You Ve Ever Wondered Where God Was In Your Life Or Why He Could Allow Such Pain In The World, You Need This EBook Perhaps Your Faith Is Strong But You Need Help In Encouraging A Friend Whose Faith Is Faltering, This EBook Will Help Give You The Answers You Need In Its Pages, You Ll Find Answers To The Following Questions Would A Good God Allow Excruciating Pain And Suffering Would An All Loving God Allow Evil In The World How Can I Hold Onto My ↠´ read ↠´ When Faith Doesn't Take Away the Pain by Brian Tubbs Ù Faith In The Midst Of Doubt How Can I Cope With The Pain And Suffering In My Life And Much You Ll Also Learn Four Reasons For Pain And Suffering Three Things God Cannot Do Written For The Busy Christian Or Seeker In Mind, This Short EBook Approximately , Words Addresses The Issues Of Pain And Suffering Head On It Explains Why God Allows Bad Things To Happen Often To Good People And How People Of Faith Can Cope Effectively With Difficulty In Their Lives

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