I thought this was a beautiful book, particularly for city dwellers, New Yorkers, dog lovers, bike enthusiasts, and anyone else who is examining their lives in some kind of new light, and is re considering all kinds of choices they once made.
originally read 1991I read this book in the fifth grade Can t remember much about it other than it being pretty surreal, but I still remember being able to completely escape into it Re read August 2008So, I just got this book from the library today, and read it this afternoon Having just rekindled a love affair with my bicycle, this book has a superficial appeal for me It is also just as mysterious to me now as it was when I was eleven years old.
It seems to be about a hollow, dead inside kind of fella, a fella who doesn t really show or feel much emotion when he leaves his wife and then when his dog dies, and a fella who fears he is invisible He does, though, have a 10 speed bicycle which he got for his birthday One day, almost a year later, on a whim, he takes it out for a spin, and his life is promptly changed.
He is amazed by the freedom and mobility provided by the bike, THE WORST BOOK EVER.
I picked it up in a charity store in London for 50 pence, read it in an afternoon, and still to this day 23 years later have not read anything to compare with it Childish, self absorbed, simplistic, totally effing stupid it reads like it was written by some accountant having a mid life crisis, who got a 10 speed bicycle for his birthday It should be required reading in every creative writing program as an example of This is how NOT to write a story If I could give it negative stars I would.
A complete stool sample.
This was a quick, fanciful read I could relate to the colorful narrative about bike riding and being at a crossroads in life The ending felt a bit predictable and trite, but perhaps just because I wanted neededNot from a book per se, but for me in general.

This book was a recent gift from my father The story intrigued him in the past, and it was such a timely and thoughtful gift, as we have been riding our bikes together quite a bit lately He attributes his feeling of flying on a bicycle to this story, and used this analogy while teaching me to ride my first bicycle.
I believe this book will mean different things to different people There is symbolism in the story line that can be taken a myriad of ways I don t want to spoil the plot by referring to anything specific here I will say that I was touched by the story in a way that is very rare and special Perhaps this has something to do with the thoughtfulness of the gift.
It is under 100 pages and a very quick read, with easy, sometimes poetic prose that is surreal and beautiful I would recommend this book to everyone.
É The Man Who Rode His 10-Speed Bicycle To The Moon ✓ Started it Seemed pretty cardboard I got maybe halfway into this very slim book, but I m not going to finish it off.
5 I didn t really get this book not the story and not who the intended audience were It was written almost like a children s story but I wouldn t say it is for kids.
Stephen is having a mid life crisis and leaves his wife which the book completely skims over like that is an acceptable thing and ends up having strange delusions about cycling to the moon.
That is basically it Not really worth the read I am afraid.
Aaron Was Not Certain He Existed Frequently He Felt He Was Becoming Transparent So Begins This Inspiring Fantasy, This Account Of A Passage We All Need To Make From The Known To The Unknown, The Old To The New, From The Past To The Future It Is The Heartening Story, At Once Delightful And Profound, Of One Man S Almost Mystical Hegira From The Doldrums Of Career And Marriage To A Splendid Autonomy As He Rediscovers [Bernard Fischman] Ö The Man Who Rode His 10-Speed Bicycle To The Moon [political-science PDF] read Online ë Himself It Is A Journey For All Of Us, A Trip To The Moon

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