I received this book to give an honest review.
This was a very very different book I honestly have never read anything like it before and it was a nice change to my normal reads You have spiders, and those that are like spiders I found myself at first going a bit crazy being as I would read that were spiders then there would be nothing there But I got my answer on that later on within the book Sara runs away from her boyfriend whose family is into crime But what she doesn t know is that she is being watched and being pursed to go to Billings When she arrives well that is when everything comes into play She learns who and what she is, which is hard for anyone to wrap their head around it all What I didn t like within the story was the way Sara acted a Now, I am terrified of spiders Can t stand them But don t let this put you off I simply glided over the word and ignored it Having said that I really wish she had chosen a bug, any bug but that one But I can honestly say I absolutely loved this book.
The storyline was like nothing I have ever read before It was fantastic The story and the characters were again, incredibly well written There were no editing mistakes that I could see and no spelling or words missing etc.
I fell in love with the characters I was willing her to leave Connor and stay with Brett then it all went topsy turvy I twas unbelievable For me a good book is one that you just don t want to put down, and trust me when I say I really hated working while I was reading this book Major inconvenience.
it has to be said I would be very surprised if a big publisher didn t pick this book up because it really Tegen s Cave is an exciting pychological thriller that held my interest from beginning to end It is the story of Sara James, a self possessed young woman who has fled an unhappy, controlling romance and re established herself in a new state with a new identity Trouble begins when her friends and hotel guests are bitten by often lethal, poisonous spiders and Sara remains unharmed Tegen s Cave is a page turner from the beginning and presents us with a strong female protagonist, a suspenseful plot with unexpected twists and turns and compelling believable characters An excellent read that is a blend of psychology, horror, romance and suspense.
Well done, highly recommended The Tegen Cave by Inge Lise Goss is a powerful and scary novel with a well plotted and twisted story line.
With a common name such as Sara Jones our heroine thinks she can begin a new life far away from her boyfriend She meets the handsome Brett and life is looking good until the appearance of deadly spiders brings back the past and some new sinister challenges.
It is impossible to tell you anyabout the plot without spoiling the plot, which goes to show how well constructed and plotted the book is A fast pace, great suspense and great twists make this an unpredictable and engaging and a very gripping novel.
The romance part benefits from great descriptive writing and very believable chemistry, our heroine s inner conflicts and feelings are given enough time within the thriller pacing to make her a character we care for.
More complex than I had expected an I am not a girlie girl So the spiders did not upset me at all In fact, it added a new type of spice to this thriller I adored that The new slant thrilled me.
Admittedly, the author tended to repeat certain story lines in the book as if she wanted to make sure the reader was following and in this process I got distracted and at times confused due to the repeat of known info not being followed up with new and crucial info This gave me the idea that she jumped in logic and I reread several passages to make sure I did not miss things.
That said, I absolutely adored this book and will love to readby this author.

Let me start off by saying if you are not a fan of spiders this book is not going to be your cup of tea I truly fell into this story, it has a very unique story line and characters Sara realizes her boyfriend, Conner, is not everything she thought he was While traveling after leaving him she meets Brett Brett introduces her into a whole new world, one that s packed full of spiders I usually don t read book descriptions and am glad when I get a rare gem like this one It will break up the monotony of your reading library Yes it has romance, danger and paranormal beings, but boy are they unique in this book Great read, I will be looking forward tobooks by this author WaAR Ä The Tegen Cave É A friend recommended this book, so I thought I would give it a try.
Sara Jones is a wonderful character, who is on the run from her boyfriend s family I really liked her attitude, but wanted to shake some sense into her too, as she made a few questionable decisions However, it s her immunity to a venomous spider that has me intrigued.
This is an unusual horror suspense that kept me hooked from the first page The story is told from Sara s point of view and is a roller coaster ride of suspense and mystery There is also a bit of horror in the form of spiders Luckily, I am not squeamish about spiders In fact, I rather admire them they perform an important role in the food chain If there were no spiders, we would be totally overrun by insects The autho What I loved about this book it has an amazingly new and fresh plot line I also loved how the author left no story line unfinished However this is also something I will discuss in the section about what I did not like about this book The thing I loved most of all is the intricate webs emotionally, physically, psychologically that is the theme set agains a very physical web woven Ok what did I like about the book I liked the fact that the book, while lending itself towards explicit scenes never actually goes into detail Again, an however follows this in the section about what I did not like about this book Ok what I did not like the author, in my opinion had at times too many story lines running It took me some time to find the theme of the book within the plot and once I did I was in two regarding my opinion Do I admire the authors ability to write up such an intric Let me first start off by saying that I have a phobia of spiders called Arachnophobia As I read this story, my skin constantly crawled, with chills, theI read this book There were times, that I admit, that I did have to put this story aside for a couple of days, due to my fears of spiders I did take me a lot longer to finish this book due to my fears and nightmares.
Secondly, I really enjoyed the physical, psychological, and emotional twists and turns of the story It s a refreshing and amazing new look on a common phobia with a wild and unforgettable ride that will keep you entertained, intrigued, and addicted from beginning to end Make sure to fasten your seat belt and that your hands and feet stay in this remarkable ride at all times This author was really good at her attention to detail so much that I would have nightmares.
I highly recommend this s Running From Her Boyfriend S Powerful Organized Crime Family, Sara Jones Starts A New Life In A New Town But When People Around Her Start Dying From Poisonous Spider Bites After She Receives A Mysterious Package With A Spider Concealed Inside, She Worries That The Family Has Found Her Life Takes An Even Bizarre Turn When She Seems To Be Not Only Immune To The Spider Venom, But Also Surrounded By A Sinister Group Of People Using Spiders To Incapacitate Their Prey Even Her New Boyfriend Starts è read The Tegen Cave by Inge-Lise Goss ó Acting Suspiciously Just Who Can She Trust Then To Make Matters Worse Sara S Twenty Fifth Birthday Approaches, And Her Dark Heritage Begins To Emerge She Is Forced To Make A Life Or Death Decision And Somehow, She Must Find A Way To Deal With The Crime Family

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