Quite possibly one of my favourite books It was this novel that ignited my love for Greek and Roman mythology and antiquity leading me to choose a degree in Classical Civilisations.
I always look back on The Odyssey with fondness I love all the monsters he faces and the gods who involve themselves with Odysseus trials as he makes his way home after the Trojan War.
Ever since I first read Homer s epic describing the adventures of Odysseus back in my school days, three of those adventures fired my imagination The Lotus Eaters, The Cyclops and the Sirens, most especially the Sirens I just did revisit these sections of this Greek epic and my imagination was set aflame yet again How much, you ask Here is my microfiction as a tribute to the great poet THE SIRENS This happened back in those days when I was a member of an experimental performing arts troupe down in Greenwich Village We would read poetry, dance and act out avant garde plays in our dilapidated little theater For a modest charge people could come in and watch for as long as they wanted.
Somehow, a business executive who worked downtown in the financial district heard of what we were doing and spoke with our director about an act he has all worke Okay, so here s what happened I went out after work with the guys, we went to a perfectly nice bar, this chick was hitting on me but I totally brushed her off Anyway we ended up getting pretty wrecked, and we might have smoked something in the bathroom, I m not totally clear on that part, and then this gigantic one eyed bouncer kicked us out so we somehow ended up at a strip club The guys were total pigs but not me, seriously, that s not glitter on my neck And then we totally drove right by these hookers without even stopping and here I am Only a little bit late By the way, I crashed the car and six of the guys are in jail Ask for Officer Scylla EhHomer s right Odysseus version is better.
S Do not try I have read The Odyssey three times The first was not really a read butof a listen in the true oral tradition During embroidery class one of us, young girls on the verge of entering the teens, would read a passage while the rest were all busy with our eyes and fingers, our needles and threads All learning to be future Penelopes crafty with their crafts, cultivated, patient and loyal And all wives.
The second read was already as an adult That time I let myself be led by the adventures and imagination of the resourceful one Relishing on the literary rhythm of the hexameters I particularly enjoyed the epithets used by the bards to keep the attention of the listeners Dawn of the rosy fingers was my favourite By then my e Sing To Me Of The Man, Muse, The Man Of Twists And Turnsdriven Time And Again Off Course, Once He Had Plunderedthe Hallowed Heights Of TroySo Begins Robert Fagles Magnificent Translation Of The Odyssey, Which Jasper Griffin In The New York Times Review Of books Hails As A Distinguished Achievement If The Iliad Is The World S Greatest War Epic, Then The Odyssey Is Literature S Grandest Evocation Of Everyman S Journey Though Life Trailer ☆ Ὀδύσσεια PDF by ☆ Homer Odysseus Reliance On His Wit And Wiliness For Survival In His Encounters With Divine And Natural Forces, During His Ten Year Voyage Home To Ithaca After The Trojan War, Is At Once A Timeless Human Story And An Individual Test Of Moral Endurance In The Myths And Legends That Are Retold Here, Fagles Has Captured The Energy And Poetry Of Homer S original In A Bold, Contemporary Idiom, And Given Us An Odyssey To read Aloud, To Savor, And To Treasure For Its Sheer Lyrical MasteryRenowned Classicist Bernard Knox S Superb Introduction And Textual Commentary Provide New Insights And Background Information For The General Reader And Scholar Alike, Intensifying The Strength Of Fagles TranslationThis Is An Odyssey To Delight Both The Classicist And The Public At Large, And To Captivate A New Generation Of Homer S Students Robert Fagles, Winner Of The PEN Ralph Manheim Medal For Translation And AAcademy Award In Literature From The American Academy Of Arts And Letters, Presents Us With Homer S Best Loved And Most Accessible Poem In A Stunning New Modern Verse Translation

I m not normally a praying man, but if you re up there, please save me, SupermanHomer Simpson Following James Joyce s lead, I used Homer s heroic story as inspiration and research for a novel in progress.
But how can I, a mere mortal, do justice to the most famous epic poem ever written An encounter with a work of this magnitude should be shared, rather than reviewed.
Homer is the great, great, great recurring grand daddy of modern literature and this colossus is as immortal as the gods within it And what a tale this must have been, way back in the 8th century BC Then, it was sung, rather than read, and I guess the first to bear witness must have been jigging about in their togas with unbridled excitement.
Alas, I didn t read it in anc The first line in Emily Wilson s new translation of the Odyssey, the first by a woman scholar, is Tell me about a complicated man In an article by Wyatt Mason in the NYT late last year, Wilson tells us I could ve said, Tell me about a straying husband And that s a viable translation That s one of the things the original language says But I want to be super responsible about my relationship to the Greek text I want to be saying, after multiple different revisions This is the best I can get toward the truth Oh, the mind reels This new translation by Emily Wilson reads swiftly, smoothly, and feels contemporary This exciting new translation will surprise you, and send you to compare certain passages with earlier translations In her Introduction, Wilson raises that issue of translation herself How is it possible to have so many different tra Æ Ὀδύσσεια ¾ It s impossible not to smile when you start reading such a classic and, after only the first few pages, you realize and completely understand why it s regarded as one of the most important works in literature I m always a little anxious when I tackle such important and renowned books for being afraid of not comprehending or loving them War and Peace and Don Quixote, for example as they seem to deserve Not that I m obligated to like them, but I always feel such buzz comes for a reason and I try to at least find out why With The Odyssey, once again, I find that the ones who have read it before me were right it s amazing.
I didn t have plans to read The Odyssey any time soon I ve never devoted much time to epic poems and this one hasthan 12,000 verses , but because I ve been eying Ulysses on my shelves for quite s What can I say about this book that hasn t been said already I m sure that the influence and importance of it has been discussed to death already, so I won t even get started on that.
My reading experience was surprisingly pleasant I didn t expect to get so invested I found the language a bit hard at first, but once I got used to it which didn t take all too long , I was able to fully enjoy the story I m glad that I finally read this classic piece of work, and it s definitely understandable that it s as famous as it is.
If you re into stuff like this, you can read the full review.
Representation of Human The Odyssey by Homer translated by Robert Fitzgerald read by Dan Stevens I humbly declare this book to be the greatest literary work of mankind If you don t learn Greek worth it just to read this Meisterwerk, never mind the rest of the immortal trove of Greek literature you can read it in so many translations that have become classics in their own use of the English language, Fagles and Murray, just to mention two Oh, what the Hades, let s throw in a third, not just for its brilliant translation, but also owing to the exotic character behind it no less than Lawrence of Arabia The Homeric poems were sung in a less enlightened time, in comparison with the later Greek tragedies, and with the later ep

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