To Hutchinson,The Race to Save the Romanovs Is An Incredible Detective Story That Will Piece Together And Reconstruct The Complex Behind The Scenes Royal, Diplomatic And Unofficial Efforts To Secure A Sanctuary For The Romanovs In The Process It Will Reveal Bitter Family Rivalries, Secret Plans, A Chain Of Blame And Recrimination And Devastating [ Pdf The Race to Save the Romanovs ☆ brazzaville PDF ] by Helen Rappaport ↠´ Betrayals Up until reading The Race to Save the Romanovs and one other newly written book I have had no knowledge of the killing of the Romanovs It was not covered during my school years, nor was I ever drawn into discussions of Russia other than watching their wonderful gymnasts during the Olympics This book was an eye opener and actually made be feel like I had been living blindly to previous world events Helen Rappaport s The Race to Save the Romanovs was well written, easy to comprehend and made me wish to learnFull Disclosure I was allowed to read a copy of this book for free as a member of NetGalley in exchange for my unbiased review The opinions I have expressed are my own and I was not influenced to give a positive review.
July 17 2018 Marks the 100th year Anniversary of the murder of the Russian Imperial family I wanted to read another book on the Russian Imperial Family and when I listenend to Helen Helen Rappaport s interview onDan Snows History Hit Podcast , I just had to get my hands on a copy ofThe Race to Save the Romanovs The Truth Behind the Secret Plans to Rescue the Russian Imperial FamilyHelen Rappaport an acclaimed historian and researcher has written in my opinion an extremely well researched and informative account of the last few months of the Russian Imperial Family.
This book is different than anything else I have read concerning the Romanovs as this account embarks on a quest to uncover the various plots and plans to save the fami

This, Helen Rappaport s latest book, looks at the flow of events that led to the last Romanovs incarceration and subsequent assassination on July 17, 1918 It seeks to clarify what actually happened, separating fact from the rife speculations and confusion that has clouded history for a century Who was killed and where and how and when How did it come to be that the Romanovs, with family ties all over Europe, were not rescued The blame game is played who should be pointed at and who is at fault King George V and even Mary his wife, Liberal British statesman David Lloyd George, the British Ambassador in Saint Petersburg Sir George William Buchanan, Kaiser Wilhelm, Alexander Kerensky, Tsar Nicholas and Tsarina Alexandra and or the other European reigning regents of the time All are examined The only figure not pointed at is Lenin, which is rather strange King Alfonso of Sp It seems I ve always had an affinity for the story of the Romanovs, reading books about them long ago and being interested in them for years It s just such a captivating tale, with the large wealthy family in Russia, the ill son that they all dote on, especially when he s unwell And of course, the crazy monk that seems to cast a spell over them when he is seemingly able to help several times when the illness was really bad This book mainly focuses on all the machinations to try to save the Romanovs during the time they were in Tsarskoe Selo and their future was so uncertain After Nicholas had abdicated while on the train and then spent time with his mother was probably the ideal time for any real chance to slip away, but with the children ill with measles, it would have been so difficult It seems tha

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