This was a very good book that my 10 year old daughter and I read for her wax museum project She is writing a paper on Milton Hershey and will pose as a wax figure of him next week at school We really enjoyed this book because it provided a lot of information about his life and it had an easy flow to it We both learned a lot of about him For instance, I learned that chocolate was not widely sold in the United States before Mr Hershey began manufacturing it Also, I knew that there was a Hershey, Pennsylvania but not that Mr Hershey founded it as a town for his employees I recommend this book for anyone who would like to learn about the man who brought Hershey kisses to America.
This book wa svery informative, now every time I see a HERSHEY S bar I remember of the person who made it all, Milton Hershey Did you know the HERSHEY S bar was made in 1894 If you search it up it tells you it was made in 1900 but on the bar it saids 1894, this means 3 genartions might have been growing up with a HERSHEY S bar.
The Man Behind The Chocolate Bar Milton Hershey S Life Was Filled With Invention And Innovation As A Young Man, He Was Not Afraid To Dream Big And Work Hard Eventually, He Learned The Secret To Mass Producing Milk Chocolate And The Recipe That Gave It A Longer, Stable Shelf Life He Founded A School For Those Who Didn T Have Access To A Good Education And An Entire Town For His Employees Both His Chocolate Empire And His Great Personal Legacy Live ↠´ Who Was Milton Hershey? ½ Download by Ô James Buckley Jr.
On Today The story Who was Milton Hershey was a good book I liked it because it told a lot about his life I also liked it because I really like chocolate and reading about it I as awesome I really liked this book and would recommend it to everyone This book is amazing like all the others 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders might enjoy this biography Most kids liken myself don t usually like biographies but these books make me want to read all the others If I had to compare these biographies with other biographies these are way better for younger kids In this book it explains what happened in Milton s life and why he wanted to start a chocolate factory.
Wow At first I just wanted to read about him because he s the one credited for bringing chocolate to America He s amazing enough in my eyes just for that act alone But then to hear his rags to riches story, and see how completely generous he was with everything he had, he truly is one of my heroes now.
↠´ Who Was Milton Hershey? Ø OK, so first I love the chocolate bar and now I know the man who made them, thank you, one the man is a good person, also he drop out of school at a pretty young age and to I didn t know the name came from his family like I thought he made it up or something And last I love the book.
This book was a really good book because it was about the man who created the Hershey bar This interested me because it talked about what he did in school It even talked about how he decided to make the chocolate bar.
I also liked that it talked about his chocolate themed town.

Buckley was able to make a fact book into a story It was well written and engaging for the reader.
Such an inspiration bio of a man who we all are enjoying his chocolate bar untill today

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