Yes, I have read it, hell I still own a copy I make no excuses, and will not issue apologies I am not a nazi sympathizer, anti semitic, or racist, fascist, or any other variety of colorful names that I have been called for having this on my shelf I confess that I was curious about the method to the madness and how such whole sale slaughter of human life could be rationalized Get past impressions that are forced down your throat in history class and read it for what it is, a historical text that, like it or not, had a tremendous impact on the world as we know it today It is a difficult read and, to be frank, a large percent of the population will not have the fortitude to pick it up off the shelf in a bookstore or be able get past the ideas presented and discard it outright One does not have to agree with the author in order to examine the text as a political and social amazing the most spectacular peice of literature of the 20th century I was changed forever.
And Teacher Classroom Edition Of Mein Kampf For Use By Schools This Is A Special Edition For Use In Classrooms Or As A Reference In Online Courses It Includes Both A Teacher S Guide And A Students Guide The Teacher S Guide Contains Teacher S Introduction, Suggested Questions, And Classroom Discussion Topics The Student S Guide Contains Background, Synopsis, Important Topics, Vocabulary, Additional Study Suggestions The Text Of Mein Kampf Contains Complete English Text Of µ Mein Kampf · Download by ☆ Adolf Hitler The Ford Translation Which Is The Most Accurate And Easiest To read Translation, Explanatory Notes Are Included In The Text, Translator S Notes, Photos Of Important People And Places This Book Includes The Complete Ford Translation In English Of Adolf Hitler S Book, Mein Kampf This Version Is An Easy To Understand Translation With Notations Explaining People, Places And References Which May Not Be Familiar To Native English Speakers This Edition Is For Both Students And Teachers Mein Kampf Is An Important Educational Tool For Various Subjects From History, To Business, To Politics, To Tolerance Studying Mein Kampf Is Important If It Is Not Dealt With In A Classroom Setting, Then It Will Be read And Interpreted By Those Who May Not Be Able To Understand The Propagandistic Nature Of The Work If Those Who Are Interested In The Book Are Educated Outside The Classroom By Groups Or Individuals With An Agenda, Then Their Views Can Be Twisted By Inaccuracies And By Incomplete Information This Edition Provides A Neutral Educational Reference Which Is Accurate And Easier To read Than Other Translations Plus It Includes Additional Material To Assist The Student And Teacher Hitler booooooooooooooo Call me a crazy talking liberal if you want, but I am against burning human beings in big ovens I don t care how trendy and cool it was considered back in the day, that s just the way I was raised.
I read this book on the recommendation of a friend Or at least I thought he was my friend It turned out he was actually just a cashier at Borders But he looked an awful lot like this guy I used to be friends with when I worked at Gamestop I could have sworn it was him The only real difference was that he worked at Borders and not Gamestop Oh and he apparently enjoys Nazi literature And I m pretty sure the guy I worked with at Gamestop was black.
But in any case I suppose I should blame myself Perhaps the next time a skinny bald white cashier recommends a book written by Adolf Hitler I should get a second I read this in 1979 as part of my first degree in history whilst doing a course on Modern German History It doesn t read easily Hitler wasn t a natural author The most interesting thing is that this was written without hindsight or from a position of power, or at the time any immediate likelihood of power The ideas are not new they are recycled and an understanding of fin de si cle Vienna and the maelstrom of ideas in the late nineteenth century which influenced Hitler is vital The mix of ideas following Darwin, combined with Nietzsche superman , the anti Semitism and eugenics not to mention all the madcap scientific ideas around and the growth of psychoanalysis We sometimes forget that eugenics was very popular and respectable The idea that certain classes of people should not be allowed to breed was very While I was teaching on my placement at the start of the year my supervising teacher had an incentive program going on with some of the students in the VCE history class we were taking He told them he would pay 50 to any student who finished reading Mein Kampf by the end of the year He told me he had made this offer every year and had never been required to pay up He believed this was because the book was so poorly written and so turgid that even the most money hungry 16 year old would figure there were easier ways to make some cash.
That was the head space I approached this book in I was expecting it to be almost painfully badly written and pretty much the awful rants of a nearly insane fool I need to assure you, that is not the book ↠´ Mein Kampf ↠´ Of course I didn t expect Mein Kampf to be a great book, even within the admittedly narrow antisemitic messianic homoerotic prison genre, but I did expect a littleshowmanship If you ve seen Riefenstahl s Triumph of the Will, then you know Adolf could really work himself into an artful spittle flying lather My German is middling, but I ve heard he was all charismatic and persuasive or whatever Like, if you were just planning to go out for a stroll and pick up some schnitzel, you d happen to overhear him on a radio broadcast and all of a sudden you d be smashing windows, incarcerating Jews, and annexing strategic swaths of Lebensraum before you even knew what you were doing He was that powerful Yeah, we all understand that Hitler didn t have the best taste He was into retro Greek kitsch and probably those paintings Mein Kampf or My Struggle Five Hundred and Sixty Pages of Struggle against Lies, Stupidity, Irrationality and Sheer ProlixityUnderstanding Hitler s political methods, rhetorical techniques and organizational skills is often cited as the best reason to read this book in the modern age, since many dictators still use it as a handbook Understanding their guidebook might be the best way to beat them at their own game Many readers today avoid the book to avoid the taint of being seen reading it and also out of fear of perhaps falling under its influence That is considered to be playing into the hands of the ones who are willing to use he powerful methods present therein.
If the book was indeed a powerfully reasoned piece of work this would have held true Instead it turned out to be a pathetic work, which only showcases the workings

Let s distill my previous review.
This book is badly written, presents scientifically incorrect, racist ideas as fact, and takes a comically long time to tell a boring story about formulating an idiotic military plan that didn t work.
People who should read this book don t need to be told they should read it They also have listened to Wagner and read Nietzsche, and find their respective worldviews problematic.
If your explanation for reading this book does not involve understanding mistakes from the past and or exploring why people find nationalism engaging you shouldn t read it.
Mein Kampf My Struggle, Adolf Hitler Mein Kampf My Struggle is a 1925 autobiographical book by Nazi Party leader Adolf Hitler The work describes the process by which Hitler became antisemitic and outlines his political ideology and future plans for Germany Volume 1 of Mein Kampf was published in 1925 and Volume 2 in 1926 The book was edited by Hitler s deputy Rudolf Hess 1966 1341 176 20 1351 531 1371 508 1373 1375 1376 1382 9645870844 1384 1386 1387 1388 1388 1392 9789645870841 1369 532 1389 744 9786005912036 1390 589 9786002530035 1392 1390 604 9786005462166 1392 1393 605 1391 671 9786006538433 1392 663 9789643518073 1396 450 9786008696193 1396 456 97860064432251924

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