Gripping Novel Of Literary Suspense About A Woman Forced To Reveal A Secret That May Solve A Crime But Ruin Her Life From Almost Their First Meeting, Ginnie Holmes Is Transformed By The Passion She Feels With Will So Much So That She Risks Her Marriage And Her Children As She Abandons Herself To Their Exhilarating Affair They Meet In An Abandoned Boathouse, Certain They Will Never Be Discovered Trailer æ The River House PDF by Ë Margaret Leroy There As people we struggle with many fears, one of the greatest being the realization that we will keep aging and that our attempts to slow the process are fruitless That one day time as we know it shall stop, we will be dying, and we will be unable to change mistakes made in the past just as we are unable to take risks we didn t dare take before.
The River House uses this sobering thought as it s central theme, and does it effectively particularly if you re a woman It accurately portrays the overly common worries of middle aged adults who see that life didn t turn out the way they had wished it would, and that dreams don t usually come true in the ways we quite hoped When we re younger we hold on to the things that give us peace and security to make it through the rough times, thinking that these very things will be the ones that will enable us to achieve the A 46yo woman in a distant marriage drifts into an impulsive, illicit affair with a man who is also married This explores the nature of desire and intimacy as these two people seek to keep their affair entirely separate from their regular lives It might have worked if not for something Ginnie witnesses during one of their liaisons She must choose between keeping her affair secret and clearing her conscience about what she s seen, which could solve a brutal murder This was slow to get started and at times just a tad overly descriptive The second half picked up quite a lot and I ended up being glad I read it, when for a while about a third the way through I was considering not continuing I like the author s style though and it s nice to see a book about somebody my age instead of always people younger I liked the storyline with Ginnie s mother and the secondary characters gave insig Ginnie Holmes is used to dealing with difficult dilemmas, her role as a child psychologist means that she works with vulnerable children, and when one troubled child brings her into contact with Detective Inspector Will Hampden, she is unprepared for the effect that this meeting will have on her life.
The sexual attraction between Ginnie and Will is instantaneous and powerful, their illicit weekly meetings at an old boat house on the river Thames will have disastrous consequences for them both, and eventually forces Ginnie into making a very difficult decision.
This book pulls you in from the very beginning it explores the nuance of infidelity very well, and keeps the momentum of the story from start to finishGinnie s relationship with A hard book to read when you are a woman in your 40 s like Ginnie She is losing her children to college, her mother to old age, and her husband is indifferent She makes bad choices, but you root for her and she does redeem herself And you are thankful for her insight, and strength of character, and glad you spend a week with her.
It s a good enough read finished it in one go, which places it into the class of books I ll dare to review She has a very riveting style in places The steamy scenes are very effectively done tingly stuff While the parenting style of the main character is hair raising absentee , it is very believable can easily happen to a woman who gives everything to the children that are her patients The author s background in psychology shimmers through strongly I was actually not surprised reading it in her bio after reading the book the expertise is evident I have respect for authors who draw on their own professional expertise in their books Plot A bit off the wall, which is refreshing sadly towards the end it becomes a bit predictable this and the other following points is where she misses out on full stars let s be fair if there weren t authors like Pratchett and Tolkien on my shelf ↠´ The River House ↠´ Slow moving, predictable not my favorite This is the second novel in a row I ve read about forty something woman trapped in an unhappy marriage In this case, Ginny, a child therapist and mother of two teenage daughters, begins an affair with a colleague, meeting him every Thursday in a broken down, abandoned house on the shores of the Thames When a body is washed up on the shore near the house, Ginny is witness to something she feels she must disclose, even though it will also disclose her affair and threaten her marriage.
I gave it three stars because I enjoyed reading it, and when I wasn t reading it I wanted to go back and see what happens next The prose is elegant, well crafted, like one of those British dramas you watch on PBS as opposed to the clunkier American stuff you see on network TV.
But this is the work of a competent professional novelist, doing what she does best, offering up an enjoyable 3 A great idea for a novel, I thought, so I listened and listened to what was obviously the setup for the action Just when I nearly gave up, things happened so I continued I felt that some of the dialogue was not believable and could have used work, but in other places there was some lovely writing, and the story did hold my interest So I did finish, but this is not one that I will eagerly listen to again Having said that, I will still listen tobooks as they appear from this author as I have a feeling that the writing will get stronger.
I ve never read a Mills and Boon novel, but if I had, I would imagine the first part of this book is very similar to that The second half then turns into a bit of a Whodunnit mini courtroom drama.
The sub plot is the mid life crisis suffered by the majority of the protagonists As do all of the Margaret Leroy books I ve read so far I wonder if there s something she s trying to tell us She s either had a very exciting life or a frustrating one Do middle aged women really crave passionate affairs Had the author concentratedon the various mid life crises, and less on the slightly one dimensional affair that drives the plot without any great conviction or passion, then the book really might have scaled some heights Even then, the rather random concern for the planet and global warming from the cuckolded husband may even transcend any potential analysis that could have been added I

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