The Past Become Our Future Is Humankind Destined To Repeat The Events That Occurred On Another Planet, Far Away From Earth Zecharia Sitchin S Bestselling Series The Earth Chronicles Provided Humanity S Side Of The Story Concerning Our Origins At The Hands Of The Anunnaki, Those Who From Heaven To Earth Came In The Lost Book Of Enki We Now View This Saga From The Perspective Of Lord Enki, An Anunnaki Leader Revered In Antiquity As A God, Who Tells The Story Of These Extraterrestrials Arrival On Earth ☆ The Lost Book of Enki (Earth Chronicles #6.
25) Ö Download by ☆ Zecharia Sitchin From The Planet NibiruIn His Previous Works Sitchin Compiled The Complete Story Of The Anunnaki S Impact On Human Civilization From Fragments Scattered Throughout Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Hittite, Egyptian, Canaanite, And Hebrew Sources Missing From These Accounts, However, Was The Perspective Of The Anunnaki Themselves What Was Life Like On Their Own Planet What Motives Propelled Them To Settle On Earth And What Drove Them From Their New Home Convinced Of The Existence Of An Actual Autobiography Of Enki A Lost Book That Held The Answers To These Questions The Author Began His Search For Evidence Through Exhaustive Research Of Primary Sources, And Using Actual Discovered Portions Of The Ancient Text As Scaffolding, He Has Here Re Created The Memoirs Of Enki, The Leader Of These First Astronauts What Takes Shape Is The Story That Begins On Another World, A Story Of Mounting Tensions, Survival Dangers And Royal Succession Rivalries, And Sophisticated Scientific Knowledge Concerning Human Origins That Is Only Today Being Confirmed An Epic Tale Of Gods And Men Unfolds That Parallels The Bible And May Challenge Every Assumption We Hold About Our Past And Our FutureAn Eminent Orientalist And Biblical Scholar, Zecharia Sitchin Is Distinquished By His Ability To read Sumerian Clay Tablets And Other Ancient Texts He Is A Graduate Of The University Of London And Worked As A Journalist And Editor In Israel For Many Years Description From The Back Cover Of Trade Paperback Edition You can go to YouTube and listen to Josh Reeves from The Global Reality read this Book of Truths It will trip you out The bible does not tell you the truth People open your EYES and MINDS This is the TRUE HISTORY of our PLANET and HUMANITY Yes, this was written over 5000 years ago They even talk about the FACE on MARS This made me physically sick I felt my mind expand as I went through it It goes towards everything ever written, connecting all the great first civilizations and most meaningful markers of the story of men, allowing us to make sense of it for the first time I have been reading the bible for fun at the same time as Sitchin s books and they meet and translate everything in there This book is history, is religion, is science I m only sorry no one gave me this to read as a kid.
I m not sure what ancient tablets he used exactly and how much of this came out of his imagination, but it was a pretty neat read either way This was the first book I ve read by this author, but I guess he s real famous and has been writing stuff like this for years It s all about how these aliens came to Earth thousands of years ago to get gold to fix their atmosphere Then, they made humans to help them mine the gold I thought it was a pretty neat book, and the theories all came together nicely I m going to read someof this guy s stuff and try to learnabout the tablets that he translated to get this info Apparently, Sitchin has been translating writings from ancient civilizations for many years and that s where he came up with the theories that make up his books It sounds believable to me, but I m a primary source kind of guy so I d think it was a good This book is weird The whole thing is written like Yoda speaks, super hard to follow.
Let me also say that I have read all of Sitchin s books and found most, the first 3 or 4 at least, to be fascinating I anxiously awaited this Enki book, because it was billed as a narrative that would fill in a lot of the gaps and answer a lot of my questions It failed It is written in a poetic style that is tedious and irritating the reverse sentence structure in particular think Yoda.
Rather than give any depth, insight, or fill in the gaps, it glosses over things as if they are a given The ME for example Mainly it just puts the story and information we already know from Sitchin s previous books in another format.
Rather than rehash all of his existing theories and information, I would hope that Sitchin would move on to explore other areas or at least uncover new info on his existin ë The Lost Book of Enki (Earth Chronicles #6.
ë It s a Stitchin book It sgarbage ancient aliens drek Don t read this is you value your brain cells.
Lost book of Enki, I enjoyed English grammar, forgotten have I.
A tip to read this Dont worry about memorizing the names of the characters involved, they are mentioned quite often, and you will eventually understand where everyone s place and hierarchy, as you follow the narrative The grammar, I got used to after about 30 pages or so There is also a glossary of words and people at the back, which I didn t find until I read through the whole book Would have probably helped comprehendthat went on, as well as tying the ancient names with modern names and places.
Anyway, this book has incredible references to many of the ancient questions of our mankind past What is our purpose Where do we come from What is the missing link between us and primates These, as well as other unorthodox points of view are confirmed by coincidence of this story Here s a question I ve always won Zachariah Sitchins books are detailed with actual translations of Ancient Cuniform clay tablet writings They are Sumerian Writings , the language which brought about Aramaic, which in turn brought about Hebrew and Arabic He is an Archeologist, and ancient script interpreter translator He delves into ancient texts, and clay tablet writtings, religious scriptures, artifacts, and drawings visits museums, and sights of actual historical significance mentioned in various world scriptures, to get an up close, hands on grasp of what happened His books are filled with historical facts, with awesome translations, actual pictures of the cuniforms themselves, many of which are pictorial in nature they appear in his books Each of the books is a veritable Several years ago I read a book called The Twelfth Planet by Zecharia Sitchin I found it to be enjoyable, interesting, stimulating to read, the most convincing one I have read on what has become known as the Ancient Astronaut Theory In his book, Zecharia Sitchin attempted to prove the theory was true, not through his study of ancient architecture, but that of ancient Sumerian texts, etched on stone tablets The description of a god in his eagle winged helmet, landing on the top of a ziggurat in his wheel, particularly moved me The Ancient Astronaut Theory will not go away, it seems There are now many books on the subject It cannot be proved right or wrong, it seems to me It wakens my sense of wonder, and I find it refreshing The Twelfth Planet, and my interest in mythology, led me to read Gilgamesh and other Sumerian mythological works I thought it would be go

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