The Pisstown Chaos Is A Novel About Disease And Forced Relocation Political Power Seems To Be Solely In The Hands Of One Reverend Herman Hooker, An American Divine Who Revels In The Peoples Suffering As They Are Shifted Separated From And Then Randomly Coupled With One Another By Decree Every Five Years There Are Up Shifts, Down Shifts, And Side Shifts, But No Attempt To Make Harmonious Pairings Chaos Rages On As Parasitic Infestations Spread And The Reverend Rules With An Iron Fist Trailer µ The Pisstown Chaos: A Novel PDF by · David Ohle From His Templex Headquarters, Spouting Platitudes To The Ever Moving Masses The most scatological, perhaps excessively scatological, part of the Pedal Punk Anti Utopian c trilogy If I wasn t stuck in the middle of the woods of Western Mass, I doubt I would finish it.
Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography cclapcenter.
com I am the original author of this essay, as well as the owner of CCLaP it is not being reprinted here illegally As regular readers know, I am actually in the process these days of teaching myself to be a better reviewer and critic and a lot of that, I ve discovered, involves nothan trying to keep as open a mind as possible, to try to approach your reviews with intelligence and respect for the various different ways your audience might view that project themselves That s why, for example, I now have the policy of waiting a week or two between finishing a book and writing its review I find that the time spent with that book on the back b

If you are the sort of person who would go into a library and pick up a dystopian phantasmagoria with a title like The Pisstown Chaos, if you ve only heard of the author in passing reference to a novel he wrote in the seventies, if you intentionally check it out anyway and devour it in two days if you are this sort of person, it is difficult to imagine your not being fairly delighted with the results here David Ohle who wrote Motorman in 1972, the only thing I knew about him composes his paragraphs with a deranged deft touch, vaulting through various narrative threads, weird anecdotes, non sequiters, lapses, all in stupifying whirlwind details His vision of the future is unexplained and simple everything is gross and smells awful Parasites, confering a zombie like undeath, are rampant Hagfish are on the move Shit literal, Started off strong Had some wonderfully funny and memorable characters, but lost my attention less than halfway through.

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