I had wanted to read a book on Rumi s poetry for quite some time, and our modern paradox of choice did not help me choose one considering the abundance of Rumi books available out there I finally chose this one and I couldn t besatisfied I recommend it to everyone who wants to read and understand Rumi s poetry, which can sometimes be misinterpreted Here you will receivethan enough well translated ghazals that are broken down thematically and accompanied by nicely written commentaries by the author The water in the stream has changed many times, but the reflection of the moon and the stars remains the same Why should it be surprising that the spirit does not remember its previous abodes For this world, like a dream, covers over all things, as clouds veil the stars You came late and left early coming late and leaving early is the work of flowers This is the best book on Rumi s poetry that actually shows you the meaning and application behind the words of this great Sufi poet If anyone of you are serious about understanding God and or Sufism, I highly recommend picking this up It can seem a bit dense at first glance, but it has answered so many questions I have had about God and why life is the way it is.
I will probably always be reading this book.
What a great book it holds answers to sooo many questions that always run through my mind It was really a moving spiritual journey to read through Rumi s words.
not to forget the way these words were presented by William C Chittick.
I would definitely recommend it.
inspiring read i will keep this book and these teachings with me.
Beautiful book Not enough people know of the tradition of loving devotion in Islam we all need to spend some time with Rumi from time to time to remind us of what is important.
Excellent, most beautiful Not only does it give you a taste of Rumi s writings but also an understanding of his philosophy Perfect book for a beginner in Sufism, Rumi Islam Is The Most Accessible Work In English On The Greatest Mystical Poet Of Islam, Providing A Survey Of The Basic Sufi And Islamic Doctrines Concerning God And The World, The Role Of Man In The Cosmos, The Need For Religion, Man S Ultimate Becoming, The States And Stations Of The Mystical Ascent To God, And The Means Whereby Literature Employs Symbols To Express Unseen Realities William Chittick Translates Into English For The First Time Certain ✓ The Sufi Path of Love: The Spiritual Teachings of Rumi (Suny Series, Islamic Spirituality) î Download by î William C.
Chittick Aspects Of Rumi S Work He Selects And Rearranges Rumi S Poetry And Prose In Order To Leave Aside Unnecessary Complications Characteristic Of Other English Translations And To Present Rumi S Ideas In An Orderly Fashion, Yet In His Own Words Thorough, Nontechnical Introductions To Each Chapter, And Selections That Gradually Present A Greater Variety Of Terms And Images, Make This Work Easily Accessible To Those Interested In The Spirituality Of Any Tradition ☆ The Sufi Path of Love: The Spiritual Teachings of Rumi (Suny Series, Islamic Spirituality) ☆ A truly beautiful book, one of my favourites Far superior to the popular Coleman Barks versions, and I also preferred Chittick s translation to the recently published Masnavi by Jawid Mojaddedi The translation into rhyming verse just wasn t doing it for me I feel like much must have been lost in translation for the sake of a rhyme This book is recommended for any body who wants to understand Rumi and his poetry.
We took a reading from Rumi to use for my daughter s Ceremony of Blessing and Thanksgiving at ChristChurch Cathedral, Oxford It was so lovely, and so fitting.

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