CAN TAKE MORE THAN A LIFETIMEIn A Sleepy Hamlet In North Sweden, The Local Police Make A Chilling Discovery Nineteen People Have Been Brutally Slaughtered It Is A Crime Unprecedented In Sweden S History And The Police Are Under Incredible Pressure To Solve The KillingsWhen Judge Birgitta Roslin Reads About The Massacre, She Realises That She Has A Family Connection To One Of The Couples Involved And Decides To Investigate When [Henning Mankell] ô Kinesen [home-economics PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ The Police Make A Hasty Arrest It Is Left To Her To Investigate The Source Of A Nineteenth Century Diary And Red Silk Ribbon Found Near The Crime Scene What She Will Uncover Leads Her Into An International Web Of Corruption And A Story Of Vengeance That Stretches Back Over A Hundred Years I ve heard a lot about Henning Mankell from others that know I am an aficionado of Nordic mysteries, so I was excited when a friend passed this along for me to read My enthusiasm was premature If I was to use this book to pass my final judgement on Mankell as an author, I m afraid I would be rather harsh There were hints through this book of the thriller that could have been compelling, fast paced, filled with interesting characters but these are drowned in extended polemics about the history of the treatment of Chinese laborers in the American West, Chinese politics and amibitions, Swedish society and the fundamental nature of capitalism Some of these sections, particularly the pivotal piece set in the 1860s, are compelling in themselves, but they are often not needed to support the overall plot.
Mankell s miss I cannot over emphasize how disappinting this book was It started out great nearly everyone in a small village in cold and snowy northern Sweden is massacred, a hideous scene A woman deputy is introduced, then a woman with a connection to some of the victims Then Mankell takes us back to a the American West, where some Chinese immigrants find themselves serving as slave laborers on the continental railroad I was fully engrossed.
But I don t think Mankell really thought through where he wanted to take the book Soon, the woman deputy becomes a disagreeable caricature, and the other woman, now suddenly the central protagonist, ends up pursuing clues to Beijing Before long, we re in Africa, then back to Sweden, then England It s just a mess.
Mankell, normally one of my favorite writers, basically indulged in building a story to affirm OK, to me Henning Mankell s books are always full of life experience, depth, and knowledge of human society His stories often travel to far away places and intertwine that at times one couldn t possibly imagine they might be related But just like a butterfly in South America might trigger a tsunami 1000 miles further north, the Man from Beijing does something similar He causes death and grief in a far away country over something that happened elsewhere andspecific, in another era And all because of a long forgotten diary Pain can be passed on to someone s genes The past catches up with the present and as so often with humans, they act on it The Man from Beijing is a fictional story but it could be life at its very core, he borrows from reality I am a huge admirer of Mankell s work and love the fact that he had This is one of the worst books I ve ever read Maybe I should back up and say that I don t like crime fiction and that the only reason I read this book is that it was given to me as a gift from my in laws who I now respect less for recommending this garbage I kid Sort of Internationally bestselling novelist This is a joke, right The author is in serious need of a thesaurus because you can only read the same descriptive phrase so many times in a single page, let alone paragraph perhaps this frustration wouldappropriately be directed at the translator There are a million irrelevant and tedious details thrown in, and the dialogue is so poorly written it s just painfully awkward Here is an excerpt from when the protagonist is in Beijing and is approached by a young man Are you lost Can I help you I m just looking at that handsome building over there Do yo read all my reviews on When I was going through some of the reviews, it almost seemed like everyone was disappointed by The Man From Beijing, but this was not at all the memory I had about the book Yes, it is slow paced, and not all the jumps may make a lot of sense, but I still remember it as an interesting story, after the mass murder on the first few pages Although even I have to admit that the Wallander series stands out.
Side note I was once able to pass a geography question in high school about Chinese investments into Africa because I d read this book.
µ Kinesen · There is no question that China has become an economic powerhouse The question is, is it a communist country, a capitalist country or both This book looks at those in China who who want China to adhere to the principals of Chairman Mao and place the well being of the masses above all else and those in China who have become capitalists and are hell bent on amassing wealth no matter what the cost.
All of this is played out starting with a massacre in a small Swedish town that makes no sense and baffles the local police The police think they have found the individual who has committed this atrocity and are content to consider the case closed A Judge from Sweden isn t so sure and she pursues the case on her own Her research touches America, China and Africa This case is way too big for her to solve on her own but she does It s not exactly 3 stars, maybe a little bitAre we EVER going to get the extra 1 2 star ability The opening scenes of this book are positively chilling, when at first a hungry wolf, away from its pack, is searching for food around the tiny village of Hesj vallen and chances upon a human leg Then later, a researcher looking into the phenomenon of small towns and villages that are simply dying out stumbles upon the scene of a massacre with the exception of three people, everyone person there has been gruesomely murdered The only clue a red ribbon that someone has left behind in the snow In charge of the investigation is one Vivian Sundberg Sundberg crosses paths with a judge named Birgitta Roslin, currently on sick leave for high blood pressure issues, who reads ab This book starts out with a mass murder in a tiny Swedish village But it would be a mistake to expect a Swedish mystery here this expectation lead imho to the various low ratings.
When you read on you get the impression that you are reading an historical novel You also could get the impression of reading a sociocritical social novel.
But in my eyes this book is mostly a political thriller containing an abundance of information mostly about China and Africa.
Henning Mankell made Mozambique his second home country As everyone knows China is showing a lot of activity in Africa Therefore the issues discussed in this book were very important to Mankell.
The book is written in Mankell s usual cool, clear and calm writing style, which I appreciate very much.
His main point in this novel is to talk about the political development in China He personalises the social, economic Henning is back to his true form in this one, even if the premise stretches credulity just a bit Can t elaborate on that too much without doing a spoiler alert, but suffice to say that the root cause of a mass murder in a tiny Swedish village requires a pathological thirst for revenge that is hard to make fit with the man behind it, given everything he has to lose.
But it gives Mankell a great opportunity to explore Chinese history, and particularly the story of two brothers who are driven by poverty away from their home village and end up being shanghaied into working on the trans Pacific railroad project in the United States under brutal and demeaning conditions This flashback takes up a good chunk of the book and in effect provides two novels in one.
For his protagonist, Mankell has chosen a woman judge wh

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