Camilleri has created such a wonderful character in Salvo Montalbano, he is complex and soulful This story follows the kidnap of a young woman In the course of bringing a good outcome Inspector Montalbano reflects on the nature of crime and Italian justice I strongly recommend this and all his novels Only thing that bothers me is his ladyfriend Livia, when is he going to let her go The Patience Of The Spider Is The Eighth Novel In Andrea Camilleri S Wryly Humorous Inspector Montalbano Series A Brother, He SaidJesus Christ Now Where D This Brother Come From Whose Brother Montalbano Had Known From The Start That Between All The Brothers, Uncles, In Laws, Nephews And Nieces, This Case Was Going To Drive Him Crazy Chief Inspector Montalbano Is On Enforced Sick Leave But When A Local Girl Goes Mysteriously Missing, The Whole Community Takes An Interest In [Andrea Camilleri] È The Patience of the Spider (The Inspector Montalbano Mysteries Book 8) [banned-books PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ The Case Why Are The Kidnappers So Sure That The Girl S Impoverished Father And Dying Mother Will Be Able To Find A Fortune The Ever Inquisitive Montalbano Steps In, To Get To The Heart Of The Matter In His Own Inimitable Style The Patience Of The Spider Is Followed By The Ninth Novel In The Series, Paper Moon I was drawn to the novels by a chance viewing of an episode of the television adaptation I began to read the books in sequence and, having joined the T.
V series late I am just beginning to catch up with plots I recognise Nevertheless, Camilleri has the rare gift of making character driven stories in a way that gradually deepens the reader s affection for his characters with each new novel Montalbano himself with his vanities, and obsession with eating well, the way his commitment phobia is balanced by his jealousy is appealingly human His presence in the books is developed by his relationship to his devoted team at Vigata police station, the exasperated Mimi Augello, the astute and unfailingly loyal Fazio, and Cateralla whose Italian versions of the malapropism are captured hilariously by Camilleri s translator, Stephen Sartarelli, ↠´ The Patience of the Spider (The Inspector Montalbano Mysteries Book 8) ↠´ After watching the BBC broadcasts of Inspector Montalbano I have become a great fan The plots vary and I could not award them all 5 stars in terms of the storylines but the characters are wonderful and constant These books are so easy and relaxing to read, and of course there are deaths but these are not grimly portrayed as is the case with some English Dectective novels I love the humour, and the relationships, and as I have progressed through the series I look forward to the next book from Mr Camilleri.
I m a Inspector Montalbano fan I enjoyed the TV series very much and I have turned to the original books to get a better flavour of the man and place.
I found a muchdisaffected and tired detective in most of them but this one needs the patience of a saint to get through to the end.
The plot is as convoluted as usual but Salvo has lost his mojo, OK somebody shot him but that s no excuse.
I m probably just disappointed since this book doesn t live up to the high standards of the rest of the series.
The Inspector Montalbano franchise is good to read and set on the lovely island of Sicily Interesting characters and the Inspectors menu choices make my mouth water, every time read in order of publication to fully enjoy the character development.

I first found out about Salvo via BBC4 I watched about 4 of them before deciding to get onand buy the books I m a big fan of all things Italian and have been to Sicily so fell for it straight away All the books have the continuing relationship between Salvo Livia which isn t even mentioned in the TV version You also get the explanation for the title of the book There son the relationships between the all the characters and how, despite the many arguments, they all love each other really Salvo is quite a complex character but on the other hand he is a man who happens to be a police inspector with a great sense of humour, loves his food and to sit and ponder Would definitely recommend this book along with all the others Once you accept the fact that Italian Sicilian culture is very different to ours you ll be sucked in as I was.
ask you to review every book so since I have read all this series and am lazy I repeat a previous review What I would add is events and characters develop in the series so best to read the books in chronological orderI always avoid mentioning the plot Nothinginfuriating than a review which spoils reading the book itself, so one is stuck with generalities All the books in this series are very good Occasionally the preoccupation with the characters themselves overwhelms the storyline but the characters are interesting in themselves Wry humour appears as well as does an interest in Italian cusine Endings not always predictable or even the one you secretly hoped for so realism as well.

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