As A Miraculous Cure All, Tono Bungay Is In Fact Nothing Other Than A Pleasant Tasting Liquid With No Positive Effects Nonetheless, When The Young George Ponderevo Is Employed By His Uncle Edward To Help Market This Ineffective Medicine, He Finds His Life Overwhelmed By Its Sudden Success Soon The Worthless Substance Is Turned Into A Formidable Fortune As Society Becomes Convinced Of The Merits Of Tono Bungay Through A Combination Of Skilled Advertising And Public Credulity Includes A Newly Established Text, A ☆ read ↠´ Tono-Bungay by H.
Wells Í Full Biographical Essay On Wells, A List Of Further Reading, And Detailed Notes Edward Mendelson S Introduction Explores The Many Ways In Which Tono Bungay Satirizes The Fictions And Delusions That Shape Modern Life At times, I almost really liked this book for its criticism of consumer capitalism for a book published in 1909, T B feels ahead of its time in this respect and the realness of some of the characters, but I got fed up with the narrator author constantly explaining his own symbolism not to mention his random anti semitic remarks, his problematic relationship to women marriage, and that especially disturbing Heart of Darkness voyage into Africa, where in a typical heart of darkness Quap fevered state, he loses all his european morality civility etc and kills a totally innocent African man I mean, shit, come on.
This is Wells writing stylistically like Dickens in a mode of novel writing that aims at the nineteenth century version of social justice even though it was published at the end of the first decade of the twentieth century.
Today he is mainly remembered for his science fiction Tono Bungay is an unusual work in that it straddles two of these genres it is both science fiction and social commentary The novel follows the rise and fall of an empire built on a quack medicine The medicine, Tono Bungay, gives the book its title Regardless of what it stands for, it is clear that Tono Bungay is not entirely good for you, and probably harmful in the long run The short term effects are however sufficiently pleasing so as to make a fortune for its inv Tono Bungayis a novel written by H G Wells and published in 1909 It has been calledarguably his most artistic bookAs for Wells himself he consideredTono Bungay as the finest and most finished novel upon the accepted linesthat he hadwritten or was ever likely to writeWhile reading the novel I also read a biography of Wells and found many interesting things about the author.
Although Wells was a prolific writer in many genres, including the novel, history, politics, and social commentary, he is now best remembered for his science fiction novels His most famous science fiction works includeThe War of the Worlds, The Time Machine and The Invisible ManHe has been called the father of science fiction, of course other authors have also been called the father of science fiction, so I guess we all get to pick whoever we want for the title As toTono Bungay , I I d first heard of TONO BUNGAY when recently reading a biography of F Scott Fitzgerald Apparently, this book by H.
G Wells was one of his favorite books H.
G Wells Yes, that s the one While I enjoy much of Wells writing, I had a difficult time conceiving his creating a tale that would be one of Fitzgerald s favorites Well, TONO BUNGAY is very different from what I would imagine from the pen of the distinguished English author and it had a great many elements that would have appealed to Fitzgerald It has distant, attractive women who are difficult for men to fathom, a world in which money opens doors as long as it flows, and the glamor of adventure for anyone willing to pursue it The central story revolves around the creation of a quack revitalizing medicin This is my first Wells I was a bit turned off by the description, which suggests most of the plot revolves around the development of a quack medicine the strangely named Tono Bungay That s a chunk of it, but there are other chunks it s also a very well done Bildungsroman in which the protagonist and first person narrator George grows up as the son of the housekeeper of an enormous country house, acutely conscious of his lower class status, observing the banal conversations among the aristocrats, sneaking into the large library to read books as Wells did himself when his mother was housekeeper at Uppark and falling in love three times twice to the same person George s relationships with women are interesting, and he is introspective to a point He knows what he wants in a wo ñ Tono-Bungay ä reviews.
com 3.
5 starsGeorge, is expelled from the manor his mother serves in, and bounces around until he lands with his uncle, a chemist He departs again, but returns once his uncle develops a successful line of snake oil Despite his qualms, George, a talented engineer, helps out with sales and development, and their fortunes grow.
I first read this many years, and liked it, though I also misremembered it as having something to do with a potion that caused floating which seems to be a conflation of Mary Poppins and a short story whose title evades me In fact, it s a novel of social commentary and critique of English life, lightly wrapped in adventure and romance.
The introduction to my paperback edition says that only halfway through this one, but am loving it once again a white male british protagonist must read women writers soon , but the protagonist author is incredible with writing descriptive detail a great social commentary on class systems, industrialization in london, exploitation of the masses through marketing advertising, etc and an incredible vocabulary builder SO many words i didn t know, but so well used i can discern their meaning contextually.
update as with most satire, i got the point and started to get bored with it but that was well into the novel i may lack patience.
I have read a number of H.
G Wells s early sci fi novels This is the first time I have read one of his other novels, and I am surprised to see that it is by far his best work Tono Bungay is a bildungsroman about growing up poor in Victorian England and making one s way in the world by a combination of luck, good and bad.
The good luck is hero George Ponderevo s association with his uncle Edward, the inventor of a nostrum called Tono Bungay He brings his nephew George in with him and becomes a fantastically rich financier until until the whole thing comes undone The bad luck consists of George s three attempts at love He marries, but it ends in a kind of listless divorce Then there is a bright affair with a secretary, H.
G Wells bit of a satirical look at the effects of wealth, power and enterprise on ordinary lives The tale follows the experiences of George Ponderevo who is encouraged by his uncle to work with him on marketing a new product, a sort of miracle cure thing, it also greatly expounds on George s experiences from childhood, to university, to the heart of London, then wealth, fame, his inventions and intentions, the uncle s eventual bankruptcy, and oh yes his various loves , etc, etc

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