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This short masterpiece tells of love, betrayal, and a search for real meaning in life Kitty is an attractive middle class Brit The only real future for her is to marry well But when she finds none of her suitors quite up to her hopes, and with her younger sister becoming engaged, she succumbs to the pressure and agrees to marry Walter, a man who adores her, but whom she finds boring He takes her with him to Hong Kong where he works as a bacteriologist.
There is much here about class One hero of the story is mother Superior, the head of a corps of nuns dedicated to caring for the sick and the poor She had been brought up in a very wealthy family in France, but found a purpose in life beyond her personal needs So too Walter, a shy biologist who risks life and limb to try to stem a cholera epidemic in the This was so good.
The Painted Veil, first published in 1925, is now considered a classic That fact combined with the cover, description and the reviews had me switching into classic reading mode I tend to approach classics with a different frame of mind and a greater tolerance for slow moving plots, complex language, and characters I cannot relate to that much As it happens, I need not have bothered This book hooked me from the very first page where Kitty is caught in the bedroom with her lover and it kept me interested right the way through From the delving into Kitty s recent past and her mother s insistence that she marry as soon as possible, to Kitty s relationship with an intelligent and shy man who genuinely loves her but she cannot love back, to the middle of a cholera Resentment s Presentiment The time will come When you ll be blue Your cheatin heart will tell on you.
Hank Williams, 1952 You ll look for me but baby I ll be gone.
This is all I gotta say to you woman Your time is gonna comeLed Zeppelin, 1969The English word resent or resentment comes from the Old French resentir, meaning to feel again, feel in turn 13c That is, to replay, feeling again and again, thoughts and emotions arising from a past negative event For example, wife learns husband was unfaithful, then envisions hubs and his lover in bed doing really naughty things, and laughing at and ridiculing her, visions she projects in her mind s eye, each time with sensational new variations, daily over the following months so that these scenes transform into a warped and sickening reality to her.
The Painted Veil is Somerset Maugham s calamitous case study on the travesti ☆ The Painted Veil ☆ They saw the white china knob of the handle slowly turn They had heard no one walk along the verandah It was terrifying to see that silent motion A minute passed and there was no sound Then, with the ghastliness of the supernatural, in the same stealthy, noiseless, and horrifying manner, they saw the white china knob of the handle at the window turn also Kitty, her nerves failing her, opened her mouth to scream but, seeing what she was going to do, he swiftly put his hand over it and her cry was smothered in his fingers When Kitty accepts the marriage proposal of Dr Walter Fane, it sets off a chain of events that land them both in the middle of a cholera epidemic in Mei Tan Fu, China Kitty is quickly leaving behind her debuttante years and is fast approaching an old maid status It isn t for lack of marriage proposals She has plenty She just enjoys being the center of attentio

The original review was deleted by GR This book is about the time when society women didn t work, especially not in the hot and fetid colonies, and this was set in Hong Kong They sat at home and painted their nails and dreamed of love in the afternoon and sometimes they did it too Kitty did, she had an affair and her husband found out He was a good man, as she was to find out, but once crossed, his soul was dark with thoughts of the ultimate revenge death, either socially or in reality.
He gave his wife a choice, divorce, which would mean the end of her career as a socialite with pretty party dresses, passionate lovers and invitations to all the best balls in town Or, if she could persuade her married lover to divorce his wi The Painted Veil is W Somerset Maugham on speed dial Published in 1925, it falls between two masterworks I ve read from the prolific British novelist and playwright Of Human Bondage in 1915 and The Razor s Edge in 1944, and while providing snapshots of well developed characters and a compelling story that spans the globe, it s a triumph of telling over showing and in many ways feelslike the treatment for a movie than it does a complete novel But Maugham in a slower gear iscompelling than ninety five percent of fiction out there.
The story gets off to an exciting start in the city of Hong Kong, where a British national named Kitty Fane is interrupted from post coital afternoon bliss with a charismatic Assistant Colonial Secretary named Charlie Townsend when she hears someone in her house Incredulous that it could be Kitty s I literally devoured this short novel by Maugham This was my second meeting with the author and certainly not the last We met Kitty who married Walter Fane,for a husband than by real affection Walter is a man who does not speak much, feeling even less The novel is centered on Kitty, about his feelings And the least we can say is that at first, she is not really friendly She is futile and selfish This gene does not deceive her husband and she imagines that Townsend will accept without thinking of divorce and marry her Throughout the novel, Kitty has to face the trials that will make it grow and mature And that s another Kitty encountered at the end of the novel.
I loved the character of Walter also Seen only It had been a long time since I read one of the classics When I saw The Painted Veil on sale at Audible.
com, I thought it would be a nice change of pace I wasn t wrong This book proved to be far better than I expected The Painted Veil is set in England and China, taking place in the 1920 s It is a story of love, betrayal, revenge and redemption I definitely wasn t prepared for some of the twists and turns that this story took, but I enjoyed every minute.
Kitty Fane moved to Hong Kong with her husband, Walter An incredibly intelligent man, Walter is also socially awkward He loves Kitty, but is rather unapproachable and aloof Eventually, Walter grew on me, but he isn t the type of warm fuzzy character that you bond with immediately From the start, it is made very clear that he is head over heels in love with his wife.
Likewise, it is immediately evident that In England And Hong Kong In The S, The Painted Veil Is The Story Of The Beautiful, But Love Starved Kitty FaneWhen Her Husband Discovers Her Adulterous Affair, He Forces Her To Accompany Him To The Heart Of A Cholera Epidemic Stripped Of The British Society Of Her Youth And The Small But Effective Society She Fought So Hard To Attain In Hong Kong, She Is Compelled By Her Awakening Conscience To [ read Online The Painted Veil ✓ pulp-noir PDF ] by W.
Somerset Maugham È Reassess Her Life And Learn How To Love The Painted Veil Is A Beautifully Written Affirmation Of The Human Capacity To Grow, To Change, And To Forgive

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