Tournament Approaches All Around The World, Great Clans And Sects Prepare Their Disciples To Fight Against One Another In A Competition Of Young Underlords Even The Blackflame Empire Is Drawn In, But Their Youth Are Not Strong Enough To Compete Å Underlord ✓ Download by Ì Will Wight Yet Unbelievable I thought for sure that Will Wight wouldn t be able to top Ghostwater I was wrong He surpassed my wildest dreams with Underlord It was, in short, perfection As the title implies, Lindon continues to advance, though it s not easy More than that, thanks to an expertly written prologue and epilogue, we get a glimpse of the larger world as Suriel s job just got a lot harder And even better, we got a taste of what has happened to Lindon s family after he left My only regret is that I read it so fast, and now I will suffer until Uncrowned is published.
Such insane power Such insane fun That, in a nutshell, is the Cradle series, and Underlord is its current pinnacle.
Underlord was everything that its title promised adoring fans including yours truly , and so much The Prologue was so ridiculously epic it gave me goosebumps, and all the awesomeness that was the Cradle series came crashing down on me again I tried to prolong the enjoyment by keeping myself occupied with things to do, to avoid finishing the book too quickly Alas, it barely lasted 36 hours from the time I received the download from my pre order This was the first time I had to wait for a Cradle book release and the experience of coming back to the world, and its characters felt wonderful On hindsight, I believed that I might not have done sufficient justice to the previous five books which I ve finished reading on a frantic binge Having some t

The name of this book and what it suggests is killing me with anticipation.
After reading Honestly I m relieved I was worried that something would go wrong and I wouldn t like it, but it s even better than I thought it would be I m not going to do a real review, but I might after rereading it a few times All the stuff below will be random thoughts and stream of consciousness stuff Don t expect quality.
Questions view spoiler Are Jai Long and his sister at the Sacred Valley yet I don t think the epilogue said anything about that Answer Last fall, two young outsiders had torn through the Heaven s Glory School, breaking their way into Sacred Valley They were still at large somewhere, hiding just as she was Also, it probably doesn t make sense for Lindon to go back home until at least after the tournament But I reall Shut up and take my

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