Review to follow Brette Intentions Gone Astray Conundrums of the Misses Culpepper Book 3 by Collette Cameron is at times a humorous and compelling Regency Romance While, Book 3, it can be read as a stand alone I d suggest reading the other two books in this fantastic series, I feel you would benefit from reading them to get the full benefits from Brette , there are some events, situations, and revelations revealed, that could spoil your entertainment, by not reading the other two books in this series, first, although, not necessary to enjoy Brette.
This is Brette Culpepper and Alexander Hawksworth s story Brette, is new to society, and finds she rather enjoys the soirees, dancing, balls and the social whirlwind, until that is.
a horribl Brette Culpepper finds parties boring A born matchmaker, she agreed to bring her friend Ophelia closer to the man Ophelia fancies Brette is not really meddling, she s merely giving Cupid a push in the right direction, of course Reverend Alex Hawksworth, St Peter s rector, on the other hand, loves the ton s glittery parties He of the sun kissed handsomeness and the velvety voice unfortunately does not possess pockets lined with gold And although he finds the fetching Brette very appealing indeed, he disapproves strongly of her matchmaking, and he is proved right when Ophelia elopes Brette comes from a good family of modest means, she looks longingly at Alex, but he is only a reverend Then suddenly, both Alex and Brette s circumstances change drastically Alex is a splendid character upright, and a real knight in shining armou This is the latest installment of the Conundrums of the Misses Culpepper series All three books are quite enjoyable, but I honestly think that this one was my favorite Brette Culpepper has lived her life thinking that she s Brooke s sister until one day a Mr Shipwreck a fitting name for what his news will do to the poor girl comes with some unexpected news He claims that Brette is actually a cousin, having been born to an actress Brooke s aunt Belinda and a wealthy aristocrat There s , it seems that no one knows if her alleged parents were actually married before her birth making her baseborn and the talk of the ton But if Brette can prove that her parents were married, she ll suddenly become the heiress of her grandfather s sizable fortune Alex Haw Titled Brette Intentions Gone AstrayA Rogue Turned Respectable A Matchmaking Wallflower A Match Not Made In HeavenWhen Duty Decrees Former Rogue Alexander Hawksworth Fill The Vacant Vicarship A Male In His Family Has Held For Generations, He Resigns Himself To A Sober Existence Though He S Committed To His Parish, He Misses The Soir Es And Parties, Especially After The Precocious Brette Culpepper Arrives In London After He Unexpectedly Inherits An Earldom, He S Determined To Make Her His Countess Until He ë The Lord and the Wallflower (The Blue Rose Romances: The Culpepper Misses #3) ✓ Download by æ Collette Cameron S Accused Of Murdering The Previous EarlNew To Society, Brette Adores The Whirlwind Social Scene And The Slightly Sensual Verbal Sparring With The Devilishly Attractive Alex Hawksworth She Finds Herself Falling In Love With The Charming Vicar, But When Rumors Circulate, She S A Peer S Illegitimate Granddaughter, Her World Turns Upside Down To Make Matters Worse, A Newly Appointed Guardian Emerges, Intent On Forcing Her To Wed An Elderly Degenerate Instead Of AlexTime Is Against Them As Alex Struggles To Clear His Name And Deliver The Woman He Loves From An Unthinkable Fate You Ll Want To read This Heart Warming Class Difference Regency Historical By A USA Today Bestselling Author In One Sitting Opposites Do Attract As You Ll Discover In Alex And Brette S Sigh Worthy Romantic Tale If You Enjoy Reading Strong Heroine, Sister Series, Romantic Comedies, And Redeemed Rake Love Stories With A Pinch Of Mystery Suspense, A Dash Of Humor, Gripping Emotion, And A Naughty Dog, Then You Ll Adore Collette Cameron S Captivating THE BLUE ROSE REGENCY ROMANCES THE CULPEPPER MISSES Buy THE LORD AND THE WALLFLOWER And Settle Into Your Favorite Reading Nook For A Page Turning, Entertaining Regency England World Adventure You Can T Put Down Though This Book Can Easily Be read As A Stand Alone, Most Readers Prefer To read The Series In Order

Brette Culpepper is a pint sized purveyor of kindness and mischief whose good intentions quickly go astray as her book title indicates When rumors arrive on the ton gossip circuit that Brette is the illegitimate granddaughter of a Duke author Collette Cameron s well devised resulting turmoil was at its witty best This writer cast her stories well and Brette s hero Alexander Hawksworth, a rogue turned rector, brought his own equally larger then life circumstances to the work when he suddenly found himself an Earl and accused of murdering his predecessor It was a delight to watch the expert plot maneuvering of Ms Cameron as secrets unfolded and her couple found their way out of multiple scrapes and intrigues This author s ability to construct a story that feels right out of a genuine Regency drawing room is really quite remarkable With a stea I am a fairly new reader to Collette s books and this is the third book in the Conundrums of the Misses Culpepper I really enjoyed this story Collette knows how to add surprise after surprise to keep you enthralled to the very end.
Brette is a young lady who fancies herself as a cupid, helping other ladies land the gentleman of their dreams Alex is handsome, witty gentleman who makes his living as a Rector Though he knows he is really not cut out for the Church, he has to eat and when you are Quality there are only so many ways to make a living and still be accepted in Society.
He wants Brette desperately, but knows that she can do so much better than a poor Rector Then fate intervenes and both Brette and Alex have life changing events.
Will they get their HAE.
Collette tests the fortitude of her characters by putting them into situations that will test t ¿ The Lord and the Wallflower (The Blue Rose Romances: The Culpepper Misses #3) Ø What could the Culpepper Misses get into now With Collette Cameron s witty sense of humor and the Culpepper s penchant for getting into mishaps one can only imagine what troubles Brette finds However, I wasn t prepared for the bombshell that threatens everything Brette thought she knew I admired the strength and straight forwardness with which Brette handles her situation not so much the way she handles Alexander Hawksworth and their mutual feelings But I do have to hand it to Alex, Hawk , in his determination to prove to Brette they belong together and the way he handled his grandmother BRAVO Ms Cameron continues to come up with delightful ways to torment her characters and grab her readers attention keeping them glued to the story from start to finish.
I LOVE Collette Cameron s historical romances Brette s story is the third book in the Conundrums of the Misses Culpepper series Brette was always trying to set everyone else up in a love match, but she kept finding herself in the most uncomfortable situation when it went all wrong Making a love match for herself was going to be difficult because the man she was attracted to wasn t in the same standing as she was Alex had no business being attracted to Brette because they weren t considered the same class, but as far as he was concerned class meant absolutely nothing and no matter what his plan was to marry her and spend the rest of his life with her I was given an ARC from the author publisher All conclusions are mine and mine alone.
Miss Brette Culpepper is a young woman with far too much time on her hands and a romantic heart She is known for her matchmaking Unfortunately not all of her matches have been successful She has a very upsetting time coming to her in this story Rector Alexander Hawksworth has lectured Brette before about interfering in matters that should not concern her He will find her something to do He has also got a big surprise coming Family can be a God sent blessing or the Devil s curse read the book and find out which it is Wonderful characters, some we might have met in previous books A sweet historical romance that is part of a series but easily read alone I loved it.

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