Francesca was in Italy to meet the last member of her mother’s family.
After her mum ran off with an Englishman, she was disinherited from her family.
When she dies, Francesca travelled to Italy to find her Italian roots.

While in Italy, she and her best friend, Sonya, become roomies, they get jobs and the same company as tour guides and bff introduces her to the man of her dreams.

She met and fell head over heels in love with Angelo.
They were in love, and it didn’t take long before he proposed.
In her state of perpetual bliss, she didn’t notice what was going on with her bff until it was thrown in her face on the night of her engagement party.

Carlo is “the” wealthy, powerful bachelor in Italy.
Tall, dark and sexy, he see’s Francesca and decided he wants her.
He’s there on the night of her engagement pa **Just reread it.

Very odd: TONS of hints about her being pregnant, she’s ill, dizzy, exhausted, etc.
And then.

Just an abrupt ending and the hintedat pregnancy is totally ignored and never mentioned.

I am still confused.

original Review:


I have to reread this because there was no ending.

What the hecka did I just read? Francesca works as a tour operator in Rome and just wants to have a good relationship with her Great Uncle, to marry the cute Italian man she’s engaged to, and have some good friends.

She’s plum out of luck.
Which is a shame, because I can really get behind a heroine who has such straightforward and easily identifiable goals.
But, can’t always get what you want, and if you can’t, awesome sexy times with a really hot guy who is totally into you, even if you can’t trust him, isn’t a bad deal.

Carlo thinks Francesca is hot.
He’s hot too, and casually a billionaire, like it’s no big deal.
He has a fantastic ancient villa where you can open double doors out of the house and there’s a stone arch framing a lake.
If that was all, and this was just a plot where he lifts her out of what soon becomes a melodrama of broken re "'Good,' he said.
'Great,' he added.
'Then that brings an end to it all.

'Just like that?'

'Si, just like that.

A very apt ending for this book, which pretty much demands a "just like that?" from the reader.
There's secrets, betrayals, uncertain motives.
and then it's all wiped clean with a few words.
A pretty good read, but could have been much better.
I'm really not sure I can call this a "romance".
To me it read more as a brainwashing for sex story than a true "I love you so much that I have to have you" story.
If it weren't for the few times when we get that Carlo is thinking about how he is "protecting" Francesca, there would be no clue whatsoever that he has any "tender feelings" toward her.
Add to that the secret agreement that would give his family back stock in their business if Francesca married "an Italian from a good family" (AKA HIM), and his lying to her about what she was signing and it just didn't sit well with me at all.
He wasn't in love with her he was obsessed with her and with what marrying her would give him in terms of more power.

The ending was not satisfactory at all, rather abrupt, and nothing that was said can convince me that he really loved her.
Love means wanting what is best for the other

If you like a super smitten, desperately in love hero you will adore this book.
The melodrama is very intense and the sexual tension between hero and heroine sizzling.
I am not a fan of love triangles so heroine annoyed and frustrated me but still it was so ANGSTY I could not put it down! ñ The Passion Bargain ñ "The Passion Bargain" is the story of Francesca and Carlo.

Basically, our naive and maybe rich heroine falls for the bad guy, but on the eve of her engagement announcement, finds the truth.
(view spoiler)

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