Summary This is a book describing that people may look different, speak different, and their lives may not look the same but inside we are all alike We all laugh and cry, we learn and we listen, and we sleep and we eat This book allows us to accept our differences and recognize our similarities Evaluation This is a really sweet book I feel as though everyone needs to read this book It sends out a message we all need to know It is okay to look and speak differently but through it all we are all alike inside It shows the importance of celebrating our similarities and differences Teaching Point I would pass out blank paper that is in the shape of puzzle pieces On the puzzle pieces I would have my students draw a picture of themselves On this they could then write down a couple of words that describes themselves Once Everyone w Review Whoever you are The picture book Whoever you are is written by the Australian Author Mem Fox and illustrated by Leslie Staub Fox is writing out of a very authentic perspective about diversity because she has experienced it herself by being born in Australia, growing up in Africa and studying in England The picture book starts with the words Little one, whoever you are, wherever you are, there are little ones just like you all over the world This is exactly the message of the book Despite the differences between people all over the world, there are many universal feelings like joy, pain and love It transmits the feeling, that we are all the same under the skin Staub s colourful oil paintings embellish the story.
A weakness of this book is that it only points out that the children are from different races, cultures and nationalities but it never specifies where which individ Day All Over The World, Children Are Laughing And Crying, Playing And Learning, Eating And Sleeping They May Not Look The Same They May Not Speak The Same Language Their Lives May Be Quite Different But Inside, They Are All Alike Stirring Words And Bold Paintings Weave Their Way Around Our Earth, Across Cultures And Generations At A Time When, Unfortunately, The Lessons Of Tolerance Still Need To Be Learned, Whoever You Are Urges Us To Accept Our Differences, To æ Whoever You Are (Reading Rainbow Book) º Download by ✓ Mem Fox Recognize Our Similarities, And Most Importantly To Rejoice In Both Assigned reading for MLIS 7421 Multicultural Youth Literature.
The idea behind this is great teaching children to love and accept one another regardless of differences but be aware that this is an incredibly simplistic children s books I would definitely gear this towards toddlers, not children nearing chapter book ages On a side note, the artwork of the children s faces is slightly terrifying and I am not joking at all when I say that I believe it would frighten some of thesensitive little ones.
Whoever You Are (Reading Rainbow Book) ☆ Even though the man on the cover and at the end o the book creeps me out, I appreciate the idea of the book I like how the characters were real representations of different people and i did notice some stereotypes but the over all message was still powerful and important to introduce to children No matter who you are or where you come from we have universal feelings of pain, joy , and love and those things , which makes us human brings us together.
Mem Fox should be enough to sell you on this multi cultural story about inclusion and acceptance The illustrations are rich and colorful, making Whoever You Are accessible to the youngest of readers all the way up to middle schoolers A skinny book with big ideas, folks, and what we need to put in our kids hands during this turbulent time.
A beautiful book that imparts a important message about our world family.
Little one, whoever you are, wherever you are, there are little ones just like you all over the world Love the message given, i.
e everyone is same No one is different because of color, language or looks No one should be made to feel different, as our hearts and smiles are alike everywhere around the wold Therefore, we all should live in peace, love and happiness together and eliminate hate forever This is the book.

Smiles are the same, and hearts are just the same wherever they are, wherever you are, wherever we are, all over the world While I love many of the sentiments in this book, its exploration of humanity and diversity are lackluster and the illustrations are bizarre.
Whoever You Are is a book about how people may look different on the outside and live different lives, but are very similar on the inside The author, Mem Fox, addresses that people may look different, attend different school, live in different houses, and speak different languages, but they all have similar hearts We all laugh, love, hurt, smile, and cry This book s simple text sends a powerful message The message is that although people may have many differences, there are common ties that unite us What a great book about the importance of love for all humankind I reread this book several times because I just loved it The gorgeous illustrations depict many different cultures and diversity in our world and the author s word choice unites all of the different people in the book together I love the gold framing around every illustration This would be a

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