I waited with reviewing this because I wanted to see if following the steps described in this book would truly help us stay organized and after about a year we still find things stay waaay tidyer than they used to.
I used to think we don t have that much stuf but with this book we figured out that we really did By getting rid of a lot of things and organizing what we did keep in the ways the book describes tidying up has become a way smoother process.
I have recommended this book to a lot of friends over the past year and it helped everyone who truly went through the process.
This book changed my life for the better.
Literally changed my life, i still try to discard thingsandand it makes my home feel so much better.
Definitely worth a read.
Easy to read and enjoyable read it in 2 days.
Ich habe das Buch verschlungen und in einem Tag durchgelesen Eine ganz tolle neue Herangehenweise ans Aufr umen und Ausmisten.
Ich habe meinen Kleiderschrank sofort in Angriff genommen und alles aussortiert und nach den Konmari Methode gefaltet Bin super zufrieden mit dem Ergebnis und werde alle anderen Zimmer auch mit der Methode ausmisten Ein klare Kaufemfehlung

It s surprising that someone made a business out of telling people how to keep their space tidy, but in Japan everything is possible.
The whole 200 pages could be condensed to 2 or 3 useful and practical tips The rest is just filler.
The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A simple, effective way to banish clutter forever ☆ Es geht ums Aufr umen, aber eigentlich geht es gleichzeitig auch darum, sich auf das Wesentliche im Leben zu konzentrieren, den Dingen die einem Freude bereiten den Platz zu geben, der ihnen zusteht Das Aufr ume, in die Praxis umgesetzt hat einen Effekt, der weit ber das eignentliche Aufr umen hinausgeht.
Einziger Kritikpunkt Kondo wiederholt sich ein paar Mal, das Buch k nnte gestraffter sein.
Easy to read and easier to follow, Kondo s advice changed my entire outlook on cleaning and owning things, and has created a significantly clutter free home that I enjoy living in This book made me stop obsessing about 50 storage hacks, capsule wardrobes, and other such listicles Wonderful I do note that Shintoist ideas spirituality informs a fair bit of Kondo s philosophies, so in that sense, if you are not so concerned about the spiritual ideas, then just appreciate the religious cultural aspect of this book Still a good read, especially inspiring.
Reading the book changes your perspective on the excess stuff we all have and by following her steps we can begin to feelourselves when we keep only what we love and what inspires us I enjoyed the book and am greatly inspired and have already completed the first step Not surprisingly I live my new wardrobe ridded of excess, out dated and no longer cherished clothes Highly recommendable to those who feel a heavy weight in their lives because of all their stuff and who want to finally start living true to themselves.
Kondo Will Help You Declutter Your Life With Her New Major Netflix Series Tidying Up With Marie KondoTransform Your Home Into A Permanently Clear And Clutter Free Space With The Incredible KonMari Method Japan S Expert Declutterer And Professional Cleaner Marie Kondo Will Help You Tidy Your Rooms Once And For All With Her Inspirational Step By Step Method The Key To Successful Tidying Is To Tackle Your Home In The Correct Order, To Keep Only The Things You Really Love And To ☆ The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A simple, effective way to banish clutter forever ä Download by Á Marie Kondo Do It All At Once And Quickly After That For The Rest Of Your Life You Only Need To Choose What To Keep And What To Discard The KonMari Method Will Not Just Transform Your Space Once You Have Your House In Order You Will Find That Your Whole Life Will Change You Can Feel Confident, You Can Become Successful, And You Can Have The Energy And Motivation To Create The Life You Want You Will Also Have The Courage To Move On From The Negative Aspects Of Your Life You Can Recognise And Finish A Bad Relationship You Can Stop Feeling Anxious You Can Finally Lose WeightMarie Kondo S Method Is Based On A Once Cleaned, Never Messy Again Approach If You Think That Such A Thing Is Impossible Then You Should Definitely read This Compelling Book

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