Now that Was awesomeI m coming for you, Cellie Come hell or high water I m going to find you And when I do, I m going to kill youYes, I absolutely had to do that We ll Never Be Apart is quite the debut novel From the very first words on the very first page, it had me hooked and even after finishing it, I m not sure if it has quite let go of me yet I m still thinking about what a mad pun intended rollercoaster this was, filled with twists and turns, building up and up and up until it finally lets you drop and leaves you reeling with all of the mindfuck.
But in a good way.
Alice Monroe is stuck at the mental facility in Savage Isle after a brutal attack by her twin sister Cellie, which burned her boyfriend to death and nearly killed her, too With nothing but a journal to occupy her mind, she s filled with a terrible rage and only one miss www.
comTHIS BOOK IS AWESOME I had a feeling where it was going and I was right, but it s still so freaking good You have these twin sisters, Alice Celia They live with their grandfather but wake up one day to find him dead They stayed in the house for a bit of time before they are found out and carted off to different foster homes In one of these homes they meet Jason All three of them make a little team and hang out together all of the time They do some terrible things and one of these things lands the twins on Savage Isle in the mental ward Jason is going to go to jail Jason has a brilliant plan to get him and Alice away from the place so they can live out their lives They are in love and Celia is jealous so she devises a plan to keep her and Alice close and take Jason out of the picture Alice is telling her story about her and life b

This book left me kind of disappointed I guessed the twist in the first few pages and while I enjoyed reading the book, I was disappointed that I had been right about the shock ending More than anything I wish that I was wrong I wish that Emiko Jean didn t go with the obvious ending If there was a different ending I probably would have been impressed The writing was good It was a very addicting story I found it hard to put the book down I wanted to see how the story would play out I really disliked the twist It was so predictable Personally, I think psychological thrillers should make you feel super confused I think you should be constantly questioning everything the author is saying and then be shocked at the crazy ending OR you should be led to believe something and then BAM, that s not actually true like Shutter Island This story was 3.
5 StarsThis must be some kind of cosmic joke Disbelief and utter despair run heavy and icy through my veins Cellie s really done it this time She s succeeded She s brought me down I d clap for her if it wasn t so awful This is a story about Alice, a pyromaniac charged with murder The story follows her time in a mental ward on Savage Island.
If I were to judge this book for it s simple prose it would receive all the stars I always find that young adult novels hit the sweet spot when it comes to my desire for emotional conviction That said, I have a major disconnect when it comes to unreliable narrators Because it s ALL about the reveal Which is not to say this isn t a good one, but simply not to my taste in plotline The reveal happens, your mind is reeling, Actual rating 2.
8The problem with We ll never be apart is that this book promises a lot but in the end it takes that it gives From the annotation and first chapters it looked like a quality thriller YA with psychological twists and turns What happened in the barn that night Why was Alice in the hospital the first time Is it real And so on But unfortunately in the end all these questions didn t matter, because we have a quite typical YA strongly leaning on the topic of hard lives of children in foster care I get that this topic is important as it is and under different circumstances I would enjoy this issue, but in this book I was promised a psychological thriller Don t get me wrong, this book is psychological but not a thriller Two first chapters were exactly what it promised to be, only the description of mental facility where the story takes place promises something sinister O I adore stories where the narrator is unreliable or where things aren t quite what they seem and in We ll Never Be Apart, Jean manages to portray both elements of unreliability and the feeling that you know a twist is coming That things aren t quite right and at any moment they will turn for the worst Woven with sly hints and foreshadowing as the story progresses from Alice s point of view to her journal entries, this was done well Captivating as much as it was interesting, this was a story that I quickly read in a few short hours And while I did see the ending coming, the twist for what it was, this was still a really fun read that is worthy of the YA mystery thriller title I had a lot of fun with this and the characters were both en è We'll Never Be Apart è Woo hoo I got approved on Edelweiss I m going to start it soon Thank you to Edelweiss and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing for allowing me to read and review We ll Never Be Apart by Emiko Jean I absolutely loved this book Initially what drew me to the book was just the plot summary There s an unreliable narrator set in a mental ward Fire, revenge, and murder I m in Then when I saw it on Edelweiss something else caught my attention It said that We ll Never Be Apart was inspired by the author s work with children in foster care I was really curious to find out how that would show in the novel.
We ll Never Be Apart is a YA mystery and psychological thriller In the novel Alice is committed to a mental ward where she is disturbed my memories of a fire that killed her boyfriend Jason The fire was started by her twin sister Cellie Alice befriends another patient, Chase, and So where does a story that ends in fire and death begin It begins in the snow on the coldest day of the coldest winter of the last fifty years, with two girls on their sixth birthday in silent house It begins with a bodyAlice and Celia are twins who have had an arduous life, but fortunately they ve had each other to get through it After their grandfather died when they were six, they ve bounced around to various different foster care homes, some worse than others When Alice is seventeen years old, Celia intentionally sets a fire that almost kills her but does kill her boyfriend, Jason She wakes in a mental health hospital called Savage Isle to find herself recovering from burns and a definite lack of memory surrounding the incident All Alice knows Fire Revenge That S All Seventeen Year Old Alice Monroe Thinks About Committed To A Mental Ward At Savage Isle, Alice Is Haunted By Memories Of The Fire That Killed Her Boyfriend, Jason A Blaze Her Twin Sister Cellie Set But When Chase, A Mysterious, Charismatic Patient, Agrees To Help Her Seek Vengeance, Alice Begins To Rethink Everything Writing Out The Story Of Her Troubled Past In A Journal, She Must Confront Hidden TruthsIs [Emiko Jean] ↠´ We'll Never Be Apart [cats PDF] read Online À The One Person She Trusts Only Telling Her Half The Story Nothing Is As It Seems In This Edge Of Your Seat Psychological Thriller From The Debut Author Emiko Jean Talk about a head trip After finishing this story I am left thinking about everything I just read and questioning what was real and what was not and just ugh, I can feel a headache starting I really enjoyed this book Granted, I called the plot twist pretty early on, but as I continued reading i was questioning my conclusion I liked that this book kept me guessing Definitely a psychological thriller The only thing that leaves me rating this a 4 star rather than 5 is that ending plot twist, while somewhat expected, was SO abrupt I m talking Wham, bam, thank you ma am , and because of this I found myself rereading sections with my face scrunched up in confusion However, I greatly enjoyed the story and would definitely recommend.

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