This is a fictionalised journal of the author s struggle with AIDS in the relatively early days of the disease He died of AIDS in 1991 It is profoundly moving with its meditation on the meaning of friendship and how illness affects friendships and other relationships It makes an interesting point about AIDS despite its horrors and ravages in some senses being kind because it gives the sufferer time to live the last of their life knowing that they don t have much time left The book is beautifully written with some humour, making a poignant read There is a lot of medical information in the book, but the quality of the writing means that this does not distract from the human elements of the narrative The fact that it is a fictionalised journal does mean that the reader wonders about who some of the characters really are read and reviewed on World AIDS day 2010.
This was one of those books that I read back in high school, during a time in which, as a depressed gay teenager, I was particularly interested in morbid, lurid subject matter Many of the books I read were AIDS themed To me, it has kind of become a second closet in today s culture I was, however, reminded of Guibert s literary existence recently and decided to re visit this one, as well as finally get around to reading the rest of the translated material Upon delving into this one a second time, I was astonished by how much of it stuck with me all these years I m also struck by how relevant it is in terms of how, in terms of delicacy and deliberation, Guibert is able to translate, on an emotional level, To The Friend Who Did Not Save My Life, Critically Acclaimed French Writer Herv Guibert Has Created An Unnervingly Intimate Novel About An Imaginative And Vital Young Man Confronting The Ominous Spectre Of AIDS In His Life Le Nouvel Observateur Calls It A Masterpiece Written In The Form Of A Journal, This Novel Offen Both An Unflinchingly Honest Examination Of Daily Life Under A Death Sentence, And The Impact Of The Disease [Hervé Guibert] ↠´ A l'ami qui ne m'a pas sauvé la vie [jewellery PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ê On A Group Of Gifted And Artistic People A Circle Of French Artists And Intellectuals Spinning Out Of Control In Shared Fear And Uncertainty, Discovering That Talent And Genus Offer Little Solace Muzil, The Brilliant Young Philosopher Whose Dangerous Underground Exploits Have Life And Death Consequences Marine, The Eccentric And Unreliable Movie Star Who Uses Her Jet Set Life As An Escape From Reality Muzil S Friends And Lovers, Who Attempt To Salvage The Groundbreaking Texts That Muzil Is Both Furiously Churning Out And Trying To Destroy Before His Death And The Narrator Himself, Who, Upon Discovering That He Is Also Infected With The Virus, Runs From Doctor To Doctor, Searching For Answers, Terrified And Yet Fascinated By The Changes He And His Friends Are UndergoingThe World Of To The Friend Who Did Not Save My Life Is Not Merely One In Which AIDS Has Suddenly Appeared, It Is A Place Where Intellect And Creativity, Sexuality And Friendship, Responsibility And Continuity Whether They Ultimately Help Or Fail Are The Only Things Worth Fighting For Guibert s writing is so compelling There are these long long sentences that flow with perfect rhythm you fall into them, or are picked up by them like a cow in a tornado Swooped from beneath, not too heavy to be lifted and then swirled around and practically blinded, only to be dropped, minutes later on terra not so firma, which is where I am, having finished the book this afternoon Now I feel compelled to read a bio about Foucault, now my curiosity is peaked about Guibert s film made during his final weeks I will read Compassion Protocol and become better acquainted with this much talked about man, this voyeur, this cherub, who was, according to Wikipedia, the Andy Warhol of AIDS.
I have never felt so close to a book or to a writer as I did with this one and with Herve Guibert While reading, I started looking for other books from him, also his photography albums, which are very intimate and daring His writing has a proustian touch, he dissects everything to the most intimate and deep elements, which sometimes can be almost uncomfortable for the reader.
After reading this, let s just say, it is great to be gay in 2019, not having to put up with the horror that HIV and AIDS represented in the 80s and in the 90s Guibert s writing is what writing should be daring, uncomfortable, like a scream Rarely I had enjoyed every chapter, every page, every paragraph, every sentence, every word, every letter in a book.
Un pugno allo stomaco Nel 1992 l Aids era mortale nel 99% dei casi, la cura era di l da venire, e le speranze di vita molto basse Guibert viene a conoscenza di una cura sperimentale e della possibilit di essere inserito nel trial Ma i suoi valori non sono abbastanza buoni, e l amico che potrebbe aiutarlo non lo fa con ragioni motivate Un libro che solo fino ad un certo punto si pu leggere con distacco, poi sopravviene l angoscia Non so se per lui sia stato un conforto scrivere, o solo un modo per anestetizzare la mente in attesa della fine Provare a sublimare l arrivo della fine continuando a scrivere, senza essere estetizzanti o patetici richiede una grande arte, e almeno questo avrebbe potuto essere di consolazione solo che inesorabilmente morto.
Í A l'ami qui ne m'a pas sauvé la vie ½ Je lis tellement pas beaucoup de litt rature fran aise fran aise de France que je suis toujours un peu d sempar e quand j arrive la fin d un livre, au moment o j essaie de rassembler mes id es C est une dr le de sensation que d avoir l impression de toucher l tranger quand a nous est racont dans notre propre langue mais notre propre langue qui serait juste un peu c t de la traque, les bords trop effil s, peut tre, sans la mollesse des choses confortables Ceci dit, Herv Guibert crit de fa on aussi l gante qu tourdissante, dans cette autofiction qui parle du VIH dans les ann es quatre vingt, des amis qui meurent, des autres qui trahissent, de l obsession particuli re qu engendre la maladie , toujours en filigrane, de l urgence d crire je tiens mon livre plus qu ma vie je ne renoncerais pas mon livre pour conserver ma vie, voil ce qui sera le plus difficile fa

Herv Guibert, jornalista e escritor franc s, descobre se infetado pelo v rus da SIDA na d cada de 1980, quando a doen a mal havia sido identificada e era inapelavelmente mortal em poucos anos Procuravam se, desesperadamente, rem dios e vacinas para a curar ou prevenir Circulavam todo o tipo de rus sobre infetados, novos medicamentos, formas de infe o, conspira es sobre as origens O namorado de Guibert, e muitos dos seus amigos franceses e americanos, fazem o teste e descobrem que tamb m est o infetados O seu amigo e antigo amante Muzil o famoso fil sofo Michel Foucault acaba por morrer precocemente, v tima do HIV, no meio de grande segredo Herv Guibert debate se com pensamentos contradit rios, aben oa a doen a, uma genial inven o moderna , que lhe p e a morte no horizonte, obrigand i read the first seventy five pages of this book while sitting in an ER waiting roomfitting Definitely Guibert s world seems to be losing color as his t cell count continues to drop and friends all around him become the victim of this new and strange disease that seems to only target homosexuals The words make you feel his fatigue, his empty stomach as he waits in line for another shot in the arm to see how low his count is, his frustration, delusion, and despair All the while the sentences become lengthier and comma ridden as if they are in search of an escape or an answer themselves Based on his own life, some may criticize this book as being a bit self serving and it may be However, that only humanizes the portrayal of the characters to such a realistic point that we are forced to reflect upon ourselves, see things we kn Autobiografski roman francuskog pisca govori o njegovoj borbi s opakom bolesti kojoj jo uvijek nema lijeka, a to je AIDS itala sam nekoliko ovakvih knjiga i sve su prepune emocija koje te doti u na svakoj stranici to nije ni udno jer AIDS je opaka bolest, umire se polako i u velikim bolovima, a i dalje ju prate brojne kontroverze i nerazumijevanje Kad sam nai la na ovu knjigu uzela sam ju u ruke bez puno razmi ljanja, ali hrpa likova koji se pojavljuju bez obja njenja tko su i to su, vremenski tijek pomalo zbunjuje , a i sam tok pisanja je nekako usporen, a sam kraj nedore en Ne doga a se esto da se kod ovakvih tema i ovakvih knjiga moram natjerati da ih pro itam do kraja, ali kod ove je bilo tako Nakon to sam zavr ila knjigu imala sam osje aj da zapravo ni ta nije re eno do kraja i nije mi do kraja bilo jasno to

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