Natasha Anders, how do you do this to me This is my third book by Anders and all her books share this similar theme These horrible men who you hate in the beginning, but by the end you are on their side and cheering for them It s crazy, crazy I tell you I wouldn t believe it s possible to redeem these men if I hadn t read the books for myself All her books are addictive and I just run through these audios Unwanted Wife is about a woman who married a man because she loved him, only to discover later her married her for gain First, I love the fact that Theresa immediately decides she wants out when she realizes this truth Now Alessandro, he was a complete tool and I literally cringed at times when he spoke to Theresa, but in the end he was redeemed I am so impressed with Anders writing and creativity I l 4 STARSMmm delicious I stumbled upon this book while rummaging through my friends shelves in hope of finding an older, verified book that would get me out of the reading slump I won t lie, I was sceptical when I read the reviews I gave it a shot anyway And I came to the following conclusion Something must be very, very wrong with my head Because this book contains all the things which usually get on my nerves And I FREAKING LOVED IT A manipulative and cold hero Yes, the hero is the a hole of all ass holes Yes, his behavior is despicable Some might even call it emotional abuse But he is so f cking HOT A doormat heroine Yes, the heroine is a doormat and the hero walks all over her in their marriage But for some inexplicable reason she isn t annoying She actually has a backbone A cat and mouse game which goes on forever Yes, a cat and mouse game can be I m fucking sad okay FUCK yall dont understand how much i would die for this book and the characters and literally everything fucking in this book I think I have the whole book memorized at this point will I ever get tired of reading this book never this book is so perfect what is my life without this book omg Bury me with this book when i die I AM CRYING HOLY SHIT Starting this three days after I just finished reading it for the third time I have issues I have issues.
5 Angsty Stars Sweet Baby Jesusif you like your books angsty then this is the book for you MeAlessandro Sandro and Theresa have been married for 18 months It s an emotionless, loveless, affectionless marriage on Sandro s part and every day it beats Theresa down further and further All Sandro wants is for her to bring a son in to the world Finally, Theresa can t deal with the pain and hurt any longer.
Theresa asks Sandro to give her a divorce But he won t And why won t he Seems Theresa and Sandro s marriage was merely an arrangement between Theresa s father and Sandro A sacrifice that he made for his family And until they produce a son, the marriage stands Only, Theresa didn t know about the arrangement like Sandro thought she did And now Theresa finds herself, of all things, pregnant Producing a boy will This Review contains minor Spoilers none will hinder your reading experience4 STARS out of 5Genre Adult Contemporary RomanceTheresa had finally realised that there would be no thaw their marriage was a perpetual winter wasteland and if she ever wanted to feel the warmth of the sun on her face again, she had to get out of it Unfortunately, she now knew that escaping would be trickier than she had thoughtInner monologue Of Theresa in The Unwanted WifeThis book had me an emotional wreck I was delivered blow after blow and thought their would be no end in sight I can happily say that I indeed got my HEA, it just took a while to get it.
Theresa De Lucci has spent the first year and a half of her marriage dealing with the arctic chill also known as her husband Alessandro De lucci The book starts with the two coming down off the high

5 Awesomely Epic Arranged Marriage StarsI am a total sucker for the whole forced marriage arranged marriage shtick If you are too, definitely pick this one up It s one of the best of that genre that I ve read in a long time and surprisingly NOT a historical I loved everything about this story The H was a complete and total alpha dick who later groveled and I fucking loved it Find me at ↠´ The Unwanted Wife â May 29, 2016 New thoughts Been seeing this popping up on my feeds and it made me think about how much I literally loathed this story and this POS hero This is one of my two most despised romances out of the 500 I have rated here on Goodreads shudder Hate to be reminded of it.
original Review 1 star She is a good writer but I hated the story and the content.
I am not sure what possessed me to read this book I should have taken reviewers who described this as angstyseriously This was like pure torture start to finish Everything that was happening was heartbreaking and awful The hero was trying to suddenly include his wife in his life, but instead of that feeling happy, it just highlighted how much he had excluded her from his heart and life for 18 months 18 MONTHS That is just too freaking long of a time for a man to be 4.
5 stars Re read this last night It stands true I LOVE this story Finished this in one sitting Again If you guys haven t read this and are looking for something fast and angsty CHOOSE THIS It s official I am a woman obsessed with marriage Or rather marriage plots There is something so sexy and enticing about them Getting to know the person you should already know everything about falling in love with the love of your life all over again every touch is familiar yet so new This story had all of this and then some Though it does have some angst so you have been warned The story line was fairly predictable but still I gobbled this baby up in one sitting I loved both Alessandro and Theresa They were perfect for each other 4 starsI was a little leery to read this book considering the title, The Unwanted Wife, which pretty much told me I was in for a heartbreaking and angsty ride and, oh boy, was this book an heartbreaking and angsty ride That said, I very much enjoyed reading this story I would have given The Unwanted Wife a slightly higher rating, considering it grabbed my attention and didn t let go until the end, but the editing and the heroine s character prevented me from doing so This book needs editing and I just couldn t related to the heroine by the end of the story I started the book admiring her determination and perceived backbone, but then she took everything a step too far and in the end became a martyr Once it got to that point, she lost me What shocked me the most, however, was how much I ended up liking the hero when all was said and done I wasn Alessandro De Lucci Wants From His Wife Is A Son But After A Year And A Half Of Unhappiness And Disillusionment, All Theresa De Lucci Wants From Her Ice Cold Husband Is A Divorce Unfortunate Timing, Since Theresa Is About To Discover That She S Finally Pregnant And Alessandro Is About To Discover That He Isn T Willing To Lose ì read · The Unwanted Wife by Natasha Anders ß Theresa

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