had potential but just so slooooowDNF Bingeable, but more like cottoncandy fluff.
This book had many great elements, but not a lot of substance.
The adventure was scattered and the characters were pretty flat.
They came to terms with their issues without much reason other than the editor told Shirlee to wrap it up.
Also, I feel like she could have either developed the side romances better or just left them out as they came off as completely unnecessary filler.
Ramon and Caroline would have been more of an interesting story since Ramon seemed to actually have more depth to him than was let on.
It almost felt like Shirlee was setting them up to have their own story and never really wrote a parallel book about them.
I want to hear more about their story since it seemed like there was a lot left unsaid, and he felt more likable than Gabriel.
Morrison Spanish Rose Audio YouTube Song Spanish Rose original Stereo Mix Artist Van Morrison Licensed To YouTube By SME On Behalf Of Legacy Recordings UNIAO BRASILEIRA DE EDITORAS DE MUSICA UBEM, UMPG Publishing, CMRRAVan Morrison Spanish Rose YouTube Song Spanish Rose original Stereo Mix Artist Van Morrison Licensed To YouTube By SME On Behalf Of Legacy Recordings LatinAutor, EMI Music Publishing, LatinAutor SonyATV, LatinAutor UMPGThe Spanish Rose By Shirlee Busbee Goodreads A Historical Romance From The Author Of MIDNIGHT MASQUERADE, Telling The Story Of A Beautiful Spanish Trailer ¾ The Spanish Rose PDF by ì Shirlee Busbee Girl Who Falls In Love With Her Father S Sworn Enemy, An English Pirate Get A CopySpanish Rose Van Morrison YouTube Song Spanish Rose Artist Van Morrison Writers Van Morrison Licensed To YouTube By SME On Behalf Of Columbia Legacy EMI Music Publishing, LatinAutor, LatinAutor UMPG, UMPI, UNIAO BRASILEIRASpanish Rose VideoIMDb Directed By Rex James, Ron Jeremy With Tom Byron, Cicci, Cal Jammer, Paul Lee The Spanish Rose Julyedition Open Library Gabriel Despised This Tempting Spanish Flower Whose Flawless Face Rose To Haunt Him In Every Fevered Dream He Would Escape On A Pirate Ship Bent On Plunder And Then One Day Return As Conqueror To Destroy All Maria S Resistance In The Smoldering Fire Of His Embrace From Lush Caribbean Estates To Desperate Battles At Sea, All The Way To The Glittering English And Spanish This book was one of the first romance novels that I have ever read.
It made me fall in love with the genre.
It might not be good enough to today's standard, but in the 90's it was the most interesting romance novel I had ever read.
Enjoyed this book, however it was a little slow.
Maria's aggression at times was too much for me, the moment she cut Gabriel's face with the knife I wanted to step into the book and shake her.
He was so nice to her, but Marias stubbornness was admirable! (in the bad way).
And after she decided to win his heart, when she already knew that she loved him, she made step back and went right back to her old way of treating Gabriel in the rude, ungrateful manner, this I find was waste of time and unnecessary.
Also violence of pirates at times made me cringe, but it did not surprise me, because it did fit in with overall theme.
Zeus was interesting personality in the book, the perfect friend everyone should have.
Richard surprised me in the end, taking on tasks unknown to him in Her books would be better without the handholding.
From the beginning, predictions of what's to come assail.
You're being handed this terrible bodice ripperyet the auther is thereover your shoulder so you know that this heroine is about to go through some horrible stuff .
there there , pat pat,, everything will be ok , dear.
The conflicts feel like so much water under the bridge AS they're happening.
Uhgg , damn, just allow me to believe that she cannot but fear or hate him or that he's gonna throw her to the crew when he's done with her in some misguided anger .
just for a few more paragraphs , I can take it!, quit foreseeing everthing is going to be allright before it even happens! I enjoy her stories yet it's as if you read spoilersby the books own author.
Ê The Spanish Rose Ê good but not one of her best good swashbuckling romance on the Spanish main.

Sweeping Saga from the Spanish Main and British Jamaica in the 17th Century

A sweeping saga from England to the Spanish Main and British Jamaica in the 17th century—it’s a great story.
Set in the Caribbean in 16641668, this tells the story of two feuding families: the British Lancasters and the Spanish Delgatos.

A long time ago, the two families became enemies when a Delgato man took as his unwilling bride Faith Lancaster, steeling her away to Spain.
The Lancasters exacted their vengeance, as did the Delgatos their retribution—and so the vendetta has continued.

Maria Delgato, raised on the island of Santo Domingo, has the Lancaster blue eyes her Spanish relations hate.
Gabriel Lancaster, who owns land on Jamai Just finished this a short while ago, and thoroughly enjoyed it.
One of the reviewers said it was very slow, and I do agree that there were times when I thought the hero & heroine would never find out how they felt about each other.
However, given that the English nobility have always been great at hiding their emotions, and the heroine had not a great command of the English language, I can see where the author was probably spot on with her portrayal of these two characters.
Really, it made it just that much more enjoyable when they did find out the truth.
and the love scene at the house in town was incredible! All in all, I have to say I loved the book, and would recommend it to anyone who loves historical romance, and also enjoys a lengthy read.

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