And Handsome, Dr Thaddius Montgomery Is Perfectly Content A Psychiatrist Who Has Developed A Unique Spanking Therapy, He Has Become Celebrated For His Controversial MethodsHe Delivers His Spankings With An Unfeeling, Clinical Ease, Until A Beautiful New Patient Walks Into His Office, A Beguiling Young Woman Named Rose Rutherford She Is Suffering From A Broken Heart, And In Spite Of His Professional Integrity, She Shadows His Thoughts And He Finds Himself Eagerly Looking Forward To ò read ò The Spanking Psychiatrist by Maggie Carpenter ¿ Her VisitsOne Night, As He Is About To Leave, She Knocks On His Door When She Haltingly Tells Him The Reason For Her After Hours Visit, It S A Confession That Makes Her Almost Impossible To Resist, And The Calm, Unruffled Dr Montgomery, Suddenly Finds Himself Facing His Own Truth, A Truth He D Been Denying For YearsBut His Personal Life Is In Turmoil The Good Doctor Is Dating A Sophisticated, Sultry, Somewhat Mysterious Vixen Named Avery Madison He Has Discovered The Wicked Woman Is A Covert, Diabolical Dominatrix, Who Harbors A Sadistic Scheme That Could Ruin His LifeThe Spanking Psychiatrist Is A Tale With Twists And Turns, Full Of Spicy Spanking, Sensuous Sex, Romantic Domination And Unexpected Intrigue Delightfully surprising With a title like Thhe Spanking Psychiatrist one can be forgiven for expecting lots of spanking fun Yes, there was some of that There was also intrigue, mystery, and surprises So rather than finding a nice bed time story to give me pleasant dreams, I was left wondering who the good guys were Plenty of twists and turns going on A thoroughly delightful, if a bit surprising read.

ô The Spanking Psychiatrist ô I thought this was going to be a story about a Doctor who spanks his patients, and then has a relationship with one of them Well, if you read this, hold on to your hat, because it s a whole lotThat s the basis, but his life is not so simple, with a wicked Dominatrix who has an evil streak, and an ex military intelligence officer who helps get him out of a pickle Honestly, there s too much to put in a review like this, but this book is another novel from this author who holds you captive Surprises, steamy spanking and sex, and a great plot Highly recommend.

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