This is a fun, 'spy' based novel.
Although the main character is a spy, he spends the majority of the book pulling off a mission.
But there are two other spy characters that get involved, giving the book it's name (I think.

Early in the book, the main character is tasked with stealing a huge amount of Uranium for Israel.
However, Follett does an excellent job of presenting the story in a political free manner.
If anything, he comes across as Israel neutral, which is quite the accomplishment for a book where you are engaged in rooting for the main character to acquire critical materials for Israel's nuclear bomb program.
(While officially, Israel may or may not have 'the bomb', they also don't deny having it).

Thankfully, this book avoids the politics, and simply pres So, I'm done with my 14th Ken Follett novel (all read this year) and if someone were to ask me to select the best 5 it would be a mighty difficult task.
The way he weaves a story based on historical facts is simply stunning.
Triple is another masterpiecea Spy thriller based in the year 1968 when Israel were believed to have pulled off a mighty coup by stealing a huge consignment of Uranium ore(see attached pic).

The opening scene/prologue sets the story up beautifully wherein all the major characters(students at this stage) are meeting at an Oxford Professor's home.
There's Nat Dickstein the English Jew(who goes on to become a top Mossad agent), a Russian named Rostov (predictably a future KGB colonel), an Arab named Hassan(Eg I tried to read one of Follett's historical books several years ago, and it didn't "do it" for me.
So when I came across Triple, I decided to give his work another try.

There are many things to like about Triple.
Follett obviously knows his way around constructing a story, and his character development is distinct and strong.
The story is complex, intriguing, and (I think) completely unrealistic, but this is fiction, right?

I have a few issues with the pacing and detail: the former seems erratic, and the latter overwhelming at times, bogging the story down.
Some of the scenes were more graphic than I believe necessary, and the ending drew out to the point that I skimmed a lot.
Also, I can't help but think that a seasoned, battered, weathered Israeli spy would have better sense than to c Another fun spy novel/action thriller by Ken Follett! Triple is about operative Nathaniel Dickstein is given the task of stealing 200 tons of Uranium for Israel to produce the atomic bomb, for the war against the Middle East.
But it turns out Dickstein isn't the only one after it, the Russian KGB is after the Uranium, and a team of Fedayeen Terrorists are after it as well.
After reading a couple chapters I understood why the book was titled Triple, it involves 3 different parties that are after the Uranium for different reasons.

An enjoyable Espionage/spy novel and interesting characters! Triple Dictionnaire De Franais Larousse Dfinitions De Triple Qui Comporte Trois Lments Identiques Ou Analogues Une Triple Collision Qui Est Rpt Trois Fois Reproduire Un Texte En Triple Exemplaire Trois Fois Plus Grand Que Quelque Chose D Autre Sa Maison Est Triple De La Mienne Familier Indique Un Degr Lev Triple Idiot Dfinition Triple Dictionnaire Franais Reverso Au Golf, Performance D Un Joueur Ou D Une Joueuse Qui Russitcoups Sous Le Trailer ¾ Triple PDF by ☆ Ken Follett Par On Parle Galement De Triple Eagle Triple Wiktionnaire Triple T Ipl Masculin Et Fminin Identiques Qui Vaut Trois Fois Autant Triple Dose Triple Charge Par Extension Qui Est Compos De Trois Choses Pareilles Ou Analogues Entre Elles Comme Lagardre Jouait Les Tonns, Le Fonctionnaire Lui Expliqua Qu Une Camra De Surveillance Avait Film Un Triple Assassinat Dans Ce Quartier Triple Vtements Quitation Modernes Pour Enfants DTriple, C Est La Nouvelle Marque Franaise % Mode Quitation Enfant Outdoor So Horsy Vestes, Polos, Pantalons Quitation Achat Scuris En Ligne Triple English French Dictionary WordReference Triple, Three Base Hit N Noun Refers To Person, Place, Thing, Quality, Etc Baseball Base Ball Coup Triple Nm Nom Masculin S Utilise Avec Les Articles Le, L Devant Une Voyelle Ou Un H Muet , Un Ex Garon Nm On Dira Le Garon Ou Un Garon The Crowd Cheered When The Batter Hit A Triple Triple, TriplefilmAlloCin Tripleest Un Film Ralis Par John Hillcoat Avec Casey Affleck, Anthony Mackie Synopsis Ex Agent Des Forces Spciales, Michael Atwood Et Son Quipe De Flics Corrompus Attaquent UneTriple Axel Pokpdia Triple Axel Inflige Des Dgts Et Peut Toucher La Cible Jusqu Trois Fois Par Utilisation La Puissance De Base De L Attaque Augmente Dechaque Coup Successif Ainsi, Les Premier, Deuxime Et Troisime Coups Ont Respectivement Une Puissance De Base De ,etTriple D L Location, Vente De Mobiliers, Amnagement DTriple D Vous Aide Dans L Organisation De Vos Vnements, En Vous Proposant Du Mobilier Et Des Installations Fabriqus Sur Le Principe De L Co Conception En Location Ou En Vente, Dcouvrez Nos Choix De Scnes, Bars, Stands, Mobiliers En Tout Genre, Signaltique, Jeux

As a fan and author of historical fiction, I am a great admirer of Follett's work.
However, this one was a bit too much James Bond for my taste.
Still a good read overall.
↠´ Triple ↠´ A standalone thriller from author Follett in 1979.
As I read this novel, I was reminded of the stylistic difference between other authors I read in the 1970s (Ambler, Forsyth, Greene, Le Carre) and how the espionage thriller has changed in the post Tom Clancy era.
Now some of the enemies are the same but the interpersonal relations have changed.
Now a four man team will wipe out an enemy platoon and perhaps suffer a leg wound or a grazed scalp.
In Triple, a band of terrorists were attacked by a team of Mossad agents and 7 of 12 agents were killed.
The scale was more human.

In 1967, as Egypt comes closer and closer to developing a nuclear bomb, the Mossad's number one Israeli agent is given an impossible mission: to beat the Arabs in the nuclear arms race by finding and stealing two hundred tons of uranium.
The world's balance of power will shif Awesome and really close to what really happened (something he didn't know at the time he wrote it).
Vedi il commento a La cruna dell'ago.
Another great book by Ken Follett.
This is a thriller that will keep you turning the pages.
Looking forward to the next release, as I have now read all of his books that I can find.

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