from the public library.
The Journey That Saved Curious George: The True Wartime Escape of Margret and H.
ß I used this book as a reference for a report on people I admire These two were successful, talented, happily married, well educated, and traveled to many different countries authors who created since of my favorite childhood books This book kept up with their spirit by using photographs, their illustrations, and personal documents throughout the book It was a very well summed up biography for kids haha I actually still read it to this day.
A fascinating story of how the authors of Curious George escaped from Europe during WWII, thus saving their manuscript to eventually be published Borden s verse writing tells their timeline well, and the illustrations combined with primary source documents, enhance the effect.
Reread One of the most haunting aspects of World War II and the Holocaust is the lost potential of the millions who were murdered Louise Borden chronicles the escape of Margret and H.
A Rey, who were able to escape with their lives and their art Brilliantly researched with a pleasing design that introduces readers to many of the Reys lesser known characters, as well as Curious George.
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